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  1. N

    KITAP help?

    This might be a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone here can offer me some advice. Pretty I've been on a family KITAS for a few years and in recent years been trying to move over to a KITAP. The problem we keep running into is we live in Kerobokan (at a rental), and my husband's KTP & KK...
  2. bunyip

    Anyone Ever rented a Bemo without driver for a week or so? ;)

    Hi people! Do you think it is possible to rent a Suzuki or whatever Bemo and go for a tour in that? Going back to Flores in February on a Mission and Treasure Hunt!! My Lady has an injured Shoulder and Carpel Tunnel of right hand so doing lots of riding is not going to be possible for her...
  3. P

    Yearly tax on land, lease and building

    Should one pay apart from tax when you buy land or lease it and pay tax on building permits also pay a yearly tax on those three. I get from some informative sources on the net the impression one should pay a yearly tax being assets, but when I ask around people deny it or say I should not...
  4. B

    tips for buying a second hand car

    Hi everyone, The family and I have been in Bali for about 5 months now. Feeling settled in, but would like to buy a second hand car. Renting is not viable as we'll be here a long time. I have seen lots of expats driving old suzuki jimny/katanas and they seem to be what we need. Something...
  5. O

    Small Real estate (Home) purchase YES/No Thoughts guide lines !!??

    What do you guys thing about small cluster (and not so small) homes ... you those on 1 are .. and its variations ... !? Usually I find it its offerings on down payment of 10% and can be credited like on 15 years or so ... So when you purchase something small for like up to 600 million monthly...
  6. O

    Disabled mobility options

    Hi, coming to Sanur again in August. My Oz mate whom I'm meeting has a leg off. Can we get him a 3 or 4 wheel scooter? Any other options? Some places, no doubt will try to take advantage. Cheers
  7. B

    Just another one moving

    Hi All Well this is my first post. We are another family of expats on the move to Bali. Unlike many of the threads I have read we aren't coming over here with the intention/plan/idea of starting a business. Nor will we be selling anything to move here. We also won't be working here. Or...
  8. davita

    Registration of visitors to Bali

    The following was published in BaliDiscovery 16/05/2016.... "Via public announcements in the Bali press, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office has reminded all accommodation providers and private residence owners in Bali of their legal obligation to report the details and data of all guests...
  9. K

    Scooter on Ferry ?

    Hi guys. I would like to ask you if is possible use a Ferry for scooters or motorbikes? I have a plan to lent just one scooter in Denpasar and going to Lombok then to Sumbawa and then back all the way. If yes how much is for that ? Thank a lot.
  10. N

    Indonesian gratitude

    Had a new neighbour move in couple of weeks ago,he is renting,before actually moving in he had his ac guy come by and top up his units with freon,i was sitting outside when they arrived, Two guys on a motorcycle,a cylinder of freon and no ladder,i watched in amazement as one guy was trying to...
  11. S

    Buying Property in Bali

    Hey guys just wondering if you can help? My mother in law met a Balinese man about 8 months ago and moved in with him pretty much straight away. Which was fine, she paid the rent for a year in advance and obviously has to come back here when her visa runs out etc for a week or two. This time...
  12. no.idea

    Things I know NOT to do in Bali.

    Now I am aware that running a bar in Bali is pretty well a way to lose money. However I have a rental house in a small road in Sanur. This road has 5 bars and the bars are popular for various different reasons. The house I have is on 7 are of land and is on the west side of the road. This is...
  13. C

    balinese chef for lifetime bussines partnership

    dear, all iam nyoman, balinese chef with more than 10 years working experiences overseas. i have been settled in bali since 2009 after working in australia. iam now still working as chef for 1 of the best world restaurant's franchise in bali. i earn about rp.15.000.000 / month ( take home...
  14. balinews

    Bali property market remains strong

    Bali is eclipsing glamour destinations such as Ibiza and Mustique when it comes to real estate investment performance. With villas on the market for up to $US11.5 million ($16m), Semin*yak remains the most popular precinct on the so-called island of the gods, earning villa owners gross...
  15. N

    Hindu Practices

    I need some advice here,couple of years ago when renting a house in Bali there was one of those statue type structures in the front garden,the house was a nice place very private,had a nice big high gate entrance which enabled us to be closed off from the street as we wished,however one morning...
  16. T

    Do I have to pay full amount upfront for villa rental?

    Hello to you all! Can anyone give me their advice / personal experience on paying upfront for a 1 year villa rental. It isn't a new concept paying such a huge amount in one lump sum as it is done here in Dubai. However it is very easy to get burnt here too ! If it is the norm to do so...
  17. T

    Rental Disputes and Rights

    Hi All I was wanting to know what rights (if any) we would have as renters when we lease a property for say 12 months in Bali. I know that in many cases there is some form of contract signed and on occasions a Notary is involved. My question is as a foreigner if the landlord decides he...
  18. balinews

    Bali to face tough competition says Jakarta governor

    THE love affair Australians enjoy with Bali might soon face some competition from an unlikely source. That’s the prediction of Jakarta’s charismatic and tough-talking governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, affectionately known as Ahok. On the city’s doorstop are the majestic Thousand Islands (Pulau...
  19. M

    The Old Balipod

    Today as usual doing some googling was referred to old Balipod posts, and was amazed at all the people that then familiar I no longer see. I for one am hoping for a return to the site that we once knew, happily contributed to, and gained from. Let's give it a renewed start!
  20. A

    Long term rental Bali

    Hi all, We are looking for a long term rental in Bali from 4-12 months. Please could you direct me to who would have properties on offer. I am not wanting to go bankrupt by renting a USD property, as our currency is 12 Rand to the USD. I would expect there are affordable properties for...