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  1. Bagus Kusuma

    Water quality in South Bali

    As we know, South Bali area is the popular choice for expats to stay in temporarily or settle on the island of Bali. Then how do expats opinions about water quality in their property? Does it feel like water at home?
  2. R

    Im looking to purchase a top end didgeridoo

    I am travelling to bali in march staying in seminyak. I am a didgeridoo enthusiast and keen on purcbasing a balinese made top end didgeridoo (not a cheap bamboo one) as the balinese are renowned for their woodwork and art i would love to add one to my collection. Any pointers on Where to look...
  3. J

    Tabanan builder

    Hello everyone. Finally secured some land at Balian Beach. We are now trying to find a good builder who understands good quality work and charges a fair rate. Not an exorbitant rate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Gary
  4. davita

    Anyone seen memory bedtoppers in Bali/Jakarta.

    I'm looking for a quality memory king-size mattress-topper but cannot find. Almost brought from Costco in Vancouver but really heavy to tranship. Any outlets in Bali or Jakarta as I'd like to feel the quality first.
  5. Steve Rossell

    Walking in Ubud at night.

    Just a quick note as a reminder to visitors to Bali. After some pretty torrential rainfall the other night in Ubud the already deteriorating footways are collapsing and in disrepair. 2 nights before the storm I was walking to a local warung and being aware of a gaping manhole in a dark footpath...
  6. spicyayam

    Why are Indonesian's salaries so low?

    An interesting perspective on quora: This goes back to when Indonesian was occupied by VOC or the Netherlands. At the time, the dutch need cheap laborers to work on the plantations and trading route. So they need to pay these people (slavery is sub-optimal since you degrade the dignity of...
  7. S

    Importing fabric to Bali for manufacture plus swimwear manufacture

    Hi there This is my first post to the forum. I started a kids clothes range selling in Australia about a year ago with production in Bali. I was found a factory by an agent on my first visit to Bali. It's been a tough year - to say its been slow going getting a small amount of products...
  8. admin

    Want to watch Ausse TV in Bali (or anywhere else in the world)?

    Check out Aussie Expat tv: Live, On-Demand, Catchup TV | Aussie Expat TV | Watch Aussie TV in Asia You can call them on: 62-812-3973-3359
  9. L

    Looking for a native English speaker

    Hi, we are a French family looking for a native English speaker (young female) to train our 8 year old boy with conversational sessions in our place, twice a week. Our son went to International schools so far. His level of English is good. However now that he is going to the French school we...
  10. begonia

    Anybody knows what happen with living in indonesian forum?

    I have been away for longer than two months and I just went to living indonesian forum and noted is has change totally, not only the format but as well the many of the posters usually posted there are they not anymore there. Anybody knows what happen with the forum? Terimakasi banyak
  11. O

    Small Real estate (Home) purchase YES/No Thoughts guide lines !!??

    What do you guys thing about small cluster (and not so small) homes ... you those on 1 are .. and its variations ... !? Usually I find it its offerings on down payment of 10% and can be credited like on 15 years or so ... So when you purchase something small for like up to 600 million monthly...
  12. A

    Local Builder in the East Of Bali

    Hi we have land in Jasri and looking for local builder anyone know of a good one. Cheers
  13. I

    Business Visa - out and back in a day?

    I've got a multi-entry business visa which is valid valid for a year. The restrictions are that I cant stay in Indonesia for longer than 60 days at a time. Previously when I've exited I've always been away for several days before returning. As I don't have any business trips in the short term...
  14. R

    Life Fitness Exercise Bike for Sale

    Life Fitness Lifecycle R3 recumbent exercise bike with 'Go Console' display unit. In excellent condition as it was only used less than 30 times. Professional quality bike like you would see in the gym. Console unit has multiple routines and settings, as well as storing and tracking users data...
  15. Markit

    Motorbike monthly oil change?

    I've now been told by 3 Balinese that they think I'm mad for not changing the oil in my bike monthly. I've done the required services where they also change the oil but I've never heard of this "normal" procedure. Is it me or are Indo bikes really that badly built?
  16. M

    Rating the Regencies of Bali

    Those of us among the expat community find a particular place that we decide for whatever reason appeals to us more than others. Why is that? Certainly we all have our preferences and we all have different priorities. Let us suggest a poll and select based upon our individual preferences. If...
  17. spicyayam

    Telkom DNS woes - looking for a fix

    Overall I am happy with Indihome, but the last couple of days I have been getting lots of 'page not found' errors each time I click on a link. Refreshing the page usually works. I have my computer and modem set to use Google's DNS, but I suspect Telkom is controlling this. It is pretty...
  18. spicyayam

    HOC Season 4

    I just finished watching season 4 of House of Cards. The first 3 seasons are pretty much based on the British season. Americans tend to keep a series going until the storyline becomes ridiculous and the audience loses interest. I read one review of the series and they said the storyline was too...
  19. spicyayam

    Banyuwangi bound ferry goes down

    Apparently no casualties... https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=p4LwCx7hp5o
  20. balinews

    New levy on plastic bags

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email ftsales.support@ft.com to buy additional rights. Access Denied Indonesia, the world’s...