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  1. A

    Motor Bike Admin for Beginners - STNK, BPKB and SAMSAT

    I saw this reply by Matsaleh to a question about motor bikes: ".... To buy a scooter, you will need to have a KITAS or buy it in the name of a local person. On Sosial Budaya visa, you can't own vehicles....." and I thought that...
  2. balinews

    Government to provide Rp 5 billion for Sanur beautification projects

    The central government and Denpasar city administration have committed to fund beautification projects enhancing the appeal of areas along Sanur’s shoreline, a once quiet fishing village that has grown into one of Bali’s high-end tourist attractions. The central government, through the...
  3. balinews

    Bali one of the safer areas in Indonesia

    Visitors and residents can breathe a little easier. The resort island is considered one of the safer areas in the country, ranked 21st on the list of areas with the highest crime rates, a senior-ranking police officer disclosed. “The rank was based on reports submitted by 31 regional police...
  4. C

    Bali Kite Festival on Safarious

    I tend to post most of my photography stuff on the Safarious platform these days. Whether cultural or animal it gets a good audience so that for me is the best solution. Ducked out for a few minutes on Sunday to grab some imagery from the Kite Festival at Sanur Beach. Had to be quick as the...
  5. balinews

    Bali to get world's second largest statue

    One of the country’s major property developers has revived a Bandung-based sculptor’s extraordinary ambition to construct a 126-meter-high showpiece that has been mothballed ever since the Asian financial crisis 15 years ago. “This statue will not only be a major work of art, but also a...
  6. P

    Visa extension Kitas

    Hi. Renewing your Kita I was told can be done cheaply by flying Air Asia to K.L. I was wondering if anyone has done the trip to Darwin ( Australia ) now that Air Asia have direct flights Cheers Peter
  7. Rangi

    Frenchman arrested at airport for smuggling

    Frenchman arrested at airport for smuggling | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily In a way I can understand people risking their lives and Freedom for a financial gain, but this guy is blowing my mind, By putting .79grams of weed up his Anal Cavity so he could get high for like 1 hour. I'm...
  8. S

    Trash in indonesia, nahhh, can't be

    Surfing paradise has a serious trash problem |
  9. S

    Tourist drowns near Nikko hotel

    Antara News : SAR team evacuates dead body of Slovenian tourist
  10. spicyayam

    New Australian tv show - Dark Side of Bali

    Bali: The Dark Side of Paradise
  11. M

    Pandawa Beach

    Today I went to Pandawa Beach after some time. It is so sad to see what is going on there. When we went there first 1 year ago this was paradise. Seaweed farmers, one warung, a few sunlounges, all was peacefull and quiet. Now - one warung next to the other, sunlounges all over the beach...
  12. hermit

    Limitation for foreign Mastercard and Maestro withdrawals?

    Via Via,i heard that some or all indonesian banks are planning to limit the amount that can be withdrawn from ATM's with foreign Mastercards and Maestro debit-cards. Has anyone any information about this? My information comes from someone that is working in the legal department of one of the...
  13. balinews

    Benoa Bay project gets government approval

    Despite protests from the tourist industry, academics and activists, the Bali provincial administration and legislative council have allegedly given the green light to PT Tirta Wahana Bali International to develop Benoa Bay. The approval is contained in gubernatorial letter No...
  14. balinews

    Governor studies Benoa land reclamation project

    Another gigantic tourism development plan is being pondered by Bali provincial administration, awaiting its approval. The huge reclamation project at Benoa Bay would see development of luxury tourist facilities, including a Disneyland-like theme park, apartments, hotels, villas and...
  15. davita

    RI Government plans cell-phone restriction

    Can some techies help me understand. I read that the Gov't intends demanding telcom co's block cell phones that are not registered in Indonesia. What does that mean...will it mean that telcom Co's can, like USA and Canada, sell product only available on their network.....or that ALL mobile...
  16. Jack Rossi

    luxurious and economic jacuzzi import to bali

    Dear all, I would like to know if there is a good market for outdoor and indoor jacuzzi in Bali and how much would you pay for it. Something like this for outdoor use, with music system, full bubble massage,seats 5 adults i estimate a final cost of about 5-6k usd (much less than in europe...
  17. soul_surfer

    Lessons learned.

    Hi new to the forum, there is so much info here and been working my way through it. Im a FIFO worker living on the sunny coast in Australia with great aspirations of moving to bali saving tax and living the dream. I love surfing and have holidayed there 5 times over the last 20 years. Were...
  18. G

    Business Advice

    Hi everyone, My wife and I have made the move to Bali after years of thinking about it, been here for 2 weeks now. Have always enjoyed following the Balipod forum. We are looking into starting our own business and if it's possible etc. Can anyone suggest a good business consultant...
  19. bundyrum


    oceanfront land on Lombok...7 k's east of Lab: lombok..where the ferry goes to power.. views to mountains and Sumbawa..has been marked out for sub-division..main tar road out through land to ocean..hak malik..cert: Aussie owned for over 10 years..ideal...
  20. L

    Which visa will be best?

    Have a friend coming to Indonesia 45yr old Wants to spend a few months here cruising around Sulawesi, Java, Borneo, Papua It will be difficult for him to return to the same immigration office each time This is because he will be in different areas 3 options I can think of VOA...