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  1. S

    Why Aussies love to go to Bali

    My daughters birthday tomorrow and my wife has a day off so I thought I might book a room in Southport for one night and take the girls to Seaworld. If I want anything half decent, I'll have to pay at least $500, just for the room. $500 for a very ordinary room with a couple of beds and no...
  2. BestofBali

    Best Sunset Happy Hour spots

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any favourite beach/ocean view spots that offer sunset happy hour? I have 2 favourites so far are: 1) Chez Gado Gado on Seminyak beach offer 2 for 1 cocktails 4pm - 6pm great spot as it’s just back from the beach on a low set deck with comfy seats -...
  3. begonia

    Anybody knows why part of the Ubud Market still broken, black and empthy?

    Any of you have any idea what is going on with the Ubud market? I have been away for almost four months and I am still shock to see the market is still the same and nobody repair it!! If I am not wrong probably has been already one year since got fire isn't it? how come they don't do anything...
  4. geedee

    Candi Dasa

    1. What is the best restaurant in Candi Dasa. 2. where can i get all my tattoos of various ex wife's removed in Bali
  5. davita

    Execution F*** Up

    Must be a first for the Jakarta Post to apologise to its readers for reporting ALL 14 convicts were executed in Nusakambangan...then retracted to only 4. "The Jakarta Post made a serious error of judgment on Thursday night when it decided to run on its front page a headline story for the...
  6. balinews

    Australians making big investments in Bali

    An unnamed investor from Australia is planning to invest Rp 10 billion ($763,000) to open a restaurant in Bali following a foreigner-friendly revision of Indonesia's negative investment list, according to the Investment Coordinating Board, or BKPM. The list — which is known by its Indonesian...
  7. balinews

    Australian entrepreneurs in legal battle in Bali

    They envisioned chilled cocktails amidst a tropical poolside setting, but the owners of popular Sydney bar Mrs Sippy have found themselves embroiled in an unfolding legal nightmare with Balinese authorities over their attempt to open a spin-off venue on the Indonesian island. Sydney...
  8. balinews

    Bali restaurant owner arrested for drug smuggling in Thailand

    A British restaurant owner in Bali has been arrested after police said they found him carrying 500g of cocaine and accused him of being a drugs courier. Matthew Kevin O'Neill, 40, was detained by officers on Saturday night in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, Thailand after allegedly being found...
  9. geedee


    Thinking of spending a couple of days in Sidemen on my upcoming visit. Will visit Kintamani and Lake Batur on a day trip while staying there Any comments please on Sidemen.
  10. T

    24. April Sonntags Markt Mertasari Beach - Curry Wurst, Bratwurst, Frikadellen etc

    am Sonntag 24. April ist Sonntags Markt Mertasari Beach. Wir bieten Imbiss Food, Curry Wurst, Bratwurst, Frikadellen und Kartoffel Salat. Wir eroeffnen in Kuerze unser Garten Restaurant in Renon.
  11. balinews

    Bali's coldest beer

    The promise of the 'coldest Bintang in Bali' could be enough to fill Sheppy's on any given day, but it's the Collie couple's warm Aussie embrace of the Balinese culture in that busy Legian Street that keeps tourists flocking back. On a weekend in February, when the monsoon season sees...
  12. Markit

    Balintines Day Experience - Lovely

    The missus went of this afternoon to see a girlfriend and I was relaxing with a cold one and a good book - very Sundayish when the dog goes off and I hear female squeals coming from the gate. Upon examining the disturbance imagine my delight to see not one but two long black, slim, brown skinned...
  13. Markit

    Bowie's Ashes?

    The papers are all reporting that David Bowie was cremated and his ashes scattered here in Bali. Anyone know where?
  14. P

    Villa Experience

    GD, how was your Villa experience, overall? I had a quick squizz on the internet after you mentioned the name and the photos made it look absolutely smashing. I thought 'he will be enjoying that, for sure'. Where 1 is it was awful and 10 is it was heavenly, how would you rate it? I would...
  15. geedee

    Uber go-Jek and general

    I know a lot of members don't like the travel section but the airport - Candi Dasa got 48 replies so I'm not going to be deterred. I have used Uber on 6 occasions now and Go-jek 4 times. Uber, I just love it maximum fare so far has been 22k from Uma sapna Jl Drupadi to Krisna on Sunset rd the...
  16. C

    balinese chef for lifetime bussines partnership

    dear, all iam nyoman, balinese chef with more than 10 years working experiences overseas. i have been settled in bali since 2009 after working in australia. iam now still working as chef for 1 of the best world restaurant's franchise in bali. i earn about rp.15.000.000 / month ( take home...
  17. geedee

    Best place to stop and change money Airport - Candi Dasa

    Arriving next Friday at about 3.30pm so should be on the road by 4.30pm 1. Length of time to get To Candi Dasa . 2. Where to change money on the way or wait till Candi Dasa (need local currency before arriving at hotel) Thanks Happy new year
  18. P

    Pizza in Bali?

    I hadn't had a pizza in Bali that I thought was good enough in all the years I have been coming here or living here. Yesterday in Carrefours I bought 2 Dr Oetker frozen pizzas to try. (They are new to Carrefours here in Singaraja) They are the best ever frozen pizza I ever had. Just cook...
  19. G

    Bow Hunting

    At the risk of getting nasty comments from tree huggers, vegetarians etc. I would like to know if anyone else on this forum indulges in Bow Hunting (not on Bali)
  20. DenpasarHouse

    Car Parking In Sanur

    Me and the family really like going down to the beach in Sanur but we're not too keen to walk very far. I can always get a park here, at Jalan Duyung:,115.263695 I can sometimes get a park in Jalan Pantai Sindhu, if it's quiet...