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Jan 12, 2009
The Property report website reports that UAE based Emaar property is still interested in the 600 million dollar Lombok resort project.

Emaar has submitted an expression of interest to the Bali Tourism Development Corp in accordance with the tender procedure recently launched by the government of Indonesia, Emaar said in an e-mail to the newspaper Jakarta Globe.

On Monday, the Al Khaleej newspaper in the United Arab Emirates quoted Moh. Supriyadi, the Indonesian ambassador to the UAE as saying Emaar had abandoned the project.

BTDC president I Made Mandra confirmed that Emaar was still interested in the project but it would not receive any preferential treatment.

Last week, Gita Wirjawan, the chairman of the Investment Board (BKPM), said Emaar was among five parties that had submitted bids during the tender process the results of which are to be announced in May.


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Jan 11, 2005
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Not quite sure if Emaar has the money. They are not finishing projects in Dubai or Saudi so its difficult to understand how they can start a new one in Bali


Sep 3, 2008
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I'd back Jimbo on that one, Emaar wont do it with Dubai at a standstill and oil at only 80$ a bbl, and lets not forget the reason they pulled out the first time - beaurocracy and corruption. In my opininon the corruption has gotten far worse in Indonesia in the last 12 months,and back on the increase.

Most of the media in Bali/Lombok whips up this kind of attention to self promote the place in order to boost advertising sales, its plain business.

Anyone who's taken a drive down to south Lombok lately would know the gold craze thats sweeping the place there.....tarps and plastic all over the hills and tunnels being burrowed all over the place, jealosy and theft rife, and the BIG investors scared off ther as well.

I suspect it wont be long before there digging up the hills in Kuta Lombok too!

Check U tube "Lombok Gold" for a laugh. They really are going that crazy over there, and they really are throwing that much cyanide around. What it fails to tell is the amount of corruption being plied all over southwest lombok with the back yard licences the govt is issueing everyone to dig their way into a frenzy.

I know SW Lombok isnt exactly where Emaar had its sights set, but its not far from it.

Who really wants another Bali in Lombok anyway??????????????????????????????

Nasty idea if you ask me.


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Jan 12, 2009
Just watched the Lombok Gold video.