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  1. K

    First time Purchase property in Bali - leasehold - pheweeee!

    Hi, thanks for reading my post. i am new to the group as recently discovered the forum whilst trying to seek information regarding purchasing a villa in Bali. Im hoping someone can help me with the mind numbing complexities of purchasing in Bali. Every day I learn something new! To cut a long...
  2. A


    FOR SALE: LUXURY VILLA VIEW LAUT ABADI VIEW IN ULUWATU JIMBARAN KUTA SELATAN BADUNG - BALI Detail : ©️ 3 Storey Building ©️ Surface area 1.000 m² / 10 Are ©️ Building 750m2 ©️ 4 Bathroom ©️ 6 Bedroom ©️ Staffroom ©️ Guess room ©️ Family living room ©️ Kitchen ©️ Pantry/laundry room ©️...
  3. MelanieSkye

    Relocating from Aus to Bali ❤️

    Hey everyone! My name is Melanie and my boyfriend Brendon and I are planning to relocate to Bali in the coming months. I am beyond excited and also nervous about making the leap of faith. A little about us.. we both work FIFO in QLD on a week on week off roster but are about to start job...
  4. balinews

    High dollar makes Bali villas an attractive investment for Australians

    If you have to ask the price you probably can’t afford one, but there is a small percentage of the more than one million Australians holidaying in Bali annually who end up investing in the island. For a song — compared to Australian real estate prices — you can pick up a luxury beachfront Bali...
  5. D

    Sourcing furniture for a new villa

    Hi Can anyone help me? Managing a new build in Lovina from New Zealand and now we're into interior decorating it is getting difficult. My questions are as follows: 1) What furniture can we buy and what do we need to get made - we need beds, sofa, table - coffee and dining, sun loungers etc...
  6. K

    Looking for Denpasar office space

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a dedicated office space (not just a desk, but an actual room) in the Denpasar region (preferably west) in an office building with an office IMB. As cheap as possible. The only one I found so far is in the ibis styles, however they don't have any available...
  7. M

    Bali Real Estate Market?

    A couple of my expat neighbors have expressed an opinion that the real estate market was fairly flat through out the Island, and wondered how many others would agree? I guess this question was raised in my mind after recently visiting Ubud after being absent from that area for some time and...
  8. T

    CBN Internet- experiences/ recommendations?

    Hi All Does anyone currently (or previously) use CBN for their internet? Currently we have IndiHome on a 20MB connection, but will be moving to new villa next month and thinking of changing. IndiHome is okay, but we don't make use of the home phone or TV much so looking for alternative...
  9. begonia

    What to do with all batteries

    Any of you knows where I could bring the old batteries? Terimakasi
  10. Mark

    Outdoor bathrooms?

    Planning a villa now and interested to hear opinions on indoor vs. outdoor bathrooms in Bali - by outdoor I mean covered by a roof and with appropriate privacy measures but otherwise open to nature. Have stayed in places with both and can see the only advantage of an outdoor bathroom to be...
  11. Billt4SF

    Got a Visa! Need another visa!!

    Hello Bali expats: We will be in North America during September, returning 23 Sept. Upon return, Generally we intend to stay in Bali up to next August but likely we'll go somewhere out of Indo during that time. I (Bill) will stay in Indonesia for at least 3 months, but much of this time...
  12. Markit

    Wow! What a GREAT IDEA! Grand Master Patriq is God

    Has anyone else been blessed with this information? Sanderson Master Planner Margarana DreamCity Bali - blooloop How could this have happened without angels singing to all who can hear? Margarana Dream City | The Innergy City Am probably going to abandon my villa and move there so anyone...
  13. Z

    Two Baby Kittens in Bali to give for FREE

    Dear Bali Pod members, We have 2 adorable baby kittens to give for free (the black one and the white one, the orange one found an owner). Please find the photo attached They have approx. 2 months and a half. If you are interested you can contact me 0822-3680-7306 Xavier
  14. spicyayam

    Fictitious mortgage

    I wonder if they are talking about the usual fake mortgages people use for nominee agreements here:
  15. B


    Hello there, can anyone help me locate a dishwasher outlet? I need a small unit? Dimension 500 wide x 800 high x 600 deep maximum. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Beautiful Bali Villas
  16. B

    Shower Water Filter

    Help, Can any one assist me with finding a shower filter designed only for the shower outlet. In England you can purchase and the filter is on the outlet of the shower nozzle then into the spray. Does that exist in Bali? My water in my villa is ok for daily usage of cleaning and so on but the...
  17. B

    Just another one moving

    Hi All Well this is my first post. We are another family of expats on the move to Bali. Unlike many of the threads I have read we aren't coming over here with the intention/plan/idea of starting a business. Nor will we be selling anything to move here. We also won't be working here. Or...
  18. spicyayam

    Is it really necessary

    to start discussing this poor guys financial situation while he is in unconscious in hospital: Aussie bashed unconscious in Bali was broke and surviving on handouts -
  19. Billt4SF

    IndoSAT for US sports?

    Hello there Bali-people! My wife and I will be moving to a villa in Ubud for a year starting in July and with the start of the baseball season in the US I was wondering if any of you know if it is possible to get any US sports (specifically the San Francisco Giants) in any manner, way, or...
  20. spicyayam

    Could be a bad year for Bali tourism

    I don't follow the news too closely, but acts of terrorism seem to be getting worse. This time now at an airport in Brussels As anecdotal evidence that...