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  1. C

    For rent - 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Villa, pool, quiet and private

    Beautiful Renovated 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Villa, new pool, private, rice fields Fantastic location at the North end of Sari Organic trail (walk into Ubud through the rice fields, or scooter 9 minutes). See map in the photos below. Available for LONG TERM RENTAL starting in June. Start date...
  2. DenpasarHouse

    No Bules, no complaints.

    I had a strange experience yesterday while trying to go to a small Balinese waterpark. It's called Gumuh Sari Futsal & Waterpark. Here's their Facebook page, they don't have a website (no surprise there): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gumuh-Sari-Futsal-Water-Park/547940022028319 I...
  3. Markit

    Is Saying "The Japanese are Weird" Racist?

    This is the latest in a long line of things that make me wonder if the Japanese are really from this planet: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/11/28/a-japanese-theme-park-thought-it-was-a-good-idea-to-freeze-5000-dead-fish-in-a-skating-rink/?wpisrc=nl_most-draw8&wpmm=1
  4. Markit

    Island Hoping with My Scooter - East Java

    Travels With(out) Barley (water, yeast, hops and malt, optional) Through East Java 2016 Indonesia being a Moslem country it can get pretty challenging to find a cold beer. That’s if you just go at it like you would in any other country: walk into shop, ask for beer, walk out disappointed and...
  5. Markit

    Bulk buying

    Just paid 2juta for 50 kilos of chlorine for the pool and was wondering if anyone knows where I can bulk buy it better? I'm not really after cheaper, that would of course be nice but I get these really sturdy and well made plastic buckets (see picture) every time that I'd like to stop getting...
  6. Zimbo

    Thinking of moving.

    I'm a newby' on this forum which was reccomended by an ex-forum member. I am looking for a stress free, peaceful place to retire to . My choices are Cebu, Penang or Bali. Can anyone tell me why i should choose bali. My friend advised against it but i would like to hear it from others who live here.
  7. spicyayam

    Bali tourist arrivals by nationality

  8. DenpasarHouse

    Who's at fault?

    Here's an interesting one. Who's at fault? Doesn't it mean the minibus driver simply ran him over? Even if he tooted his horn? This goes along with my theory that if something happens 80% of the time Indonesians plan/act/think as though it always happens. I'm not sure why, possibly Balinese...
  9. S

    Buying Property in Bali

    Hey guys just wondering if you can help? My mother in law met a Balinese man about 8 months ago and moved in with him pretty much straight away. Which was fine, she paid the rent for a year in advance and obviously has to come back here when her visa runs out etc for a week or two. This time...
  10. P

    Villa Experience

    GD, how was your Villa experience, overall? I had a quick squizz on the internet after you mentioned the name and the photos made it look absolutely smashing. I thought 'he will be enjoying that, for sure'. Where 1 is it was awful and 10 is it was heavenly, how would you rate it? I would...
  11. geedee

    Uber go-Jek and general

    I know a lot of members don't like the travel section but the airport - Candi Dasa got 48 replies so I'm not going to be deterred. I have used Uber on 6 occasions now and Go-jek 4 times. Uber, I just love it maximum fare so far has been 22k from Uma sapna Jl Drupadi to Krisna on Sunset rd the...
  12. C

    balinese chef for lifetime bussines partnership

    dear, all iam nyoman, balinese chef with more than 10 years working experiences overseas. i have been settled in bali since 2009 after working in australia. iam now still working as chef for 1 of the best world restaurant's franchise in bali. i earn about rp.15.000.000 / month ( take home...
  13. balinews

    Australian man found dead floating in swimming pool

    An Australian man living in Bali was found dead on Friday morning at his residence on Jl. Tungak Bingin Blok H No. 2 in Sanur, Denpasar. The body of the 64-year-old man, identified as Alistair Robert Hugh Frowde, was found floating in his swimming pool. South Denpasar Police chief Comr. Nanang...
  14. Steve Rossell

    The whinge and bitch thread.

    I hate stubbing my toe on a rock. I think that if I stop hitting my head against a brick wall then the brick wall wins. If I bark loud enough and for long enough then I'll get a sore throat. It's too dry for this time of year. It's not wet enough for this time of year. The traffic...
  15. Markit

    Property Tax

    I'm now being asked to pay the property tax on a building completed in 2010 under one IMB and also on an adjacent property completed in 2013 under a separate IMB. Does anyone have a clue how this should be calculated and/or where I can inform myself about this? Many thanks in advance. Markit
  16. orang gila

    Kerobokan - Villa for yearly contract

    Furnished 2 story villa, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom (full air con) large deck, large lounge, kitchen, dining area parking, phone, plunge pool, security window grills available now Rp. 65 million year (negotiable)
  17. R

    Pool Fence - Suppliers and Installers

    Hello all, The family and I are moving to Sanur in January and have rented a villa for 2 years :) . We have plans for after that point, so 2 years seemed appropriate for our needs. I have been living in Jakarta for the past 5 years, so I am familiar with the 'ways of life' in Indonesia, but...
  18. P

    Swimming Pool - Water Evaporation

    Does anyone know the 'rate' at which water is evaporated from the sw/pool in these current months? To me, it just evaporates, so we top it up again. But, how many litres per day? My sw/pool is quite large so I am subjected to a large surface area, which means more evaporation. Has...
  19. davita

    Wine cooler...anyone seen one.

    I thought I'd buy a wine cooler to properly store our collection of wine. My wife needs more space in the kitchen frig. I was sure Ive seen something that would hold maybe 30 bottles in Lotte Mart but went there today and nothing. I tried 2 Aces, Mitra 10 and Depo Bunganan but nothing....yet my...
  20. spicyayam

    Please bring SolarCity to Bali

    I have been reading a book on Elon Musk. If you don't know him, he started, or had significant involvement in the founding of Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX. One of his companies is Solar City: Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems & Energy Efficiency | SolarCity From what I understand, they come to...