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  1. spicyayam

    North Bali airport in the Australian news

    A Facebook groups were talking about this north Bali airport today...
  2. spicyayam

    Bulfest is coming

    Buleleng Festival (Bulfest) is approaching.... More details on their Facebook page: ADWAL BULELENG FESTIVAL 2017 RABU, 2 AGUSTUS 2017 Tugu Singa Ambara Raja 17.00 Gemar Makan Sate Ikan 17.30 Parade Baleganjur Massal dan Ngoncang Massal 18.20 Tari Utara Giri...
  3. balinews

    China to build railway linking Denpasar to Singaraja

    Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut Pandjaitan announced on Thursday that Indonesia had offered a railway project in Bali to Chinese investors. “We offered some projects, including railway development in Bali,” Luhut was quoted as saying by Antara while on a visit to Beijing. Luhut...
  4. M

    Accountant Lovina or Denpasar

    Hi all, Would anyone be recommend and provide the name and details of a accountant in either the Lovina/Singaraja or Denpasar area. Would prefer the Lovina/Singaraja area but understand that most accountants are based around Denpasar. I'm overseas at the moment and was hoping to get an...
  5. T

    xBox Modding

    Does anyone know where I can take an xBox to get hacked/ modified to play copied games that they sell here in Bali? Any idea of cost? Thanks
  6. Y


    This is the only forum that I could see that fits my question. I want to buy a SAMSUNG TAB S2 9.7" and I have tried Cellular World (Tuban) and I was told Toko Mar (??) didn't have them either. Does anyone know where else I can try, by phone first. I don't know this end of the island much at...
  7. Markit

    Wow! What a GREAT IDEA! Grand Master Patriq is God

    Has anyone else been blessed with this information? Sanderson Master Planner Margarana DreamCity Bali - blooloop How could this have happened without angels singing to all who can hear? Margarana Dream City | The Innergy City Am probably going to abandon my villa and move there so anyone...
  8. JohnnyCool

    For Telkom IndiHome users

    The wi-fi part spat the dummy late last week on my system. Suddenly, totally out of the blue. Zilch. I wasted time trying to figure out what happened and concluded there was a central problem at Telkom's Bali end, but wasn't 100% sure. (The main internet was OK.) Rang the 147 number several...
  9. DenpasarHouse

    Where to buy drinks/bar/mini fridge?

    Has anyone seen a drinks/bar/mini fridge for sale anywhere? I've tried Lotte Mart, Carrefour and a couple of the local electronic stores, but no luck. It seems like the medium sized fridges are pretty cheap so that there's no market for the mini ones, but I need one to fit under a bench like...
  10. Mark

    Motorcycle License

    I understand that Indonesia has plans to enact a three tier system for motorcycle licenses (up to 250cc, 251-500cc, and 501cc+). Motorcycle licenses to be divided into three categories - The Jakarta Post Does anyone know if this has been implemented? Also, it would be great to hear from anyone...
  11. hadodi

    Corruption? Not everywhere!

    When it comes to corruption, Indonesia has not a very good record. Although there is a lot of corruption going on in this country there are quite some white sheep around. I told the story of honest and honorable immigration staff in Singaraja, Bali, few years ago. Recently, as a foreigner in...
  12. M

    Rating the Regencies of Bali

    Those of us among the expat community find a particular place that we decide for whatever reason appeals to us more than others. Why is that? Certainly we all have our preferences and we all have different priorities. Let us suggest a poll and select based upon our individual preferences. If...
  13. S

    Buying Property in Bali

    Hey guys just wondering if you can help? My mother in law met a Balinese man about 8 months ago and moved in with him pretty much straight away. Which was fine, she paid the rent for a year in advance and obviously has to come back here when her visa runs out etc for a week or two. This time...
  14. D

    Bridge collapsed

    Just heard that a bridge on the road from Denpasar to Gilimanuk collapsed partly. Don't know details but if you have to go to the harbor better get info first.
  15. P

    Terror threat for Balinese cities

    JANUARY 19, 2016 10:26AM THE Balinese cities of Denpasar and Singaraja could soon be targeted by terrorists responsible for the Jakarta blasts outside the Sarinah shopping mall, according to reports. Indonesian police are investigating a threatening letter that was sent to a local...
  16. N

    Looking for 3-4 are land Sanur

    Hi all, I'm looking for some land in Sanur, sure some of you might be able to provide some feedback or opinions. Requirements: * About 3-4 are hak-milik land * Beachside of bypass in between Jl. Sagara Ayu and the beginning of Jl Danau Tamblingan Questions: * What are the current market rates...
  17. P

    Traffic prangs

    In keeping with the prompt of how did Bali influence your life today in a positive way, I saw not one but two 2-wheeler prangs today. One on the way to Singaraja and one on the way back. (Positive, because it wasn't me!). The one on the way to Sgrja (nr Pemaron) was a bule, maybe in mid to...
  18. geedee

    Uber go-Jek and general

    I know a lot of members don't like the travel section but the airport - Candi Dasa got 48 replies so I'm not going to be deterred. I have used Uber on 6 occasions now and Go-jek 4 times. Uber, I just love it maximum fare so far has been 22k from Uma sapna Jl Drupadi to Krisna on Sunset rd the...
  19. M

    Land Prices in North Bali

    Hi all, Was hoping anyone who knows North Bali might have an opinion on land prices up there – perhaps there are members living in places about Lovina that could share about buying land and living up there. After looking through the forum didn’t find any recent posts on this. I’ve spent...
  20. P

    North Bali - NOTARIS

    This relates to business contracts, in the North Bali area. I have seen the topic of NOTARIS come up on a few times now. A NOTARIS is a Notary. Notaries can carry out Property Conveyancing and Contract work in the sense the contract becomes validated and 'registered' somehow...