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  1. L

    Laptop rental

    Anyone knows wher i can rent/hire a laptop for 2/3 moths, basic configuration it is ok since will only be used for writing an essay. Not for me but for a friend
  2. geedee

    Monkey forest rd.

    Arrived back tonight from a week in Japan. Staying on Monkey Forrest rd . Was extremely surprised how little traffic on monkey forest rd at 7.30. Places were busy but traffic very very light. Is this normal?
  3. Markit

    Import a TV into Bali

    Anyone tried to import a TV into Bali? I understand if it's new I'd have to pay a shedload of tax on it but what actually does that mean? If I buy it and play it for 2 weeks somewhere it's not "new" anymore is it? Would be interested in any experience you've had.
  4. K

    Searching for a hi-res monitor

    Hi guys, Do you know of any place in Bali where I can buy these Dell screens (or an equivelant of a different brand)? So basically 27 inch screens with a resolution of 2560x1440 Dell UltraSharp 27 Inch QHD Monitor ? U2715H
  5. Markit

    Combating Internet Trolls (in Bali)

    For all of those out there that are not so technically proficient or experienced. I publish this as a help and explanation and look forward to hearing what you think. If you wish to read the full article: How to Identify and Defeat an Internet Troll - The Peorian This brings me to the issue of...
  6. Fred2

    I Pad

    I use to log on all the time but lately it comes up with V Bulletin and when I click on full site, come up "not found" when I try and log in, it just goes back to the same page. any advice apart from using the main computer?????
  7. davita

    Windows 10

    As most regular readers may recall I'm not the smartest when it comes to computer fact, when I tell everyone my phone is smarter than I am there is a deathly hush... no-one has ever heard Davita admit anything/one smarter than he....:icon_e_biggrin: So last night I tried to...
  8. M

    Uber type taxi in Bali?

    Within the last three months someone posted something about a new taxi service I believe in the Denpasar area. Despite attempts to search for it here or on Google I can't locate it. I think the name was something like MYGRAB, but that name and its approximations unearths nothing. If anyone can...
  9. matsaleh

    To admin - TransferWise advertising

    I have noticed that TransferWise has a banner which posts on the last comment of every thread I open. Is this paid advertising or have they infiltrated the forum on the sly?
  10. K

    Quantitative and systematic trading strategies

    I’m interested in meeting and talking with investors here in Bali who have an interest in developing and trading quantitative and systematic investment strategies. Just to be clear I’m not looking to start an investment club or raise new money … nothing formal at all … just a chance to meet...
  11. B

    Opening an office, anyone experienced?

    We are about to open an office in bali... anyone experience? what the pro & cons? how was local staff? cheers
  12. N

    Helping Hand

    Hi all,here`s something for those of us who don't speak Bahasa Indonesia, Worth checking it out, Install the latest version of Google Translate on your smart phone, Then for example when say looking at a menu that is completely written in Indonesian,Pop out your phone,open translate,set...
  13. davita

    Windows 10...evil or useful?

    This subject is discussed on another thread but was off-subject. Anyone know what it contains and what to avoid...opinions please.
  14. Markit

    Internet Censorship Adieu, Hello Hola

    For all those wanting to get around unwanted internet censorship or just wanting to watch shows that are only shown in particular countries I have found a great new piece of software. You will need to use the Google Chrome webbrowser and download the FREE attachment Hola Better Internet...
  15. no.idea

    Smoke screen!

    A mate of mine who calls himself Smoke has invited me to a party on Tuesday the 29th of December 2014. Which of course makes me wonder which day I should be there.
  16. B

    Nearly booted of the plane because of VOA not covering return date

    I have done a least dozen trips with Qatar Airways from Copenhagen to Bali. Every time my return date is past the 30 days that a Visa on Arrivial gives you. I have never had any problems. Just extend the VISA once in Bali and pay up the agent fee. Everyone is happy. This time I was flying with...
  17. Braveheart_shaped_box

    A test post hello kitties

    Hi a Scottish Lass currently in and around Singapore visiting friends heading for Bali and the area in December to spend Christmas and new year there might stay longer might not, see how things go. From Aberdeen originally no ties no baggage just traveling the world having fun and writing a...
  18. balinews

    Lithuanian man arrested for drug smuggling

    Customs officers in Bali have arrested a Lithuanian man for allegedly attempting to smuggle almost four kilograms of methamphetamine into the island, in what an official called the biggest single drug bust of the year. The suspect, identified only by the initials V.L., 41, was arrested in the...
  19. M

    A wedding on June 22th 2014 in Nusa Dua, anybody knows or attended?

    This question is not about a wedding per ser so I'd like it to be in this subforum. On June 22th there was a wedding in Nusa Dua, she is indonesian, he is irish I believe. I don't know them. However, they both or at least the fiancee (the woman), do know my friend for sure who attended their...
  20. admin

    Google search function

    I have replaced the forum's default search with Google's site search. I think it should work better. The 'Advanced Search' still comes from the forum software. Let me know if you think it is better.