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  1. C

    Searching for options to move to Bali for some time

    Hi. So decided to post something here, to maybe get some info. As I am (and have been) looking for some.. lets call it easy living.. ways to locate to Bali for a month or two (on and off sorta), I haven't really struck on a good deal yet. I'll give bit info what I'm interested. First, as I...
  2. spicyayam

    Lazy inlaws

    I am pretty lucky with my wife's family. They are pretty much all hard working and have good jobs, some in government etc. My BIL however, seems to kind of be on the lethargic side. He has had a good education and he has had some good jobs and even tried to start his own business, but nothing...
  3. davita it worth it?

    Recent posts under 'which hospitals' have motivated thought of insurance and since I'm off the booze, and don't spend endless hours in pubs anymore, I have time to review interesting, exciting insurance policies...:excitement: Looking through the last health care policy I had...
  4. K

    125cc or 150cc?

    Looking to buy a new scooter, figured a Vario is probably the best choice, but now doubting between the 125cc and 150cc. What are your opinions is the 150cc worth the 3jt extra? Right now I have a very old vario 125cc rental bike without the idling stop system. I mostly use it for driving...
  5. P

    Kidney Issue with a 'young' woman

    Over a month ago I let it slip my wife had a kidney issue. Half a dozen 'Drs' didn't pick up that her pain was kidney related. Finally she found someone who diagnosed her correctly. Since then, she has been wearing a bag on her right side to collect drainage. I know nothing more and am too...
  6. davita

    Dengue fever

    Had a miserable night..shivering then sweating, headache, body ache, fatigued but cannot sleep. My wife thinks Dengue Fever so going for test later to Siloam. If confirmed...what happens next...any advice appreciated.
  7. P

    Buying land husband balinese

    Hi everyone I have been reading along and decided to join as I haven't seen my question answered with the westerner being the wife (me) and husband Balinese and buying land. I think if I read correctly there is a difference between the wife being Indonesian and husband not when buying as married...
  8. davita

    Jakarta Post in Bali

    I've been an avid reader of the Jakarta Post for many years but, as I commute often between Bali and Jakarta, I've never subscribed to the paper but purchased daily wherever I was staying. I got shocked when, 4 days ago, the daily price of the JakPost in Bali and Ntt jumped from Rp7,500 to...
  9. F

    Any UCKERS players in the Kuta area?

    Ages ago I made an Uckers board, thinking I would teach the ladies of the house the game. To the uninitiated UCKERS is an adult form of LUDO but cheating is allowed. It adds a touch of excitement to the game. However I find myself confused over the end game after many years of not playing it. Is...
  10. S

    Mobile wifi in Bali

    In Australia, I bought myself a wifi modem from Vodaphone. I have no idea how it works, but it does not require any software on my laptop other than standard wifi connectivity that is built in with the operating system. I switch it on, and connect to the Vodaphone wifi network wherever I may...
  11. Markit

    Live Forever with a Bike!

    Have decided that I like it here so much I wanna live forever and to do that all you gotta do is give up beer, chasing women and start riding a bike. I figure one out of three should give me another few years so I wanted to ask if there's anyone here got a half way decent mountain(ish) bike...
  12. K

    Pondok wisata thread #437

    So, here is the latest in the long line of pondok wisata threads... after 18 months of half heartedly trying to sort this out I am now getting serious. Our situation is that we have a 4 bdr lease in Sanur and are trying to regularise our affairs here to rent out our house when we are not...
  13. P

    road re- surfacing

    Hi .. Can anyone adise me on approximatel price to resurface a 50 metre road . and suggest any good company to do the job Many thanks
  14. balinews

    Welshman locked up in Jakarta jail on immigration violation

    Family and friends of a young man who has been locked up without charge in one of the world’s most notorious jails are campaigning for his release. Mathew Davies appealed for help in a message sent to WalesOnline. The 25-year-old travelled to Indonesia last year from his home in Blackwood...
  15. spicyayam

    What to do in Surabaya

    I will be going to Surabaya for a week as my wife is doing some study. Any tips or ideas on what I can do for the week. I will have my 2 year old son, so any suggestions for places to take him would also be helpful.
  16. B

    Can I negotiate villa/house lease prices?

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding how negotiable the cost of accommodation that is advertised online is. I would be very grateful if you could share your expertise. A brief introduction: My wife and I are intending to move to Bali soon. We’ve been there quite a few times before (for...
  17. E

    Bali; safe for a 1yr and 3yr old ( (health-wise)

    I would love to hear feedback on weather you think Bali is safe for our one and three year old children; we are thinking of spending Nov/Dec this year there? Thanks very much
  18. Markit

    Dead On Arrival - Bali/Indonesian Traffic

    A friend of mine, we'll call her Slicky, was involved in every drivers worst nightmare 2 weeks ago in Denpasar. I have her permission to report this. Slicky was just getting out of her nice white car parked on the left-hand side of the road. She says she only opened the driver's side door a...
  19. S

    Is it really so hard to find an office???

    Hi Everyone I need your guys help Im planing to set up a business here but before everything start they told me i need an office to apply the address for the PT. so i went to find the office but its really hard cause most of them are only "toko" They don't have the license of IMB...
  20. S

    Plan to set up Business ....but stuck in the beginning

    Hi Everyone I need your guys help Im planing to set up a business here but before everything start they told me i need an office to apply the address for the PT. so i went to find the office but its really hard cause most of them are only "toko":icon_eek: They don't have the...