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May 5, 2016
With our 5 lease expired and having to move, we moved 45 metres away. Troublesome enough but now the paper work. 16 documents required just to formalize the change of address plus visits to various offices. I am also making application for "permanent" Kitap. Most of the documents required had already been given when applying for Kitas and then Kitap. Applying for a permanent visa for my wife in Australia left with us with a folder about two inches thick. But at least most of the process could be done on line. Completion of on line applications here seems to be fraught with problems so we are going through the Denpasar Immigration office. However, whenever I get caught up in these processes I can't help but think of the millions of refugees around the world without documents and strugglings for residential permits that far too often take beyond 10 years to process.

Pre 1924 Franz Kafka wrote tellingly about the incomprehensible nature of bureaucratic powers. Pity he is not around today to follow up on his favourite themes.


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