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  1. K

    FREAKING OUT - markit can you help??

    OK, so after years of dreaming I have actually done it and the family are coming to Bali for 6-7 months as of June. Now I'm reading about changes to visa rules etc etc. Having to go and hang out in SIngapore for indeterminate time frames etc. I also think I have misunderstood the social...
  2. S

    Is it possible to still aquire a social visa in one day in Singapore?

    There has been much discussion on this board about a new Indonesian law being passed that required a lengthy stay out of the country to obtain a new social visa. Does anyone actually know the facts? It seems as though there was much speculation and misinformation concerning this issue, I would...
  3. F

    Rule changes to business visa

    I was told you can no longer leave bali and return in the same day for my 60 day visa run for a 12 month business visa-anyone know if this is true??? Or anyone done a same day run recently-issues or all good??
  4. T

    Actuall price for social visa?

    Hi guys! howdy? Soon, i will need to make social visa (for staying 6 moths), and in every region in Bali, price is different. In Jimbaran guys asking 2.5m, in Kuta 900k, some websites ready to make it starting from 600k. So, whats the actual price for social visa now? ty
  5. B


    I am currently in the process of converting my KITAS to KITAP. I started the process in September and still waiting. Been in Bali now for 5 years with my wife as sponsor. All submitted documentation was OK, but when we passed all the approved docs over to the guys in the second immigration...
  6. R

    letter to leave Indonesia?

    If I (Australian) live in Bali with my Indonesian husband, is it true he nees to write me a letter of permission if I want to leave Indonesia without him?
  7. S

    Help for Schools

    Hi, My family would like to move to Bali for 12 months. My husband works fly in/fly out from Perth Australia, working 1 week on 1 week off. He would continue with this employment flying to Bali in his time off. I am not intending to work in Bali. We have 2 kids aged 5 & 7 would would need to...
  8. N

    Visa Options

    Hi All, Am new to this forum. Have been reading visa info on past posts. I wish to travel to Bali for extended holiday next year and am trying to get my head around the various options. If I use a 60 day tourist visa obtained in Perth I would need my ticket to Bali plus ticket say Bali to Kl...
  9. S

    U.S. Passport running out of pages (has anyone had to deal with this problem, yet)

    Right now I still have a few pages left, but with getting the social visa renewals every month I will eventually run low or out of pages. Has anyone experienced this problem and the possible solution/s. I was thinking of just stapling in a few extra pages myself, but the authorities would...
  10. T

    kitas problem

    I entered Indo on a t.o.a visa. Went to Singapore and changed to spouse sponsored sosbud to qualify for kitas and re-entered at Lombok. Immigratio in Mataram wants our U.S. marriage cert recorded at office of records. They won't register it because nothing stating we are of the same...
  11. Y

    Air Freight with a Tourist / Social Visa

    Hello, We're moving to Bali from the UK with our 2 small children next week. We plan to stay for 1-2 years and won't be working. We're arriving on a tourist visa, and will travel to singapore during the first 60 days to change over to a social visa. We want to send over via air freight...
  12. S

    Visa Run Suggestions

    I have made 2 visa runs to Singapore and am considering another location for my next run. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a relatively quick 2-3 days trip and perhaps different experience. If you do have a suggestion or suggestions, please let me know if you are aware of fees...
  13. S

    Wall Street Journal article - Moving to Bali

    'How did you find Bali?" and "What do you do all day?" are the two most common questions asked of us. I am a retired lawyer from California; my husband is a vintner (plus many other things). We're both 68 years old, and most people can't wrap their minds around the change we made moving to Bali...
  14. S

    Social cultural visa

    is it possible for an australian to go to Singapore and get a Social cultural visa? if so how long does it take? i am in australia right now i leave to bali on sunday do you think there is enough time to get the visa here? Thanks
  15. Y

    Bali Mode- stay away!!

    Never use Bali Mode! I came to Bali in October 2011 on a social visa. (6 months visa with sponsor) I used Bali mode for the extensions. I got my extensions but every month they were delayed. But it did`nt cause me problems so ok. (my friend was not so lucky) I was told by Bali mode that I...
  16. J

    Social visa extension - can it be done outside Bali??

    If I apply for a social Visa and then depart before the initial 60 days is up (i.e. before it needs to be renewed/extended for the 1st time) what are my options regarding extending the Social Visa?? I intend to be here for around 70-80 days now and arrived on a 30 day VOA which I will extend...
  17. C

    60 day visa obtained from Australia

    Hi guy's this question may have been asked before, But i am coming to Bali in May, looking to stay anywhere from 3-6 mths, I have been told to get the 60 day tourist visa, and then i can extend while i am there.. !! There is so much mixed information on the websites, some is out of date etc...
  18. F

    social visa or student for kids?

    Hi, Thanks for this valuable info its a great help- we will be moving to Bali in July for about a year or so and trying to work out the best visa's. My husband will leaving monthly so he has no visa problems. We have 2 kids going to school would it be better for them to be on social or student...
  19. Karim

    Same sponsor for Social visa a second time ?

    Hello, May i use the same sponsor to renew my social visa ? I spend two month abroad at the end of my first social visa, and have a tourist now. Planning to go to singapore to applu my second social visa. Thnks for advice
  20. K

    Building a villa

    Hey guys, So i have been living in Bali for 8 months now and finally feel ready to jump into the deep end and build some villas. I recently looked at a block of land that i am very happy with and am currently in negotiations about length of lease etc. I just have a few questions i hope you...