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  1. Bagus Kusuma

    This following is the most important of all things that you must know to the accommodation business

    Bali, one of a thousand islands in Indonesia was famous as a central of tourism objects since 1920. That's way why hospitality business growing so rapidly and make a fierce competition, every businessperson competed to provide the best deals in facility, service or both of these. Finally, this...
  2. jiker69

    How to get around while looking

    No sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes. After reading many posts here, it is best to look around at the different areas before settling on one to live for a month or more. Could someone give suggests for that mode of transportation. I really don't want to drive a car but I...
  3. hadodi

    Not happy with police help

    I reported few months ago a fraud and embezzlement. Just few days ago I received a litter from the officer who handled the case that there was no criminal case... He adviced that I could complain. With whom? Him! Does somebody similar experience? What tomdo?
  4. B

    Flotation tanks in Bali

    I was wondering if any spa has flotation tanks in Bali?
  5. spicyayam

    Different reactions to terror threats

    It is interesting the reaction in the Australian media when a terror attack is found in Australia itself. In Melbourne a planned attack was found yesterday and the police have "urged" people to go about their business. Seven arrested as police foil planned Christmas Day terror attack in...
  6. T

    Getting your best mates here

    G'day forum members Understanding there is currently provisions in place that prohibit mans best friend coming to Bali with them, I am sure there must be some out there who look beyond this and found a way to keep the family together. Can anyone shed light on how to carry out this...
  7. Markit

    Tick, Tock, Tick ...

    Last couple of years we've seemed to be having a growing tick crisis. Since they only seem to attack the dogs (in between the toes and in the ears) and the missus (occasionally) it's not a major crisis but would like to know if anyone else has a similar problem and how they resolve it (can get...
  8. balinews

    Government could allow dual citizenship in the future

    The government has signaled that it may allow dual citizenship in the future, considering the growing role of the Indonesian diaspora, which could benefit the country, a top minister says. Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut Pandjaitan said the country should pay more attention and...
  9. Billt4SF

    2-prong electrical receptacles

    We have been here a month now and we have realized that the 2-prong electrical plugs and outlets (receptacles) are just not doing the job. They seem to make an electrical connection fine, but a very poor mechanical one. The least bit of jostling (such as moving the lamp on the table to...
  10. spicyayam

    Article on Telkom injecting ads into website pages

    I think this has been discussed here before, but I think everyone needs to be aware of this:
  11. C

    Social Visa Bangkok

    Just for anyones info, as of now, the Indo Embassy in Bangkok will not accept an application for a Social Visa without a valid return air ticket.
  12. I

    Which Hospital?

    Hi folks - I've got a pal staying with me. He seems to be suffering with a chest infection (he has had asthma for a number of years). he's due to fly to KL tomorrow then back to the UK on Thursday - I'm wondering if things take a turn for the worse which hospital we should head for? I'm based in...
  13. SHoggard

    Looking for a "Finisher'/ varnish woodstain

    A thought.... someone might know someone. I'm looking for a good Finishing Worker - amplas (sanding) wood-stain, varnish for my boat interior. So a good furniture guy would probably be best.... Orang Jepera most likely The deal would be a contract... I'd fly him to Sulawesi, house him feed him...
  14. spicyayam

    Telkom DNS woes - looking for a fix

    Overall I am happy with Indihome, but the last couple of days I have been getting lots of 'page not found' errors each time I click on a link. Refreshing the page usually works. I have my computer and modem set to use Google's DNS, but I suspect Telkom is controlling this. It is pretty...
  15. balinews

    Life sentence for foster mother in murder case

    The Denpasar District Court on Monday (29/02) sentenced Margriet Megawe, a woman accused of murdering her foster daughter and burying the child's body in her backyard, to life imprisonment. Margriet was found guilty for the May 2015 murder of 8-year-old Engeline, in a case which gripped the...
  16. SHoggard

    Instant noodles and formula milk are 'making babies gay' says Mayor

    A city mayor in Indonesia has come under fire for suggesting instant noodles and formula milk are 'making babies gay'. Arief R Wismansyah made the bizarre claim during a pregnancy seminar in the city, located to the west of Jakarta, earlier this week. Instant noodles and formula milk are...
  17. davita


    Following my own advice I'm starting a new thread rather than continuing the one about Dengue Fever. I went to Prima Medika today to have my Ultra Scan. They found what appears to be a gallbladder stone although the experts aren't sure. I'm a little frightened but the internest (same Doctor...
  18. R

    New 2016 strict immigration rules of indonesia?

    Hi guys, I've seen this posted a few times on Facebook in the past 24 hours - all posted by the same visa agency: NEW 2016 STRICT IMMIGRATION RULES OF INDONESIA | Visa For Bali Anyone know if it's true? Can't seem to find any official announcement.
  19. balinews

    Rabies putting tourists off from visiting Bali

    The decreasing number of tourism visiting Bali on this month has been caused by the effect of rabies. But, Until now, there is no tourism policy of travel warning yet relate to rabies for tourist from their own country. According to Secretary of Bali Tourism Departement Tjokorda Bagus Pemayun...
  20. K

    Bond never repaid landlord a common thief despite apperances

    Hi we have a problem with our previous landlady in Bali who it turns out is nothing but a common thief. I will mention she is from Sydney to help others identify and avoid her. It is disappointing when you get screwed by another Antipodean most of my good friends in Bali are Australian and...