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  1. Markit

    Buggy Software?

    Admin I'm having some weird things happening with the forum: Color changes from green to blue on different pages Posts I make don't show on the page but when I look in Activity I can see them Posts from other members aren't showing up on pages but again I can see them in Activity (your...
  2. spicyayam

    DNS problem with Indihome this morning

    Seems like Telkom Indihome is having some kind of DNS issue this morning. Skype still works, and using Tor browser to type this message. Maybe it is just in the north.
  3. T

    CBN Internet- experiences/ recommendations?

    Hi All Does anyone currently (or previously) use CBN for their internet? Currently we have IndiHome on a 20MB connection, but will be moving to new villa next month and thinking of changing. IndiHome is okay, but we don't make use of the home phone or TV much so looking for alternative...
  4. J

    Looking for Company to buy

    Hi anyone selling PT company please contact me on 0858 47137369 thanks for reading
  5. K

    Mental Health Wuestion

    Can/ Do a person with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, reside in Bali? How would they be treated if they suffered a psychotic episode or became unstable. Would they be welcome at clinic/ hospital for treatment? or would they be locked up somewhere horrible. Would they be allowed to fly...
  6. P

    Yearly tax on land, lease and building

    Should one pay apart from tax when you buy land or lease it and pay tax on building permits also pay a yearly tax on those three. I get from some informative sources on the net the impression one should pay a yearly tax being assets, but when I ask around people deny it or say I should not...
  7. spicyayam

    Living on Bali for $175 a week

    I am sure this doesn't includes things like flights, insurance, visa
  8. spicyayam

    Passing of the Thai King

    I can't imagine its a good time to be living in Thailand right. Seems like a lot of uncertainty in the country and people wondering what direction the country is going in. I know we like to complain about the bureaucracy here but many things seem to be worse in Thailand...
  9. davita

    Bali Airport closed

    I've just heard Bali airport is closed Friday 14 Oct 2016 due to problems with the is planned to re-open at noon but anyone waiting for arrival visitors or planning a departure should keep up with the news as many delays are expected.
  10. Markit

    Island Hoping with My Scooter - East Java

    Travels With(out) Barley (water, yeast, hops and malt, optional) Through East Java 2016 Indonesia being a Moslem country it can get pretty challenging to find a cold beer. That’s if you just go at it like you would in any other country: walk into shop, ask for beer, walk out disappointed and...
  11. balibule

    What is the best money can buy

    ... gas hot water heater. The previous gas hot water heaters I had/have never impress much. The flame doesn't switch on. Adjusting temperature is a pain in the a$$ either to hot or not hot enough. The gas hot water heaters I see in Mitra10 and elsewhere all seem to be the same. Just wondering...
  12. begonia

    Anybody knows what happen with living in indonesian forum?

    I have been away for longer than two months and I just went to living indonesian forum and noted is has change totally, not only the format but as well the many of the posters usually posted there are they not anymore there. Anybody knows what happen with the forum? Terimakasi banyak
  13. JohnnyCool

    For Telkom IndiHome users

    The wi-fi part spat the dummy late last week on my system. Suddenly, totally out of the blue. Zilch. I wasted time trying to figure out what happened and concluded there was a central problem at Telkom's Bali end, but wasn't 100% sure. (The main internet was OK.) Rang the 147 number several...
  14. O

    Disabled mobility options

    Hi, coming to Sanur again in August. My Oz mate whom I'm meeting has a leg off. Can we get him a 3 or 4 wheel scooter? Any other options? Some places, no doubt will try to take advantage. Cheers
  15. K

    Does any one know which is the cheapeast wholesale source site in China?

    Does any one know which is the cheapeast wholesale source site in China? I want to source from China, I know, but the price is usually not real price, the real price is higher than the listed. Any one having good suggestion?
  16. spicyayam

    The solution to Bali's traffic problems?

    Do you think this will work? Bali News: Stop Only Outside of the Box
  17. spicyayam

    Article on Telkom injecting ads into website pages

    I think this has been discussed here before, but I think everyone needs to be aware of this:
  18. DenpasarHouse

    Shark Attacks in Bali

    You don't often hear of shark attacks in Bali. Here's one I just came across: San Diego surfer shares story of shark attack in Bali | FOX5 San Diego - San Diego News, Weather, Traffic and Sports | KSWB Also, this involves a concept I'm not 100% comfortable with but haven't thought about it...
  19. spicyayam

    Fevers and general sickness lately

    It seems like either us or one of kids are sick lately. Nothing major, but general fevers/infections etc. Fortunately, no dengue. They recover after a couple of days, but it means some sleepless nights. Everyone tells me that is just kids, but it seems like a lot of people in our surrounding...
  20. Markit

    Limited Time IMB (building permit)

    Had a very interesting chat with an estate agent today who had lots of interesting things to say, most of which I won't bore you with but of massive note was her comment that the government are now issuing limited time IMBs. In most cases that she's seen they were for only 5 years and as to the...