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Oct 30, 2015
Wonder where she got her drinks, how she got it?

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A young woman has had half her pancreas removed in a Bali hospital after suffering suspected methanol poisoning from drinking cheap alcohol on her idyllic holiday.
Jen Neilson, 25, has been left with about $60,000 in medical bills after she was rushed to the emergency last room on the day her travel insurance expired after she extended the holiday.
It's believed the poisoning was caused by methanol in drinks she was served in a night out at Kuta, Bali.
The Perth woman was released from the intensive care unit on Wednesday but remains in hospital and will never fully recover with half a pancreas.


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Aug 13, 2013
Hang on. I assumed she'd been air-lifted back to Australia. Why would her medical bills be as high as $50,000 dollars if she's still in a Balinese hospital? Doesn't make sense.