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  1. A

    Brief intro and Beer question

    Hi New to the forum I’ve been living in Bali a while now currently in my second year in a rented cottage at Legian. I get back to Australia every 2-3 months for a couple of weeks working some of the festivals – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Canberra etc. Spend a bit of time in north Bali...
  2. balinews

    Pilot who missed runway at Bali airport was under the influence

    Today apparently has been a real tell-all for the director of Indonesia’s National Narcotics Agency (BNN). After confirming on Thursday from Denpasar that two WNA pilots working for Indonesian airline Susi Air tested positive for heroin use, Commissioner General Budi Waseso had another big...
  3. geedee

    Adele Australian tour- how much will she earn for a few weeks?

    It goes to show that you don't need to be slim, glamorous and show a bit of leg or bust. Adele has sold out and announced another Sydney show There will be 2 sell out shows at the Olympic stadium alone of 90,000 each show. When first show went on sale the website crashed people struggled to...
  4. balinews

    Bali mourns the passing of Made Wijaya

    The world-renowned tropical garden designer Made Wijaya - one of Bali's most flamboyant, controversial, and larger-than-life characters - has died suddenly in Sydney, leaving the island he adopted in mourning. Only his closest friends had known he was sick. Wijaya, who was adored and...
  5. balinews

    Australians making big investments in Bali

    An unnamed investor from Australia is planning to invest Rp 10 billion ($763,000) to open a restaurant in Bali following a foreigner-friendly revision of Indonesia's negative investment list, according to the Investment Coordinating Board, or BKPM. The list — which is known by its Indonesian...
  6. balinews

    Australian entrepreneurs in legal battle in Bali

    They envisioned chilled cocktails amidst a tropical poolside setting, but the owners of popular Sydney bar Mrs Sippy have found themselves embroiled in an unfolding legal nightmare with Balinese authorities over their attempt to open a spin-off venue on the Indonesian island. Sydney...
  7. geedee

    Indonesia -Acussed

    Tonight's ABC "Foreign Correspondent" program starting 9.30pm Sydney time about the rumours, accusations and panic at International School in Jakarta over child abuse Foreign Correspondent
  8. geedee

    Air Asia stopping services

    Air Asia have just started sending out text and email messages about stopping direct flights from Sydney,Melbourne and Gold coast. This is effective from 1st September 16. This will affect a lot of people who have already booked especially for Australian school holidays at end of September...
  9. matsaleh

    60 day Visa Question - sammack, please post again.

    Apologies to sammack and to other members. I tried to merge the two threads you posted, sammack, and accidentally deleted them. Please post again. Mea culpa. :culpability:
  10. S

    Already Moved to Bali? What can I expect?

    Hi, I'm looking for some detailed insight into living/relocating to Bali (specifically Ubud or North Kuta). I want to know what to expect and what difficulties I might encounter in setting myself up in Bali (if I do indeed choose Bali to relocate to). I have lots of questions below and if anyone...
  11. spicyayam

    Fastest turnaround for Australian passport renewal

    My mum was supposed to be arriving in Bali today and has just realized her passport will expire in less than 6 months :icon_eek: She boarded a flight in Melbourne and the airline picked it up in Sydney. I think the airline is going to put them up in a hotel in Sydney. Anyone know how it will...
  12. I

    Which Hospital?

    Hi folks - I've got a pal staying with me. He seems to be suffering with a chest infection (he has had asthma for a number of years). he's due to fly to KL tomorrow then back to the UK on Thursday - I'm wondering if things take a turn for the worse which hospital we should head for? I'm based in...
  13. geedee

    Cheapest airfares for 30 years

    Should be good for Bali also considering the free VOA now for Australians and about half the world. Time for you Markit to leave the jungle for a holiday to civilisation Airfares sink to 30 year low say Flight Centre and to fall more
  14. SHoggard

    Instant noodles and formula milk are 'making babies gay' says Mayor

    A city mayor in Indonesia has come under fire for suggesting instant noodles and formula milk are 'making babies gay'. Arief R Wismansyah made the bizarre claim during a pregnancy seminar in the city, located to the west of Jakarta, earlier this week. Instant noodles and formula milk are...
  15. spicyayam

    Maybe this is why Aussies love Bali

    “Something pernicious has happened in the 15 years since (the Olympic Games), and Sydney has not just regressed into a ghost town, but there is an undercurrent of something much more sinister in the way the city is being run...
  16. P

    Just 'how many' are on the waiting list?

    27,000 Noma Sydney pop-up restaurant open: Thousands still trying to get a booking Crazy stuff indeed.
  17. spicyayam

    Indihome 20MB connection and tv

    So we just got Indihome installed yesterday. It's the 20MB service. Comes together with phone line and a bunch of television channels. Only had to pay for a LAN cable to reach our television. We had to change our telephone number, but that was the only downside. Cost is just over 700K a month...
  18. P


    I sometimes wonder just how many people aren't what they purport to be on For example, a man posing as a woman. Or 2-3 people posing as only one person. It must be happening. Sometimes, reading between the lines, this inkling just gurgles to the surface and I wonder. . . . ...
  19. geedee

    My visit to Candidasa with Markit

    I thought I would share my experience and hope the subject doesn't mind. I arrived on the 7th staying at Candidasa.My son didn't arrive till the following evening due to me stuffing up his passport only 5 months left but he got one within a day by waiting at passport office in Sydney. We...
  20. davita

    Windows 10

    As most regular readers may recall I'm not the smartest when it comes to computer fact, when I tell everyone my phone is smarter than I am there is a deathly hush... no-one has ever heard Davita admit anything/one smarter than he....:icon_e_biggrin: So last night I tried to...