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  1. DenpasarHouse

    No Bules, no complaints.

    I had a strange experience yesterday while trying to go to a small Balinese waterpark. It's called Gumuh Sari Futsal & Waterpark. Here's their Facebook page, they don't have a website (no surprise there): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gumuh-Sari-Futsal-Water-Park/547940022028319 I...
  2. S

    Why Aussies love to go to Bali

    My daughters birthday tomorrow and my wife has a day off so I thought I might book a room in Southport for one night and take the girls to Seaworld. If I want anything half decent, I'll have to pay at least $500, just for the room. $500 for a very ordinary room with a couple of beds and no...
  3. Markit

    Is Saying "The Japanese are Weird" Racist?

    This is the latest in a long line of things that make me wonder if the Japanese are really from this planet: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/11/28/a-japanese-theme-park-thought-it-was-a-good-idea-to-freeze-5000-dead-fish-in-a-skating-rink/?wpisrc=nl_most-draw8&wpmm=1
  4. begonia

    Anybody knows why part of the Ubud Market still broken, black and empthy?

    Any of you have any idea what is going on with the Ubud market? I have been away for almost four months and I am still shock to see the market is still the same and nobody repair it!! If I am not wrong probably has been already one year since got fire isn't it? how come they don't do anything...
  5. Zimbo

    Thinking of moving.

    I'm a newby' on this forum which was reccomended by an ex-forum member. I am looking for a stress free, peaceful place to retire to . My choices are Cebu, Penang or Bali. Can anyone tell me why i should choose bali. My friend advised against it but i would like to hear it from others who live here.
  6. DenpasarHouse

    Who's at fault?

    Here's an interesting one. Who's at fault? Doesn't it mean the minibus driver simply ran him over? Even if he tooted his horn? This goes along with my theory that if something happens 80% of the time Indonesians plan/act/think as though it always happens. I'm not sure why, possibly Balinese...
  7. balinews

    Australian man found dead floating in swimming pool

    An Australian man living in Bali was found dead on Friday morning at his residence on Jl. Tungak Bingin Blok H No. 2 in Sanur, Denpasar. The body of the 64-year-old man, identified as Alistair Robert Hugh Frowde, was found floating in his swimming pool. South Denpasar Police chief Comr. Nanang...
  8. P

    Swimming Pool - Water Evaporation

    Does anyone know the 'rate' at which water is evaporated from the sw/pool in these current months? To me, it just evaporates, so we top it up again. But, how many litres per day? My sw/pool is quite large so I am subjected to a large surface area, which means more evaporation. Has...
  9. begonia

    Our well is dry! we don't have water at home, a totally nightmare

    We have been having problems with the well since one week ago and finally we realized that the well is totally dry and we don't have water on the house since three days ago! What a nightmare and shocking experience, beside next to our house we have a villa which has more than 5 swimming...
  10. tintin

    Free four wild dolphins at wake bali

    Free four wild dolphins contained in a tiny pool at Wake Bali Adventure There is an adventure park on the beach containing a small pool, 10m x 20 m, about 400 metres, south of Komune Resort and the famous Keramas surf break, housing 4 dolphins in chlorinated water (a genius figured that one...
  11. B

    A Stunning Villa For Rent In Kerobokan

    For rent (long-term): A fully furnished Villa in Kerobokan bali. Own by my uncle. Villa is about 1 years old. Land size about 600M2 and 400M2 for the building size. Location: In kerobokan area. Near jalan raya canggu. So it's close to canggu, kerobokan, umalas, and tanah lot. About the villa...
  12. MAXD

    Looking for 2 - 3 br house with sw pool in Ubud - monthly rental

    Looking for 3 br or 2 br villa with big open terrace where I can put extra bed for friends staying overnight with us must have swimming pool, AC and wifi location - as close to Mas/Lodtunduh as possible - need to be close to Pelangi school period: mid February - mid May Price up to 15 mln...
  13. Markit

    Is it me 3?

    Ok, I was gonna stop at the first one but this is getting too fecking weird even for me: Different Strokes Apply in Bali Pendawa Beach Visitors in Bali Reminded that Sexual Activity and Swimming While Menstruating(in the fecking...
  14. Markit

    Is It Me?

    Every so often Bali Discovery Tours (hearafer BDT) comes up with this info-letter purporting to bring news of Bali, but being a marketing organ (as in kidney, liver, testes) actually has a slightly schizophrenic function of trying to "inform" us and sell "us" to the the marketing world at the...
  15. T

    UBC professor, family seek 2 Br villa/cottage for longish term rental Jan 1-March31

    Hi Balipodders, My family (us + 2 small boys) and I are looking for a reasonably-priced, two Br home to rent from January 1 to March 31, 2015. Kitchen a must, aircon not so much if good cross-ventilation. Quiet neighborhood away from heavy tourist activity preferable, but not too quiet...
  16. T

    Better listen good to the old Balinese

    Communication isn't always easy in Bali, for some reason the most simple things can become an impossible puzzle, still the warning was there.. When i told the 70+ old father of my Balinese wife i wanted to make a nice water-fountain in the little garden at the back of my house, he smiled. He...
  17. I

    4 Bedrooms with Pool in 5 Are Land for Quick Sale

    Quick Sale a 4 bedrooms (5 bathrooms) with 3x9m swimming pool, large storage room, kitchen, big garden enough to put more buildings and car port enough for 4 cars. Location near Balangan (new shortcut road connecting Balangan beach road to Ayana Resort, quiet, only 700m to Balangan beach...
  18. M

    Surf Camps in Bali

    Does anyone know of great surf camps that are family friendly and cheap? Ideally with some sort of childcare or something for non-surfing adult to do.
  19. B

    Can anybody recommend a architect in Negara?

    Can anybody recommend a architect in the Negera area or anywhere really in Bali that works for normal wages, some of these named companies i have contacted think we have money trees in the back yard with the quotes i have had for a 3 bed villa plan only, i have the workers and a picture of the...
  20. balinews

    Bali to get two new stadiums

    If all goes according to plan, Bali will soon have not one, but two new stadiums that can accommodate large crowds and international events in the very near future. The Bali Provincial Government has announced plans to build two stadiums, an outdoor football venue and an indoor venue for...