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  1. balinews

    Expats leaving Indonesia in droves

    Foreign workers are leaving Indonesia at an increasing rate due to the slump in commodity prices that has forced resource companies to slash jobs at a time when the government has also introduced tighter regulations on expatriates in Southeast Asia's biggest economy. The number of temporary...
  2. spicyayam

    Fevers and general sickness lately

    It seems like either us or one of kids are sick lately. Nothing major, but general fevers/infections etc. Fortunately, no dengue. They recover after a couple of days, but it means some sleepless nights. Everyone tells me that is just kids, but it seems like a lot of people in our surrounding...
  3. balinews

    French national shot dead by police for resisting arrest

    DENPASAR, INDONESIA (AFP) - Police on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali shot dead a French national on Monday (May 2) after he killed a policeman while resisting arrest, an official said. Amokrane Sabet, reported to be a mixed martial arts fighter, was known as a troublemaker in the area...
  4. Markit

    Female Genital Mutilation in Bali/Indonesia

    To my shame I was totally unaware of this barbaric practice in Indonesia so I'm posting this link to the article in the Jakpost and would kindly ask you all to read and spread it around and anyone that has the original link to the UNICEF study I would also be grateful to see it. FGM in...
  5. Rangi

    Bali police arrest Australian accused of sexually abusing four girls in Denpasar

    Bali police arrest Australian accused of sexually abusing four girls in Denpasar | World news | The Guardian
  6. P


    I sometimes wonder just how many people aren't what they purport to be on balipod.com. For example, a man posing as a woman. Or 2-3 people posing as only one person. It must be happening. Sometimes, reading between the lines, this inkling just gurgles to the surface and I wonder. . . . ...
  7. Steve Rossell

    The whinge and bitch thread.

    I hate stubbing my toe on a rock. I think that if I stop hitting my head against a brick wall then the brick wall wins. If I bark loud enough and for long enough then I'll get a sore throat. It's too dry for this time of year. It's not wet enough for this time of year. The traffic...
  8. Markit

    Combating Internet Trolls (in Bali)

    For all of those out there that are not so technically proficient or experienced. I publish this as a help and explanation and look forward to hearing what you think. If you wish to read the full article: How to Identify and Defeat an Internet Troll - The Peorian This brings me to the issue of...
  9. P


    In the absence of any replies to my posts I will start this thread. Vasectomies. Should you get one? Well, that is a matter of a few facts. How old you are. What are your future family requirements. Do you already have kids. Things like that. Before you rush out and get your nuts...
  10. geedee

    Best Place in Bali

    Following on from the Best place in the best country. Opinions what is the best area to live in Bali. Scenery ,easy access to amenities , easy traffic, lower crime, woman ,men, friendlier people and locals,good for night out etc etc
  11. Rangi

    Random Facts

    I like random facts that I come across. So I am going to start sharing some as I come across them. I will start with a few today and add more as I come across them. The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they can be easily...
  12. davita

    Old -age and senility

    Many members have besmirched my posts by adding I'm an old fart and probably senile...most are funny, and intended so, therefore I laugh it off and enjoy the joke with others. However, by the very tone, (usually when the poster lacks communicative skills in the English language) malice is...
  13. davita


    OK nothing to do about Bali but news today is the wacko Kardos just named their new son Saint West...this compliments the daughter whom they called North West. It suddenly struck me that was probably the cardinal coital alignment technique (CAT) positions they used to achieve...
  14. balinews

    Harley riders block ambulance

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFj5OTytB08 A motorcade of over 100 Harley Davidson motorbike riders took to the toll road on Saturday, ignoring the car only policy and causing traffic to back up. Ignoring the regulations, the motorcade entered at the Nusa Dua toll booth with a police...
  15. Markit

    Road Rage Anyone?

    After nearly 8 years of denying and putting them down I have finally decided to enthusiastically join the swarms (pods?) of motorcycle drivers on the Indonesian roads and I can confirm my original statements about the deadliness of the undertaking. On the upside it's also the most fun you can...
  16. Markit

    Singapore Medical Exam?

    Before anyone gets their hopes up I'm just as right as rain so just calm down. I would like to have any recent information that may be out there about going to Singapore for a general medical checkup at a reputable medical establishment that doesn't believe in black magic (as my local here in...
  17. Rangi

    1000 foreigners busted for traffic violations in the last 12 months

    1000 foreigners busted for traffic violations in the last 12 months | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily That just goes to show how well behaved all the drivers are on these Bali roads. It averages out to only around 11 violations per day. That is an incredibly low number and all of us...
  18. davita

    Alternate to Bali

    Just come across an interesting idea for those whom Bali has not been their dream come true....and might also have interest. https://liberland.org/en/main/ It is a small country near Serbia/Croatia that has been independantly annexed and now looking to be populated...it offers citizenship...
  19. B

    Area Classification

    In a previous post it was suggested that Sanur is for the more 'mature age' expats. I would imagine everyone has their own view on what area attracts what style of people. Soo, share with me your view on Sanur, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua etc, I am interested in your take on it :) Please
  20. balinews

    Australians ignore boycott Bali campaign

    EXCLUSIVE: In the clearest sign yet that the Boycott Bali social media campaign is a major fail, new travel booking data has revealed a big increase in numbers heading to the Indonesian island since the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. With the help of more direct flights to...