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  1. geedee

    Do the Balinese like westerners and other Indonesians

    1. Do the Balinese really like westerners or do they just smile and pretend? Do they have a deep down resentment? I think if I was Balinese I would be a bit annoyed that they had all the money ,the nice villas not to mention the yobbos that get drunk ,silly rude and abusive and others who tell...
  2. spicyayam

    British tourist missing in Thailand

    A British man has gone missing in Thailand just days before he was due to come home for Christmas.Jordan Jacobs, 21, from Lyneham, Wiltshire, sent a disturbing message to his family before he disappeared which said he was sorry he would never see them again. British tourist vanishes in...
  3. balinews

    Bali bound British tourist removed from plane for bringing toy bomb

    A plane packed with tourists departing the holiday island of Bali was forced to return to the terminal because a British passenger had wanted to bring a toy bomb on-board, Indonesian officials said. The Briton was questioned, and later cleared, for a day by airport security officials and police...
  4. balinews

    Bali governor rejects Sharia tourism

    Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika has opposed the idea of developing sharia tourism on the Island of the Gods, saying it had the potential to cause discord on the Hindu-majority province. Pastika said on Tuesday that tourism in Indonesia's most prominent tourist destination was going well...
  5. S

    How I can get a police certificate?

    Hi folks, My wife and I lived in Bali for two years until June 2015, when we moved back to Canada. My wife would like to resume her consulting work with the Canadian government, but in order to do so she needs security clearance. And in order to get security clearance, she needs a...
  6. H

    Aid to RI

    Hello all, I have noticed, among the regular contributors to Balipod, a definite theme of Aussie-bashing. True, I have seen and been embarrassed by drunken groups of yobbos in Kuta. But, living in Jayapura for 7 months, I felt like I was the only westerner in Papua. Back to the reason for this...
  7. R

    New 2016 strict immigration rules of indonesia?

    Hi guys, I've seen this posted a few times on Facebook in the past 24 hours - all posted by the same visa agency: NEW 2016 STRICT IMMIGRATION RULES OF INDONESIA | Visa For Bali Anyone know if it's true? Can't seem to find any official announcement.
  8. balinews

    Rabies putting tourists off from visiting Bali

    The decreasing number of tourism visiting Bali on this month has been caused by the effect of rabies. But, Until now, there is no tourism policy of travel warning yet relate to rabies for tourist from their own country. According to Secretary of Bali Tourism Departement Tjokorda Bagus Pemayun...
  9. begonia

    Who had the idea to allow people to walk between the rice terrace in Tegalallang?

    I wonder who had the "great" idea to allow people to go around the rice fields in Tegalallang. I agree is a very popular tourist destination and so beautiful but so far we could enjoy to see the pure beauty of the rice terraces on the front without been touch much and now what I see is just...
  10. M

    Want to refuse free entry and instead just pay for VOA, possible?

    I could get a free entry to Bali, but I prefer to pay for a VOA, because VOA is extendable for an other month. Can this be done? I know obtaining a 60 days tourist visa at the IN Embassy is also a possibility.*** Thanks a lot. *** Not all embassies btw. Just read that a 60 days Tourist Visa...
  11. balinews

    Balinese police confess to extorting Australian tourists

    Seven Balinese police officers will go on trial for extortion after an investigation confirmed they received a bribe from a group of Australians apprehended after hiring strippers at a buck's night in Seminyak. Bali Deputy Police Chief Nyoman Suryasta said firm action would be taken against the...
  12. balinews

    Aussies to get free tourist visas to Indonesia

    AUSTRALIA is among 47 countries Indonesia will add to its visa-free list as it strives to draw more tourists. MARITIME Coordinating Minister Rizal Ramli is quoted in Indonesian media on Tuesday saying he brought forward the move from January 2016 to October 2015 to capture the whole holiday...
  13. SHoggard

    Getting Business Visa in Singapore

    Time has come when Airport Immigration are looking a little too closely at my multiple VOA stickers & I should probably apply for a Multiple Entry 6 month visa. Any advice on what's the process for applying in Singapore - agents etc. Can they find a 'sponsor' company... I can find a...
  14. Markit

    Penang Medical Exam?

    Due to my recent search for medical examination information (general check-up) I'm reliably informed that there is a further good option that is both cheaper and more interesting than doing it in Singapore and that is namely Penang in Malasia. If anyone has some information about the...
  15. P

    EXPATS ARTISTS living long term in Bali

    Expat Artists, writers, intellectuals etc. living in Bali, loves, hates, difficulties, hang outs, groups and where to connect and live cheaply to create. Those who need intellectual exchanges, ideas etc. and arts and cultural friends living long term in Bali.
  16. M

    Tourist Visa?

    How many times may an individual use a tourist visa in a calendar year? Let's assume a foreigner stays the maximum 60 days ( including 30 day extension) then leaves the country soon may he return, and for how long?
  17. Steve Rossell

    Cute liitle snake.

    A week ago I was making a sandwich in the open, under cover, kitchen of my new digs. The kitchen is adjacent to the canal that in turn feeds the rice fields that are my view which is framed by some vines. I noticed a smallish, thin vivid green snake amongst the vines, it looked as though it had...
  18. balinews

    Australian man arrested for stealing motorbike in Sanur

    AN Australian man is in police custody in Bali, accused of trying to steal a motorbike. The man, identified by police as James Ian Ramsey, from NSW, is now under interrogation at South Denpasar police station. He was nabbed by village security officers no far from the scene of the alleged...
  19. davita

    Kiwis...are they people or fruits? Or shoe for debate. Markit has already stated, on another thread, that Kiwis play with pubic cubes...I've heard of 'dining at the Y' but pubic cubes...edit....'my bad' he said Rubics...i...
  20. spicyayam

    Another great example of Indonesian logic

    According to this letter, if you enter Indonesia on a free tourist visa, you have to exit from an airport which offers free visas. Not all airports or ports of entry offer the free visa on arrival. Bali for example offers the free tourist visa, but Lombok does not. So you cannot enter Bali and...