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  1. L

    Letter box

    Does anyone know where a can buy a letter box. Ace keep saying not in stock for the past 6 months and i look in many places, mitra, depo bangunan but nothing. Must be some places where they make them. Thanks
  2. Billt4SF

    Travel domestically with only a COPY of passport?

    According to the rules that Yani stated, I am supposed to give her my passport a week or so before my Sosbud visa renewal is due, so they can process it, etc. That's fine except that I'll be in Raja Ampat diving until one day before the visa runs out. Does anyone KNOW if you can travel...
  3. geedee

    brilliant owner response on Tripadvisor

    THE PLACE IS THE CRAGS HOTEL IN SCOTLAND THE GUY HAS LOTS OF BRILLIANT RESPONSES Customer review DREADFUL” 1 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 16 July 2015 via mobile We had a voucher for this hotel,we could never get a booking for it despite several tries,we eventually got a booking for the 15th of...
  4. spicyayam

    So proud of my wife

    You can see her in the photo (top right): Two Malaysians arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs to Bali - National - The Jakarta Post I don't think too many people can handle what she has been doing, but quite amazingly she copes so well. I know I am biased but I know of no one who would I...
  5. Z

    Two Baby Kittens in Bali to give for FREE

    Dear Bali Pod members, We have 2 adorable baby kittens to give for free (the black one and the white one, the orange one found an owner). Please find the photo attached They have approx. 2 months and a half. If you are interested you can contact me 0822-3680-7306 Xavier
  6. davita

    Execution F*** Up

    Must be a first for the Jakarta Post to apologise to its readers for reporting ALL 14 convicts were executed in Nusakambangan...then retracted to only 4. "The Jakarta Post made a serious error of judgment on Thursday night when it decided to run on its front page a headline story for the...
  7. spicyayam

    ID for local boarding a domestic flight

    Does anyone know if a photocopy of a local's KTP is enough to board a domestic flight?
  8. spicyayam

    Fastest turnaround for Australian passport renewal

    My mum was supposed to be arriving in Bali today and has just realized her passport will expire in less than 6 months :icon_eek: She boarded a flight in Melbourne and the airline picked it up in Sydney. I think the airline is going to put them up in a hotel in Sydney. Anyone know how it will...
  9. spicyayam

    Vigilante justice Bali style - violence warning

  10. mimpimanis

    Changing Avatar

    Hi My Avatar is very old and outdated and I would like to change it. I have tried in the profile section but can not figure it out. Any advice please :)
  11. D

    Lost IMB certficate

    During a recent move the file containing our IMB certificate was lost (dumb,yes). My question is,does anyone on this forum know the procedure or have a idea as to where to get to recover the record? The house is in Tabanan regency.
  12. P

    North Bali - NOTARIS

    This relates to business contracts, in the North Bali area. I have seen the topic of NOTARIS come up on a few times now. A NOTARIS is a Notary. Notaries can carry out Property Conveyancing and Contract work in the sense the contract becomes validated and 'registered' somehow...
  13. N

    Another Visa question

    Due to bad planning on my behalf I had to use Voa this time,i always come with a social visa but screwed up this time, I'm not familiar how the extension works,i arrived on Dec 5th And the visa is valid for 30 days,which means it runs out around Jan 4th, Do any of you know how long it...
  14. Markit

    Lithographs or Good Copies of Walter Spies Painting?

    Anyone know where I can get some of the above. Particularly the night time paintings, but really any of Bali.
  15. spicyayam

    Please bring SolarCity to Bali

    I have been reading a book on Elon Musk. If you don't know him, he started, or had significant involvement in the founding of Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX. One of his companies is Solar City: Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems & Energy Efficiency | SolarCity From what I understand, they come to...
  16. klaatu

    getting a sosial budaya visa at Darwin

    a 3 month BANK STATEMENT is required for SOSBUD visa application now (at Darwin anyway)..also they provide you with a printed sponsorship form that you just fill in a few details and your sponsor signs, if she is with you obviously. 2 photos fill out the application form and come back in a...
  17. K

    Bond never repaid landlord a common thief despite apperances

    Hi we have a problem with our previous landlady in Bali who it turns out is nothing but a common thief. I will mention she is from Sydney to help others identify and avoid her. It is disappointing when you get screwed by another Antipodean most of my good friends in Bali are Australian and...
  18. M

    Want to refuse free entry and instead just pay for VOA, possible?

    I could get a free entry to Bali, but I prefer to pay for a VOA, because VOA is extendable for an other month. Can this be done? I know obtaining a 60 days tourist visa at the IN Embassy is also a possibility.*** Thanks a lot. *** Not all embassies btw. Just read that a 60 days Tourist Visa...
  19. I

    Experience Bali's Beauty Online (Video + Stills)

    My film "Gamelan, Garuda & Ganesh" can be seen on the web, if you have a high speed internet connection. This Bali and Java (Indonesia) video features Balinese dance, music, masks, shadow puppets, a cremation ceremony, Java’s Buddhist & Hindu World Heritage Sites, the Ramayana Ballet, and...
  20. Steve Rossell

    Some Photo's of Bali.