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  1. balinews

    One expat's cost of living in Bali

    People have been asking me what it costs to live in Bali, so I put together this post to breakdown the numbers for inquiring minds that want to know. Keep in mind, I didn't go there to travel, I went there for three main reasons: 1. To live like a local. A local expat I guess? 2. To...
  2. begonia

    Last Friday somebody stolen my bags in Ubud, 850 euros and Iphone gone

    Last Friday I was helping some friends to change some money, so I offered to change money first and after give it to them and they will give me the euros. So I changed 500 euros and after I met them on the tourist information, I given the money to them, 7.500.000 rp and they given me the euros...
  3. geedee


    Thinking of spending a couple of days in Sidemen on my upcoming visit. Will visit Kintamani and Lake Batur on a day trip while staying there Any comments please on Sidemen.
  4. Billt4SF

    Bring through customs?

    We are planning to move to Bali for a year. We have a huge pile of stuff we would like to bring, and I just read that there is a limit of $250 (US) personal items. Since I was hoping to bring my stereo kit (we are allowed the weight in baggage) now I am wondering if they will let us through...
  5. Markit

    Best Buy Computer Kit in Asia

    Where's the best place (cheapest) to buy top of the line computer kit in Asia other than Hong Kong?
  6. DenpasarHouse

    Watch-out for ATM card skimmers in Bali

    I just saw this referenced on Reddit: He found this one on an ATM in front of Hardy's Sanur. It's a camera inside the number pad cover that records you entering your PIN number. I don't know how they got the card...
  7. balinews

    French national shot dead by police for resisting arrest

    DENPASAR, INDONESIA (AFP) - Police on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali shot dead a French national on Monday (May 2) after he killed a policeman while resisting arrest, an official said. Amokrane Sabet, reported to be a mixed martial arts fighter, was known as a troublemaker in the area...
  8. spicyayam

    Fastest turnaround for Australian passport renewal

    My mum was supposed to be arriving in Bali today and has just realized her passport will expire in less than 6 months :icon_eek: She boarded a flight in Melbourne and the airline picked it up in Sydney. I think the airline is going to put them up in a hotel in Sydney. Anyone know how it will...
  9. C

    Social Visa Bangkok

    Just for anyones info, as of now, the Indo Embassy in Bangkok will not accept an application for a Social Visa without a valid return air ticket.
  10. spicyayam

    Racism in Bali

    What do you think?
  11. geedee

    Beyond Bali

    I will be coming for a visit possibly mid August. Probably spend about 10 days in Bali I also will go somewhere else in Indonesia Don't want Jakarta Bandung Jorga as Ive been and Lombok doesn't appeal I know you guys are not travel agents but you probably have the experience so am open to...
  12. spicyayam

    Bali tourist arrivals by nationality
  13. R

    Visa for retreat organiser....

    Hello I am in the early stages of planning retreat in Bali.Not a New age or Yoga thing . Its about the culture and religion and tradition . Bali is a Mecca for retreats,what do people do for a Visa?? I know a lot of people do it illegally, i don't feel real comfortable with that.. I have...
  14. spicyayam

    Vigilante justice Bali style - violence warning

  15. spicyayam

    Just maybe

    With the new investment laws allowing foreign investment into toll roads, maybe this plan will have a better chance of getting finished. Bentuk Tol Denpasar-Buleleng Seperti Huruf Y - Tribun Bali
  16. Markit

    Bowie's Ashes?

    The papers are all reporting that David Bowie was cremated and his ashes scattered here in Bali. Anyone know where?
  17. geedee

    Cars in Bali

    Why don't you see saloon cars in Bali? All of the cars are the same shape, is it because that's all they manufacture or they need to move large families? Or am I blind?
  18. geedee

    Need to get out for the day

    I know I know I know it's an expat forum so who better to ask. In Seminyak and need to get out for a couple of day trips. In the past have been to Ubud ,Candi Dasa , Sanur and Tegellalang rice terraces. Any suggestions not too far like way up north With wife and 15y/o son. Not into lying...
  19. K

    Tourist visa instead of free entry

    Hi guys, I was wondering if it is possible to get a tourist visa when landing in Bali if you are a citizen from a country that is eligible for the free entry. And does this tourist visa still require a visit to denpasar to be extended or will it automatically be valid for 2 months...
  20. tintin

    Twas the night before christmas

    First run by, Bali Discovery Tours | Bali Hotels – Bali Villas – Bali Tours – Bali Update – Bali News, in December of 2014, by popular demand we share it again for the current season's celebrants of the Yuletide season. TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS

 (Adapted by Richard...