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  1. A

    Your experience: relocation for business

    Hi all, I love Indonesia and think of relocating there and run a restaurant or a tourist business. As options seem to be limited to setting up a new company or taking over an existing one, I would like to ask those who run a business already about their experience. Recently I've been offered to...
  2. SandyS

    Land lease & bilingual documents

    Hi everyone! Thanks all expats for sharing your experiences and knowledge on Bali on this forum. It matters a lot! Just joined as I am looking to a potential investment in Sumba. The plan is to find a place I love, work hard on the due diligence to see if the place loves me too (land...
  3. K

    Looking for Denpasar office space

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a dedicated office space (not just a desk, but an actual room) in the Denpasar region (preferably west) in an office building with an office IMB. As cheap as possible. The only one I found so far is in the ibis styles, however they don't have any available...
  4. M

    Starting a 100% Foreign owned PMA

    Hello, we are looking to start up a 100% foreign owned PMA for a new business. This business will be a small scale guesthouse with 10 rooms. We would like to invest 100.000 US$ for this. We read it's getting more complicated to achieve this with only this small investment, that you...
  5. C

    Renewing your TDP

    Does anyone have any experience of renewing their PMA company's TDP?
  6. A

    Visa / what is considered working and so needs an special visa

    Hi everybody After visiting Bali 2 month a year for almost 20 years, I am finally trying to turn a page and move to Bali where I wanted to be for many years. I am very thankful for this blog as it has provided me with lots of info during the years. Thanks everybody for keeping it rolling. I...
  7. L

    Looking for a partner for starting a restaurant company

    Looking for a partner for starting a restaurant PMA company in Bali. Must have genuine background. PM for more info.
  8. Z

    Current processing time for PT sponsored KITAS / VBS ?

    Hello there, The PT that is sponsoring me has started the process in mid-December. I am still waiting for the VBS (Telex visa). The agent told us that everything has been approved in Jakarta but getting the VBS takes now more time due to new government policy. Did anyone of you had...
  9. P

    Travel Agency Licence to buy or Franchise

    Hello, We are seeking to purchase a existing travel agency business or possibly set-up a franchise travel agency with an existing operating business in Bali. We are serious buyers and need a legal registered PMA PT company license to move forward. Please reply with any positive leads and feedback.
  10. S


    Can anyone advise the pros and cons of a PMA, have been advised to apply for one because I am leasing my property . Also any advice on costs appreciated
  11. F

    Moving to Bali, PT PMA.

    Hello everyone My name is Franco, I'm traveling to Bali this 10th of August with my fiancee, we want to open a freight forwarding company ( and extension of the one we work for in Chile) but I'm not sure what type of company I should open. We've been looking for consultation with legal...
  12. T

    alcoholic beverage licensing

    Hi does anyone know what the current situation is regarding obtaining a license to produce alcoholic beverages in Bali. from what i understand they are not handing out any new licenses but what happens to the licenses that are no longer being used. is it possible to transfer a license...
  13. admin

    Google search function

    I have replaced the forum's default search with Google's site search. I think it should work better. The 'Advanced Search' still comes from the forum software. Let me know if you think it is better.
  14. Markit

    Indonesia to Allow 100% Foreign Investment in Tourism Sector

    Does anyone actually know what this means? Bali News: In Search of Foreign Exchange and Indonesia allows 100 percent foreign tourism investments - ANTARA News Would be grateful for any insights into the potential in relation to home ownership here - might have to form a foreign company but...
  15. S

    Plan to set up Business ....but stuck in the beginning

    Hi Everyone I need your guys help Im planing to set up a business here but before everything start they told me i need an office to apply the address for the PT. so i went to find the office but its really hard cause most of them are only "toko":icon_eek: They don't have the...
  16. marklindsay

    Minimum visa requirements for land LEASE?

    Can someone please point out the relevant and minimum requirements to legally lease land in Bali? Maybe a relevant Indonesian website link? (in English?) thanks
  17. T

    Hi Everyone, new to forum. Need lots of advice about Moving to Bali Please.....

    I was referred to this forum from trip advisor. So here goes.... We, meaning my family of 2 adults and 2 kids ages 5 and 15, are very seriously wanting to purchase a Villa (hopefully in Sanur area), and move to Bali from Australia. Mother-in-law will probably join us too. I am after some...
  18. I

    Indonesian Import Customs

    My wife and I are in the last stages of finalising moving to Bali. We have our own business that we can operate from anywhere in the world that has internet access and couriers. One of the issues that I anticipate is Indonesian Customs. Does anyone have experience of the following they...
  19. davita

    Work Permit and Fee.

    The Bali Gov't will now get the fees directly from the Manpower Foreign Workers Permits issued and extended. Bali Daily 22 Jan 2014. Apparently there are 1800 foreign workers that pay for permits and annual extensions and the Bali Regional Development Bank (BPD) takes that money (US$100 per...
  20. S

    Help needed for wedding planner based in Australia

    Hi all, I am based in Western Australia, I am looking to branch into Bali my wedding styling business. Could anyone point me in the right direction to what is needed. I have been told a PMA company would be $10000 USD, However I do not want to live in Bali or have an office, my business...