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  1. DenpasarHouse

    No Motorbike Licence (from your home country) = No Insurance

    Here's an example of what can happen if you don't already have a motorbike licence from your home country. Australian tourist stuck in Thai hospital after head-on collision, owing $56,000 in medical bills - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Also, I'd like to know why they say...
  2. spicyayam

    Can foreign acupuncturists work in Indonesia?

    Does anyone know if it is possible?
  3. bunyip

    Anyone Ever rented a Bemo without driver for a week or so? ;)

    Hi people! Do you think it is possible to rent a Suzuki or whatever Bemo and go for a tour in that? Going back to Flores in February on a Mission and Treasure Hunt!! My Lady has an injured Shoulder and Carpel Tunnel of right hand so doing lots of riding is not going to be possible for her...
  4. davita

    news about post-nups

    Just read on another forum that the Constitutional Court today have overturned a part of the law and will permit post-nup agreements, therefore allowing mixed marriage WNI spouses to own hak milik property. This is hearsay so if anyone can find the readings from the court I'm sure it will be...
  5. F18


  6. Y


    This should be good, and a little slow in parts. Google 'tom hanks scully' for more info
  7. K

    Spouse sponsored kitas and return ticket

    This is the first time I'll be returning to Indonesia with a spouse sponsored kitas. My kitas is valid for 1 year, do I need to show a ticket out of the country before that date or is there no need for that with a kitas?
  8. balinews

    Australian entrepreneurs in legal battle in Bali

    They envisioned chilled cocktails amidst a tropical poolside setting, but the owners of popular Sydney bar Mrs Sippy have found themselves embroiled in an unfolding legal nightmare with Balinese authorities over their attempt to open a spin-off venue on the Indonesian island. Sydney...
  9. balinews

    Emergency law to allow foreigners to purchase apartments in Indonesia

    Property sector needs reform to attract investments, says minister. Indonesia plans to issue an emergency law - known as a perppu - to break an impasse of more than a decade in efforts to streamline unfriendly laws as the country aims to allow foreigners to purchase apartments in Indonesia...
  10. ronb

    Unlimite KITAP

    Just for your info, I have just achieved this milestone. It consists of a letter from Immigration with the heading Permanent Stay Permit Extension, and down in the letter it says "for an indefinite period". With it comes a KITAP card that says "Date to Report" is 5 years from now. Likewise...
  11. Markit

    Limited Time IMB (building permit)

    Had a very interesting chat with an estate agent today who had lots of interesting things to say, most of which I won't bore you with but of massive note was her comment that the government are now issuing limited time IMBs. In most cases that she's seen they were for only 5 years and as to the...
  12. spicyayam

    One month temporary working visas

    Someone was asking me about a "temporary working visa". Has anyone heard of this before? I have heard of DJs getting some kind of visa, but never really knew the details. This is the email they received from their agent: The person wants to teach yoga in Bali.
  13. I

    End of contract / EPO

    My current contract finishes this month & will not be extended by my current employer....but i have secured a new position. I understand i have to apply for EPO (exit permit only) & leave Indonesia....would MY current multiple entry visa allow me to return to Indonesia? This starts to become a...
  14. I

    KITAS/ KITAP & 10 years of marriage

    We have just celebrated 10 years of marriage in Bali & during these years, i have been on work sponsored KITAS. Is it possible to have BOTH a KITAS & KITAP or do i have to start the whole KITAP application when my employment ceases?
  15. balinews

    China bound Lion Air flight forced to return to Bali

    A Lion Air flight destined for Harbin, China was turned back to Bali on Tuesday morning because it was reportedly barred from entering Hong Kong airspace. Flight JT 2633 departed from Bali around 3:02 am but didn’t make it all the way to Harbin when Hong Kong authorities reportedly denied...
  16. davita

    Australian chiropracter jailed

    A third Australian chiropractor has been arrested in Indonesia for allegedly working illegally, as officials enact a sweeping investigation on foreigners involved in health practices. Third Aust chiropractor nabbed in Jakarta | SBS News The RI government is really cracking down on those who...
  17. spicyayam

    Who do you think will win the 2016 US presidential election?

    Trump as a president is a scary thought. The other candidates aren't much better. I was watching them speak and all they talk about is how they are ranking in the polls, with a final "I will make America great again". Bernie Sanders is the only one I heard talking about anything of substance...
  18. geedee

    Top seven places to retire

    From the bbc top seven places to retire. Bali not mentioned. BBC - Capital - The top seven places to retire
  19. balinews

    Indonesia extends property lease length to foreigners

    Indonesia has allowed foreigners to own houses for up to 80 years in an effort to show a friendlier face to people who might come and bring investment with them. The Cabinet Secretariat said on its website on Tuesday that President Joko Widodo signed a regulation late last year giving...
  20. balinews

    Singaporean singer barred from leaving Indonesia over visa problems

    What was supposed to be a 12-day regional concert tour turned into a 3.5-month ordeal for local singer Joel Tan, also known as Gentle Bones, and 13 others. Just after he and American singer-songwriter Kina Grannis finished their Sept 16 show in Jakarta - the first stop of the tour - their...