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  1. B

    Shower Water Filter

    Help, Can any one assist me with finding a shower filter designed only for the shower outlet. In England you can purchase and the filter is on the outlet of the shower nozzle then into the spray. Does that exist in Bali? My water in my villa is ok for daily usage of cleaning and so on but the...
  2. K

    Does any one know which is the cheapeast wholesale source site in China?

    Does any one know which is the cheapeast wholesale source site in China? I want to source from China, I know, but the price is usually not real price, the real price is higher than the listed. Any one having good suggestion?
  3. balinews

    New levy on plastic bags

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights. Access Denied Indonesia, the world’s...
  4. R

    Pool Fence - Suppliers and Installers

    Hello all, The family and I are moving to Sanur in January and have rented a villa for 2 years :) . We have plans for after that point, so 2 years seemed appropriate for our needs. I have been living in Jakarta for the past 5 years, so I am familiar with the 'ways of life' in Indonesia, but...
  5. SHoggard

    Wanted Embroidered T-shirts/ caps etc

    Time to get 'corporate'... I'm looking for a source of quality Embroidered T-shirts/ work-shirts / caps etc Quantity - in the region of 50-100 pcs I realise that Bali is not exactly the center of the clothing industry, and that I'd probably get better deals in Bandung, but I don't know the...
  6. S

    Current info re: hearing aids

    Good to know that audiologists are readily accessible - was wondering if hearing aids more affordable in Bali or Singapore? Also, I'm assuming price is better than USA Costco $3K+/pair? Much obliged!
  7. davita

    How to control drugs.

    If the following report from wasn't so serious it would be hilarious... Polisi Bakar Ganja 3,3 Ton, Warga Palmerah Pusing - Police in Palmerah, West Jakarta, burned tons of marijuana, which caused a lot of smoke and made some local residents 'dizzy'...:icon_wink...
  8. A

    Bulk foods nuts etc

    Where's the best place to buy bulk foods standard and organic. Thanks.
  9. Billt4SF

    How do you tell if you will be able to get reliable internet?

    We are considering moving to Bali. If we are interested in renting a place, how can we tell if there is good internet available there? In general, are we likely to be able to get internet only in the more densely populated areas? What if we wanted to stay in (for example) Candidasa, or Padung...
  10. C

    Looking for suppliers for pull out sprung sofa beds

    Does anyone know of suppliers for the western style pull out sprung sofa beds? I know Warisan have them, but the price tag is very steep and not quite what I am looking for. Thanks!
  11. P

    Pemuteran Salt Farming - on Bali's North West coast around 45kms drive west of Lovina

    Pemuteran, on Bali's North West coast, is a beautiful desa, with many resorts and restaurants and dive shops Pemuteran is also home to the BALISALT company that produces a wide range of salt products For example, free-flowing salt, salt rocks (Giant Rock & Baby Rock), pyramid salt (salt in the...
  12. J

    Swimwear manufacturer

    Hi everyone, Now I know this type of thread topic has been posted an insane amount of times but for my company I wish to ensure all bases are covered and a fair and competitive tender/ quotation process has been met. I am the owner of JessicaMaeSwim from Australia and I have been in...
  13. M

    Photo Frames

    Where can I have decent frames made for family photos? Advice will be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. T

    Water Bathroom

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum. Firstly I would like to say thank you for all the knowledgable information you are providing to me and others like me. I am hoping you will be able to assist me with my question. I am renovating a bathroom and I am looking for a single glass petition (used...
  15. G

    Can we pick up Sim card at the airport? & who is the best provider

    Good Morning Coming over to Bali for 3 weeks in August (with cheese for Markit & No idea!!) We're heading straight to Candidasa - wondered if we could pick up a SIM card at the airport and who would be best provider for internet (mostly) and calls - looking forward to escaping NZ winter!!!!
  16. S

    Bikini manufacturing Bali

    Hello Lovely people, I have moved back home to save money to start my very own business (Swimsuit label) i have been pondering this idea for a LONG TIME now and of course i would not want to run my business from any where else in the world besides bali!! any one out there who gets there...
  17. K

    Looking to start small clothing production in!

    Hi there, My sister and I have started our own small business in the UK making and selling womenswear clothing. Currently we are sourcing fabric in London and personally producing the small amounts here too. We are looking into moving the production and fabric sourcing to Bali. We are both...
  18. balinews

    What benefits will the APEC summit bring to Bali?

    Bali should take advantage of hosting the APEC Summit to create benefits for tourism and other economic fields, a prominent island figure said. The summit, taking place in October, will be attended by at least 21 heads of state, including US President Barack Obama. Badung regent AA Gde...
  19. S

    Searching for an electrical components shop?

    I'm looking for a shop selling electrical components (waterproof connection boxes). My garden lighting is done with electrical connections, sealed with tape. Most people will know that's not really watertight and of course when it rains, my electric fuses jump as it causes short circuits...
  20. J

    Lovely Leather

    Hi all...just wondered if anyone could offer any advice or knowledge of quality leather suppliers in Bali? The quality of the leather is really important to me and I've had a look online and not much has come up that I've found that inspiring. Any help or tips would be really appreciated. Many...