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  1. Bagus Kusuma

    Water quality in South Bali

    As we know, South Bali area is the popular choice for expats to stay in temporarily or settle on the island of Bali. Then how do expats opinions about water quality in their property? Does it feel like water at home?
  2. M

    Bali Real Estate Market?

    A couple of my expat neighbors have expressed an opinion that the real estate market was fairly flat through out the Island, and wondered how many others would agree? I guess this question was raised in my mind after recently visiting Ubud after being absent from that area for some time and...
  3. begonia

    Anybody knows why part of the Ubud Market still broken, black and empthy?

    Any of you have any idea what is going on with the Ubud market? I have been away for almost four months and I am still shock to see the market is still the same and nobody repair it!! If I am not wrong probably has been already one year since got fire isn't it? how come they don't do anything...
  4. B


    Hello there, can anyone help me locate a dishwasher outlet? I need a small unit? Dimension 500 wide x 800 high x 600 deep maximum. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Beautiful Bali Villas
  5. davita

    Registration of visitors to Bali

    The following was published in BaliDiscovery 16/05/2016.... "Via public announcements in the Bali press, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office has reminded all accommodation providers and private residence owners in Bali of their legal obligation to report the details and data of all guests...
  6. Markit

    Limited Time IMB (building permit)

    Had a very interesting chat with an estate agent today who had lots of interesting things to say, most of which I won't bore you with but of massive note was her comment that the government are now issuing limited time IMBs. In most cases that she's seen they were for only 5 years and as to the...
  7. R

    Visa for retreat organiser....

    Hello I am in the early stages of planning retreat in Bali.Not a New age or Yoga thing . Its about the culture and religion and tradition . Bali is a Mecca for retreats,what do people do for a Visa?? I know a lot of people do it illegally, i don't feel real comfortable with that.. I have...
  8. J

    Land sale - Buyer and seller tax if nominee does NOT change

    Hi guys, Anyone know or have experience of transferring beneficial ownership of property (land or land + buildings) between Bule? My logic tells me that whilst the Nominee and Bule agreements have to be unwound, there is no transfer of true ownership (the Indonesian), no notification to...
  9. balinews

    New industries open to foreign investment

    Indonesia on Thursday eased foreign investment restrictions for dozens of industries in what President Joko Widodo has described as a "Big Bang" liberalisation of Southeast Asia's largest economy. Indonesia relaxed rules for international firms in various sectors, including agriculture...
  10. spicyayam

    Australian arrested for property fraud

    Translated from Google: Bali Police to arrest an Australian citizen named Erik Bevan Gillett. Erik known as wanted for fraud and embezzlement in Bali. Erik was hauled officer after being a fugitive since December 18, 2014, after the file will be transferred to the prosecutor. "The suspect...
  11. balinews

    Bali losing its charm

    Turn the clock back 25 years and it was a real cultural adventure. There were no high class restaurants to speak of. Accommodation was incredibly cheap and the price of going out was very modest by our domestic standards. The charm of the Bali experience was to some extent wrapped up in...
  12. P


    I sometimes wonder just how many people aren't what they purport to be on For example, a man posing as a woman. Or 2-3 people posing as only one person. It must be happening. Sometimes, reading between the lines, this inkling just gurgles to the surface and I wonder. . . . ...
  13. M

    Land Prices in North Bali

    Hi all, Was hoping anyone who knows North Bali might have an opinion on land prices up there – perhaps there are members living in places about Lovina that could share about buying land and living up there. After looking through the forum didn’t find any recent posts on this. I’ve spent...
  14. spicyayam

    Making a Murderer

    I finished watching this documentary. I thought it was pretty interesting. You can see the first episode on Youtube:
  15. geedee

    Do the Balinese like westerners and other Indonesians

    1. Do the Balinese really like westerners or do they just smile and pretend? Do they have a deep down resentment? I think if I was Balinese I would be a bit annoyed that they had all the money ,the nice villas not to mention the yobbos that get drunk ,silly rude and abusive and others who tell...
  16. Markit

    Coconut Wood Floor Tips?

    I'm gonna put down a coconut wooden floor and wondered if anyone has experience with wood flooring here? I'm not gonna buy the store made stuff for an idiotic IDR 500k/sq meter but am using actual wood split into thinner (1cm +/-). Not kiln dried or any other thing - just split and sanded...
  17. P

    Swimming Pool - Water Evaporation

    Does anyone know the 'rate' at which water is evaporated from the sw/pool in these current months? To me, it just evaporates, so we top it up again. But, how many litres per day? My sw/pool is quite large so I am subjected to a large surface area, which means more evaporation. Has...
  18. balinews

    Bali property market remains strong

    Bali is eclipsing glamour destinations such as Ibiza and Mustique when it comes to real estate investment performance. With villas on the market for up to $US11.5 million ($16m), Semin*yak remains the most popular precinct on the so-called island of the gods, earning villa owners gross...
  19. Markit

    TV advice please?

    I wanna buy a big-ass TV, 55/60 incher and a sound system to go with it and could use some advise from the members here: Buy/not buy in Bali? Where in Bali? If not buying in Bali, where and how to get it back here? Guarantee issues with foreign buying? Since I'm spending some dosh on the...
  20. Billt4SF

    Moving to Bali for a year

    My wife and I are planning to move to Bali for a year to use it as a base to scuba dive around Indonesia. We did a reconnaissance trip earlier this year and decided on Ubud – which we are now re-thinking. We’re now thinking of East Bali (close to diving and ocean view or breezes). I’m...