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  1. Markit

    Limited Time IMB (building permit)

    Had a very interesting chat with an estate agent today who had lots of interesting things to say, most of which I won't bore you with but of massive note was her comment that the government are now issuing limited time IMBs. In most cases that she's seen they were for only 5 years and as to the...
  2. balinews

    Indonesia extends property lease length to foreigners

    Indonesia has allowed foreigners to own houses for up to 80 years in an effort to show a friendlier face to people who might come and bring investment with them. The Cabinet Secretariat said on its website on Tuesday that President Joko Widodo signed a regulation late last year giving...
  3. Rangi

    Random Facts

    I like random facts that I come across. So I am going to start sharing some as I come across them. I will start with a few today and add more as I come across them. The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they can be easily...
  4. davita

    Dengue fever

    Had a miserable night..shivering then sweating, headache, body ache, fatigued but cannot sleep. My wife thinks Dengue Fever so going for test later to Siloam. If confirmed...what happens next...any advice appreciated.
  5. balinews

    Bali property market remains strong

    Bali is eclipsing glamour destinations such as Ibiza and Mustique when it comes to real estate investment performance. With villas on the market for up to $US11.5 million ($16m), Semin*yak remains the most popular precinct on the so-called island of the gods, earning villa owners gross...
  6. K

    Bond never repaid landlord a common thief despite apperances

    Hi we have a problem with our previous landlady in Bali who it turns out is nothing but a common thief. I will mention she is from Sydney to help others identify and avoid her. It is disappointing when you get screwed by another Antipodean most of my good friends in Bali are Australian and...
  7. balinews

    Update on foreign ownership of apartments in Indonesia

    Foreigners living in Indonesia will be able to secure the “Right to Use” property in the country for as long as they live under a newly planned state policy, according to a government official. Minister for Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Ferry Mursyidan Baldan revealed that his office...
  8. F

    Property taxes and charges.

    I'd like to get a conversation going about property tax, just so everyone can share information. As I understand it, property owners in Indonesia are liable for an service charge and they are also liable for tax on the purchase of property, irrespective of the Hak type. I mention this because...
  9. N

    expat ownership of property

    Hi all,check out the Jakarta Post dated 6/28 /15,, There is an article about expat life time ownership of property here in indo,sorry guys I have no idea how to attach it on here,you will have to get the paper online or whatever,
  10. balinews

    Jakarta property firm deceives thousands of buyers

    The Jakarta Police arrested recently a commissioner of PT Royal Premier Internasional, a Jakarta-based property marketing company, for allegedly embezzling the funds of thousands of prospective buyers and committing money laundering. The investigators noted that as many as 1,157 buyers, who...
  11. DenpasarHouse

    Diagnose tripping of RCCB electrical safety switch

    I've just had my electrician install a 30mA RCCB (residual-current circuit breaker, basically a safety switch that'll cut the power before you get electrocuted to death) in my fuse box and unfortunately it trips straight away if anything more than a light is turned on. It all works fine if I...
  12. F

    Can a Hak Pakai be cancelled if the foreigner ceases to meet the requirements?

    I understand that under the present rules if a foreigner wants to hold a Hak Pakai there are a number requirements, such as: • The foreigner must hold a KITAS or KITAP. • The foreigner must be resident in Indonesia. So if, during the time the foreigner holds the Hak Pakai, he or she ceases to...
  13. spicyayam

    Nominee cases in the courts

    It seems like nominee and mixed marriage cases are going to the courts now and the judges are enforcing the laws. Can't say much about it now, but will hopefully be able to post more information soon.
  14. balinews

    Indonesia bank bans foreign currency for domestic transactions

    Indonesia’s central bank has banned the use of foreign currencies for domestic transactions under regulations issued last week and effective July 1, aimed at controlling onshore demand for dollars and easing downward pressure on the rupiah. The rupiah is the worst-performing currency in...
  15. A

    Long term rental Bali

    Hi all, We are looking for a long term rental in Bali from 4-12 months. Please could you direct me to who would have properties on offer. I am not wanting to go bankrupt by renting a USD property, as our currency is 12 Rand to the USD. I would expect there are affordable properties for...
  16. T

    How far in advance to lease Villa

    Hi All We are planning on being in bali for 12 months from January next year. We are looking to lease a villa for 12 months around the seminyak, oberoi, petitenget, kerobokan, umalas, areas. I have been looking at some places online, but many agents have said it is too early for them to...
  17. B

    Guesthouse for rent good opportunity for Bali newbie

    I intent to rent out one of my properties namely a 14 room property fully equipped and already trading, so for anyone looking to walk in and start trading from day one here is a low cost low risk chance. It is located right in the heart of Kuta and a 2 min walk to the beach and one min to the...
  18. B

    What value do all the property agents really add?

    I have been following the Ubud property market for a few years and I wonder what value do all the property agents really add for the seller and the buyer more than just an ad? Yes, they do put your vila on their home page. But I have yet to come across even a remotely OK homepage. This goes...
  19. P

    The Capacity of a Nominee to have control over their Commitments as a Nominee

    It has occurred to me that something I said might have some foundation Hear me out In thread "Expat set up in drug case while being embroiled in land dispute" post #52 by davita, I had already made a 'statement' (of sorts) Here is the transcription copied from the above location PSW...
  20. balinews

    Jamie Oliver to launch new Italian restaurant in Bali

    Jamie Oliver is set to launch his Jamie’s Italian restaurant brand in yet another country, with a restaurant in Bali, Indonesia on the cards. The Jamie’s Italian group has partnered will Hotel Properties Limited (HPL) on the project, and building applications have already been submitted to...