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  1. josh87

    Spouse Volunteering

    Hi All, What's the go with my wife doing some volunteer work in Bali? She's here on a Spouse dependent KITAS through my company. Is she allowed to to any volunteer work so that she doesn't go crazy sitting at home? If she was to get sponsored by a Volunteer organisation, is there a multiple...
  2. F18


  3. M

    Nursing in Bali

    Hello! First let me introduce myself. My name is Marlene and I am a 23 year old registered nurse from Austria. Now I was wondering what paid job oppurtunitys I'd have in Bali? Where would I look and who should I talk to? Does anybody know any foreign nurses in bali? Does...
  4. spicyayam

    Is it really necessary

    to start discussing this poor guys financial situation while he is in unconscious in hospital: Aussie bashed unconscious in Bali was broke and surviving on handouts - 9news.com.au
  5. admin

    New section - Nothing to do with Bali

    Personally, I don't have a problem with people starting non-related Bali topics here, but I thought it might be confusing to new members, so have decided to start a new section: Nothing to do with Bali. Thanks to Davita for contributing the first post :)...
  6. B

    Newbie introduction

    Hi Guys, thank you for allowing me to join your forum, have had fun reading through a lot of the threads already even if the information is now a couple of years old lol. Hubby and I are planning (with good management and luck) to move over in about 18months time :), with our next visit next...
  7. E

    Volunteer work in Bali

    Hey everyone!=) I am searching for opportunities to do social work in Bali. I am especially interested in working with kids, teaching english, teaching dance, working in a farm. All ideas and help with contact information will be appreciated! I am already enjoying the divine beauty of the...
  8. S

    Expats living in Karangasem Region

    Markit, maybe you can answer my question of approx how many expats living in your region? And any details about them ie;rent, own a nominee etc? And also is the region SAFE,robberies of premises etc?
  9. L

    The list of Q & A's

    After scouring the net for answers, and finding some of the most incredibly ridiculous threads I thought I might start my own. Being in an fast paced, highly responsible job travelling Australia I have finally taken the plunge to start a new opportunity for myself. I have no more than 8k...
  10. K

    Conservation Projects in Bali - please let me know of any that are worth visiting :)

    Hi everybody, I'm coming to Bali next month for my first ever health retreat and hoping to check out some conservation projects while I'm there. I've heard there is a great little organisation helping Bali's endangered sea turtle population at Serangan Island. Can anybody provide me with...
  11. Smoke

    End of Year Meet up

    I figured it is time to ask about an end of the year Balipod Meetup Would like suggestions on where ( love the south lol) Please post some places even if they not allow any cheese Please Post any Ideas on where or when to have one ? end of Novemeber , begining of December...
  12. Rangi

    Miss World faces logistical problems

    Miss World faces logistical problems | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily
  13. D

    Barc - bali animal and rehabilitation centre

    Hi everyone, i am a volunteer at barc (bali animal and rehabilitation centre) in ubud, bali. http://www.balidogrefuge.com/ We are looking for donations/ food/ medication/ blankets/ spare time in our charity shop to help sick, abused and injured dogs in bali. We are a non-profit charity and...
  14. balinews

    Violence breaks out over governor election

    Tension between supporters of the competing candidates in the Bali gubernatorial election escalated to new heights Thursday night when a violent clash erupted in Pekambingan subdistrict in Denpasar leaving one man severely injured, while local police in Buleleng came out in full force to prevent...
  15. J

    Bali in the thirties and forties

    Look here Bali - Paradise Isle 1946 - YouTube and here is Charlie Chaplin in Bali Charlie Chaplin original home movies Java Bali 1932 - YouTube
  16. H

    Looking for villa 1-2 months rental Lembongen

    Looking for a villa for myself and daughter 1-2 months in Lembongen. I can pay small rent and/or house-sit take care of or fix garden? coordinate/supervise-boss around, I am artist, gardener and art/spec.needs teacher from Aust. (Perth). Reliable, responsible, trustworthy can send CV and...
  17. L

    Yayasan.. NGO etc etc

    I am trying to find out a few things Exactly what are the laws about Yayasans/NGOs? If one was set up correctly with purely Indonesian ownership/directors, could they then control everything? Or are there legal limits on spending etc? I expect those directors and other Indonesian staff would...
  18. Rangi

    Methanol-spiked drink blinds teen holiday-maker in Bali

    Methanol-spiked drink blinds teen holiday-maker in Bali - National - NZ Herald News Not good.
  19. D

    Extreme winter gear needed to rent or buy!

    I'm heading to a very remote region of Inner Mongolia Nov 3~Nov 15th for some volunteer work. I'll be outside most of the days and temperatures can drop to -20C range. I'd like to preferably rent or buy some reasonably priced winter/skiing gear for this trip from someone in Bali. I can leave a...
  20. T

    Tv researcher keen to uncover why more and more australians call bali home.

    Greetings all. I am researching a documentary television series about Australians relocating to Bali and would like to connect with Aussies who love to spend time in Bali, so much so that they have made the choice to make it their home. I am particularly keen on connecting with: 1 Families who...