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  1. S

    wanting to stay in Bali for one year, which visa??

    Hi there, we are a couple living in Australia. I am german and my partner is Australian. We are living in OZ for the past 15 years and we have decided for a change. Bali sounds just right for us. After several visits we are now ready to live in Bali for one year. We don't have to work. I...
  2. Q

    Visa agent in Singapore / business visa questions

    Hi there, I'm getting a business visa in Singapore, already have the telex thing set up. My agents here in Bali suggested to use their guy in Singapore to pick it up for us, would be faster too. I contacted the guy but no answer yet, so my question is can I use another agent in Singapore...
  3. T

    Renewing social visa in Bali

    Can anyone advise me if I need to have my wife and children with me when I go to renew our social visa near the airport or can I go without them and just produce their passports? Cheers Travis
  4. L

    Opinions on Visa Agents..

    For the last six months we have been using BALI IDE, and to be honest it has been a terrible struggle each month to receive my passport back...It was never ready to be picked and most months they held on to passport ready for next extension, so in the six months I never had my passport, which...
  5. L

    Which visa will be best?

    Have a friend coming to Indonesia 45yr old Wants to spend a few months here cruising around Sulawesi, Java, Borneo, Papua It will be difficult for him to return to the same immigration office each time This is because he will be in different areas 3 options I can think of VOA...
  6. Markit

    Danger: Social visa 211

    Please all be aware that this can happen - see picture and please note the 14 day validity along with the "Transit visa" stamp also with 14 day validity to go along with it. This was a "normal" Social Visa gotten by our trusty Mr. Malik in Singapore and was refused at Immigrazzi today with the...
  7. Mark

    WNI spouse-sponsored KITAP

    Under the last updates to the immigration law (UU6-2011), a foreigner married to an Indonesian citizen for at least two years is entitled to apply directly for a KITAP (five year residency permit). Previously, under the 2005 law, I understand that one first had to obtain a one year KITAS...
  8. T

    Melbourne Indonesian consulate time frames

    I asked a couple of days ago for advice!!! My situation is now time poor... My wife and I had to renew our passports. We submitted them nearly 4 weeks ago and still not back as they were apparently lost for 2 weeks... I have a sponsor letter and his ID ready to get us a social visa at...
  9. T

    60 day visa extensions and options

    Hi all, My first post so please be kind.. We (family of 4) are arriving in Bali shortly and I'm about to get a 60 day visa in Melbourne and am concerned that they will ask for an exit plane ticket to be shown. We have return flights booked for just under 90 days as we are hoping to extend...
  10. K

    which box to tick??

    Argh, if anyone has some quick advice i would appreciate it - filling in our social visa app and have to tick a box for purpose of visit. Relevant ptions are tourism, study, "other". I assume if i tick tourism i will end up with a non extendable 211 stamped "tourist". Study or other?? I...
  11. H

    Tourist Visa Extension Rule Change

    Just an FYI - didn't see this on here yet so hopefully not old news or a repeat. I went to extend my 30 day tourist visa (long story why I don't have social right now) this morning. New regs require a copy of your outgoing ticket as well as full-size copies of your passport identity page AND...
  12. V

    Wife of offshore engineer what visa is appropriate for me??

    Hi all :) Hoping for some advice We are looking into moving to bali We will be going over August or October for a fact finding trip to decide between bali or penang malaysia or just to stay where we are now - Spain I have a complicated question any and all feedback much appreciated! What...
  13. Dyah

    Visa Sponsor: Just person with Bali KTP

    Final of March ... Sosbud visa for my husband/from German must be extended, 1st Extending ... In the sticker of visa i´m as sponsor. I was at imigration office near airport. The documents are okay than last year we make self the extending for the same visa at the imigrationsoffice ... and i got...
  14. rickerw

    Customs and Bringing in Personal Effects

    Hello, My wife and I are settling in Bali this July. She is Indonesian and I am a US citizen, an artist and a teacher, soon to be retired. We are in Trinidad now where I am teaching. We have a container load of personal stuff, books, art supplies and so forth we are shipping from here to...
  15. S

    Visa Agent Recommendation

    Can I please have recommendations for a good Visa Agent please in the Seminyak area. This is for monthly visa renewals. Thanks
  16. S

    Rental agreements and visas

    Can anyone advise if you can only rent a villa for the same period as your visa. I am planning to come to Bali on a social visa and hoping to stay for 1 year in total.
  17. S

    Studying in Australia living in Bali

    I wish to spend a year in bali and while I'm there I want to complete my MBA online with a university in Australia. Can anyone advise if this is acceptable to do while on a Social Visa.
  18. F

    Exit permit for student kitas

    Hi everyone. My daughter is on a student kitas, I didn't get multiple entry because we where staying put for a year. Now I would like her to "pop" to Aussie for a weekend away. The visa agent said it takes two weeks and cost 650 000rp-surely not. Is it possible to do myself(I did all our...
  19. L

    Social Visa Run to KL

    Can anyone help with a contact/info for renewing social visa in KL - we have 10 days there - so time isn't an issue......hopefully? Thanks Kate
  20. J

    looking for a Visa agency

    hi all, i know this question has been asked many times, i just want to get the most recent info :) any one can recommend me some reliable agency to do visa extension? i have a 60days visa (social visa?) when i first came in, now it's about to expired in 2 weeks, i'd like to find an agency to...