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Steve Rossell

Apr 18, 2015
G'day Spicy,
I think you will find that since the arrest and investigations began the over-all reporting of the alleged murder in the Oz media has taken on less of a sympathetic style and more of a pragmatic one.
I remember a day or so after their arrest a front page story was referring to Connor as "Sara", not Sara Conner. Now that was clearly a sympathetic style used to humanise this woman and tug at the heart-strings of Australians but I only saw it once and not since.
Media bias is notoriously Nationalistic and this story is no different.
Tugging at the heart-strings sells papers (e-news these days).
Have a read of Cindy Wockner's report 2 days prior to the story that you reference in your post and you will find no such sympathy.
Oz media aside, most of my compatriots find the killing of a Balinese policeman quite tragic and terribly sad and shocked that an Aussie woman on vacation in Bali could be involved but involved she is and by her own admissions.
My sympathy's go out to the family and friends of Wayan Sudarsa.


I believe that an online donation campaign that was started by Sara Connor's friends back in Byron Bay has been diverted to the fund raising efforts for Wayan Sudarsa's family at Connor's request. At least she has a conscience.


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Sep 3, 2007
Karangasem, Bali
I think this story is a Titanic with 2 icebergs.

No party to this will be blameless and all 3 should have been somewhere else and doing something different.

Poop happens (Spicy when can we get rid of the stupid censor? Even farcebook lets us write ****/****/****/****)


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Mar 13, 2012
No wouldn't that be something?
A bit like searching for the holy grail.
I tried googling Scottish Virgin ...no matches found

Last time the Association of Scottish Virgin met......was in one of those red telephone kiosks.