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  1. T

    Would Like to Interview Some Expats

    Hi, I’m a writer for International Living Magazine and International Living Australia. I am coming to Bali next month to research and write a series of articles about living and retiring in Bali. I’m hoping to meet up with some expats from the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand who are...
  2. jiker69

    New Member

    Hello everyone, Like the Title says, I'm new to this Forum. I'm an American citizen who will be retiring next year (2017). I plan on visiting Bali in the off season to see if it "works" for me, I have high hopes I can blend in. I appreciate all the help here on the Forum. Thank you for...
  3. F18


  4. geedee

    Top seven places to retire

    From the bbc top seven places to retire. Bali not mentioned. BBC - Capital - The top seven places to retire
  5. J

    Looking at retiring in Bali

    Hello everyone. My wife and I are considering on retiring in Bali in the near future, I am 53 and my wife 49. We are heading over for a holiday in April of 2106 to explore the island with a view to finding a nice area to retire. We are not after an area full of tourists but would like to find...
  6. balinews

    Australian baby boomers retiring in SE Asia

    Geoffrey and Michael thought that they were in trouble. They were living in a smart, rented apartment on Flinders Lane in Melbourne. Con-temporary art adorned their walls and they travelled overseas most years. But Geoffrey was in his early 60s and coming to the end of a contract, and Michael...
  7. B

    Strong Bali Property Market

    The Law of Supply and Demand The absolute and unquestionable model of price determination for real estate market is based on the law of supply and demand. By analyzing the supply and demand we can determine the appreciation of a market, the velocity of sales and expectations of buyers and...
  8. R

    Wannabe an expat

    Hi all. We are a couple on our 5th trip to Bali. This trip we are seriously researching moving here permanently. Not disclosing our age but we are old enough to work through the retirement visa process. I say you are only as old as you act. Mostly Mrs ramjet says "act your age". Travelling with...
  9. S

    "Rules" for Kitas and volunteering on Social Visa

    Hi...I took some time to search the archives, so I actually have the probable answers to my two questions. On the other hand, there is often "theory" and "reality" when it comes to many issues, it seems, and visa stuff seems to have many varying opinions....happy to hear them all! 1) If a...