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  1. Rangi

    Miss World faces logistical problems

    Miss World faces logistical problems | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily
  2. Rangi

    Bali rejects idea of virginity testing for schoolgirls

    Bali rejects idea of virginity testing for schoolgirls | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily
  3. J

    Bali in the thirties and forties

    Look here Bali - Paradise Isle 1946 - YouTube and here is Charlie Chaplin in Bali Charlie Chaplin original home movies Java Bali 1932 - YouTube
  4. scout

    Article: New proposed import duty on personal belongings

    Import duty on personal belongs reports the Indonesian Minister of Finance has issued a regulation stipulating that import duty will be applied on goods brought by passengers, air crew, border crossers and mailed parcels effective January 1, 2011. The Ministerial regulation...
  5. C

    Does anyone Home school?

    Here is the thing. I paid approximately $1000.00 USD for accredited online curriculum during my travels as I have not been in one spot in Indonesia. My son has been doing that four hours a day and the other four hours he was in my father’s formal school in Batam, Indonesia. We are now moving to...
  6. admin

    New classifieds forum

    There seem to be more people recently coming to the forum looking for places to live etc, so I have added a classified section to the forum. The forum is open for non-commercial type ads and of course must be for items for sale in Bali.
  7. admin

    No access to the private messaging function for new users

    To prevent spammers from using the private messaging function, you now need to have made at least 10 posts before you can send PMs.
  8. admin

    In case you can't add smilies to your post and other user options

    If you can't see the option to add smilies to your post, please follow these steps: 1. Log into the forum 2. Click "Settings" which is at the top of the screen 3. Click "Forum Settings" menu on the lower, left 4. Scroll down and you can see the Miscellaneous options 5. Choose " Enhanced...