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May 23, 2013
Hi, so here it is July 2015, and i can tell you, unfortunately we have not made it to Bali to live at this time. Hubby started a new job in September 2014, and to date they do not offer FIFO from or to Bali, so financially, it was going to cost us too much, so, we are still in Perth. But, Bali is never far from my thoughts, and it is still a dream, to fulfil living there, but the time is just not right for us, right now.
Mother in law, would def not be joining us at all anymore, that's all I'm willing to say about that.
Thankyou for wondering what ever became of Thumps. I do still enjoy reading information, and the journey of others living in Bali, I call it my "Bali Fix" ☺️

Thanks Thumps for the update.

Have read all the 8 pages now and was quite amused. Especially our lovely Markit was in top form with his comments. Yes Markit, you made my day.

Hope you make it one day to Bali, to live your dream or nightmare. It depends on what you make out of your daily life.
But one thing which surprised me in my many stays in Bali (short term, family of 4, wife indonesian) is the budget question.

The problem is, if you are used to a western life style, then you're gone pay even more in Bali then at home. So make your budget for the future, then DOUBLE it und you should be on the save side.