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  1. M

    Bali Real Estate Market?

    A couple of my expat neighbors have expressed an opinion that the real estate market was fairly flat through out the Island, and wondered how many others would agree? I guess this question was raised in my mind after recently visiting Ubud after being absent from that area for some time and...
  2. L

    Second hand car

    I know that we can't buy a new car without KITAS. But is it possible to buy a second hand car (with social budaya visa)?
  3. geedee


    Though I would do a joke thread This one is short but I love it then again I have a weird sense of humour Bloke goes into the Library, asks the prim librarian: "Have you got any books on suicide?" Librarian looks at him over top of her glasses and says, "**** off! you wont...
  4. davita


    Following my own advice I'm starting a new thread rather than continuing the one about Dengue Fever. I went to Prima Medika today to have my Ultra Scan. They found what appears to be a gallbladder stone although the experts aren't sure. I'm a little frightened but the internest (same Doctor...
  5. Markit

    Once a Whore, always a Whore?

    Got a friend that's trying to re-socialize a Javanese hooker. Yep! (To the strains of "Born Free, as Free as the Wind Blows....") He's go this girl that is/was a Kupu-kupu Malam (Hooker) and would kind of like to bring her into the "normal" world. He takes out and introduces her to other...
  6. D


    Does anybody on this forum has experiences good or bad with transferring money using "TransferWise"? Any info appreciated. Regards Dick
  7. Steve Rossell

    Some Photo's of Bali.

  8. balinews

    Complaining on the internet could result in a jail term in Indonesia

    The case of Prita Mulyasari, a mother of two, is currently the hot topic among Indonesian bloggers. She wrote an online complaint letter [id] against a private hospital in Tangerang, one of Jakarta’s suburban areas, and now she is being charged for violating chapter 27 verse 3 of the...
  9. D

    Building costs - access lane

    Hi - I'm building in Ubud and am a newbie to building and a definitely a newbie to building in Bali. I have an architect and a building contractor in mind, I'm still in the design stage but step one will be to build an access road. The access road is 40mx3m and I've been quoted 70M IDR, with...
  10. M

    Confused By Administration Decisions?

    I yesterday posted an inquiry concerning East Timor (Leste). The post was buried. To my mind it should have appeared under "Whats New?", after all most members don't spend all their time in Bali and commonly need a re-entry trip for a visa run. Thus it hardly seems remote to have information...
  11. P

    road re- surfacing

    Hi .. Can anyone adise me on approximatel price to resurface a 50 metre road . and suggest any good company to do the job Many thanks
  12. Markit

    Glass Houses and Stone Throwing?! The Wizard of Oz Rupert M

    The Role Of Australia In The Execution Of The Bali 2 | Scoop News An aspect of the case(s) possibly unknown to non Antipodeans.
  13. B

    How that Balinese can treat each other

    My Balinese wife sometimes tells me that Balinese themselves are not always nice to each other. She also tells that I never get to see much of that because of my bright skin. My wife was once bitten by a dog and went to the closest medical clinic to get the needed injections. This was in a...
  14. marklindsay

    Walls- stone/cement VERSUS Bamboo - Cost differences?

    Does anyone have any recent info re the cost differentiation in regards 'masonry" based walling as compared to a lightweight , older style woven bamboo? I am looking to reduce the heat mass and using Troppo Architecture's principal of reducing mass and opting for a lightweight bamboo wall...
  15. spicyayam

    What really happens in Bali

    Just in case you were wondering...
  16. Adam

    Trance music establishments

    Though I have sneaking suspicion that Gilbert may be the only person here that might have a clue about what I am on about, just wondering by chance if anyone might know of anywhere in Bali that still plays old school Trance music with any regularity, especially epic trance, anthem trance or...
  17. W

    Building Cost

    Hi All, planning my second house in Bali! (First done by builder in 2009, so not much info about detailed building cost and long time ago). Experienced, seasoned out there! Need your help to get my builder on track: Am i about right if i calculate: - 3.5 Mil Rp / m2 for a solid...
  18. balinews

    Indonesian government pays $2 million blood money to free maid in Saudi Arabia

    Migrants' rights activists in Indonesia welcomed on Friday the government's decision to pay $1.8 million to free one of its citizens on death row in Saudi Arabia, just days before she was to be executed for murdering her employer. Satinah, a 41-year old migrant domestic worker, was convicted...
  19. spicyayam

    Tile cutter

    When we have done some renovation projects in the past, the builders have always used an angle grinder to cut the tiles, which is very noisy and dusty. On some renovation tv shows I have seen builders using a tile cutter which looks like something like this: Anyone seen them in Bali?
  20. C

    Where to buy Boiled Linseed Oil or alternative for sealing cement/terracotta tiles

    We have always sealed terracotta and cement tiles with boiled linseed oil prior to waxing (to stop staining/damage from anything being soaked into them). Does anyone know if it is possible to buy boiled linseed oil here in Bali? If not, does anyone know a good alternative? Thanks...