sosbud visa

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  1. Billt4SF

    Travel domestically with only a COPY of passport?

    According to the rules that Yani stated, I am supposed to give her my passport a week or so before my Sosbud visa renewal is due, so they can process it, etc. That's fine except that I'll be in Raja Ampat diving until one day before the visa runs out. Does anyone KNOW if you can travel...
  2. C

    SosBud Visit Visa extensions

    Hello. Currently doing research about how to spend a year or two in Bali and have found that the SosBud visa would be an option. Don't understand why do people have to waste time every month to go to the office (or multiple times with a week between), but I guess that's how inefficient and...
  3. I

    Business Visa - out and back in a day?

    I've got a multi-entry business visa which is valid valid for a year. The restrictions are that I cant stay in Indonesia for longer than 60 days at a time. Previously when I've exited I've always been away for several days before returning. As I don't have any business trips in the short term...
  4. K

    Tourist visa instead of free entry

    Hi guys, I was wondering if it is possible to get a tourist visa when landing in Bali if you are a citizen from a country that is eligible for the free entry. And does this tourist visa still require a visit to denpasar to be extended or will it automatically be valid for 2 months...
  5. S

    How I can get a police certificate?

    Hi folks, My wife and I lived in Bali for two years until June 2015, when we moved back to Canada. My wife would like to resume her consulting work with the Canadian government, but in order to do so she needs security clearance. And in order to get security clearance, she needs a...
  6. klaatu

    getting a sosial budaya visa at Darwin

    a 3 month BANK STATEMENT is required for SOSBUD visa application now (at Darwin anyway)..also they provide you with a printed sponsorship form that you just fill in a few details and your sponsor signs, if she is with you obviously. 2 photos fill out the application form and come back in a...
  7. SHoggard

    Getting Business Visa in Singapore

    Time has come when Airport Immigration are looking a little too closely at my multiple VOA stickers & I should probably apply for a Multiple Entry 6 month visa. Any advice on what's the process for applying in Singapore - agents etc. Can they find a 'sponsor' company... I can find a...
  8. kiteman

    Visa Application changes from Oz to Indonesia

    I guess this may be common knowledge...... but it wasn't to me. Last year I had Oz friends with the 2 month Tourist Visa who had no problem extending for a 3rd month. I was at that time on a SosBud visa and met another Aussie at my hotel who was about to live permanently in Bali who also...
  9. R

    Long Term Villa Rent & Utilities on SOSBUD Visa?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, so apologies if this question has been posted before. I am in the process of getting my SOSBUD visa with the view to staying for 12months (renewing once in Singapore). With this visa, is it possible to rent a property and have my name on the utility bills...
  10. G

    Retirement KITAS and property purchase

    Greetings to all Forum fellow-members, I haven't logged in to this Forum since April. I tried to look for previous posts regarding the subject of my post this time. But I couldn't find any. So I need help from you folks if you can reply with links to such posts that I can visit. I've been...
  11. S

    Registering a car in my name without a KITAS - possible?

    I'm planning to buy a second-hand car, but I'm living in Bali on a SosBud visa (not a KITAS). Is it possible to register the car in my name without a KITAS? If so, are there any threads in this forum on how to do so? (I did an "advanced search" but didn't find anything.) Many thanks!
  12. G

    Police are controlling Tourist Population Growth

    I was recently asked by a client if it was possible to get a temporary driving license while awaiting a KITAS. So I went to POLTABES and asked. The answer went like this: You can get a 'tourist license' that is valid for one month. It is only valid for a 'motorbike' (plastic scooter) No...
  13. L

    How to get a tourist driver license for a car

    Hello, I've been reading in this forum about drivers licenses for almost an hour and I'm getting really confused with all that conflicting advice. My question is, I'm here on a social visa and I only have my german drivers license and I'd like to rent a car for a while. The only way to get...
  14. S

    Where can I cash advance Rp 10 million, besides the BCA Card Centre?

    We don't have a local bank account and have been driving from our house in Canggu to the BCA Card Centre in Kuta to get cash advances on our Visa. (We're on a Sosbud visa and have tried to open an account at several local banks. No dice.) The appeal of the BCA Card Centre is we can get a cash...
  15. P

    Visa extension Kitas

    Hi. Renewing your Kita I was told can be done cheaply by flying Air Asia to K.L. I was wondering if anyone has done the trip to Darwin ( Australia ) now that Air Asia have direct flights Cheers Peter
  16. Smoke

    Car questions

    As a sosbud holder is there any way to purchase a New car ( I know used car is easier , but I know want someone elses problems either.) I have a few trusted indos in case i need to them to buy it for me what type of contract would be needed as a safety net etc incase a problem arises...
  17. SHoggard

    front page not updating

    I just noticed that the centre column @ balipod/content is showing articles from 2012 ... maybe a setting issue
  18. Mark

    WNI spouse-sponsored KITAP

    Under the last updates to the immigration law (UU6-2011), a foreigner married to an Indonesian citizen for at least two years is entitled to apply directly for a KITAP (five year residency permit). Previously, under the 2005 law, I understand that one first had to obtain a one year KITAS...
  19. T

    60 day visa extensions and options

    Hi all, My first post so please be kind.. We (family of 4) are arriving in Bali shortly and I'm about to get a 60 day visa in Melbourne and am concerned that they will ask for an exit plane ticket to be shown. We have return flights booked for just under 90 days as we are hoping to extend...
  20. Dyah

    Visa Sponsor: Just person with Bali KTP

    Final of March ... Sosbud visa for my husband/from German must be extended, 1st Extending ... In the sticker of visa i´m as sponsor. I was at imigration office near airport. The documents are okay than last year we make self the extending for the same visa at the imigrationsoffice ... and i got...