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  1. spicyayam

    North Bali airport back on agenda

    Seems like there has been a change of heart: This was also in the news today:
  2. A

    Brief intro and Beer question

    Hi New to the forum I’ve been living in Bali a while now currently in my second year in a rented cottage at Legian. I get back to Australia every 2-3 months for a couple of weeks working some of the festivals – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Canberra etc. Spend a bit of time in north Bali...
  3. JohnnyCool

    For Telkom IndiHome users

    The wi-fi part spat the dummy late last week on my system. Suddenly, totally out of the blue. Zilch. I wasted time trying to figure out what happened and concluded there was a central problem at Telkom's Bali end, but wasn't 100% sure. (The main internet was OK.) Rang the 147 number several...
  4. balinews

    Plans for floating airport in north Bali

    While the central government has suspended a land reclamation project in the Jakarta Bay, another controversial project is underway in Bali. An artificial island measuring 1,400 hectares is to be created in waters off Bali’s northern coast for a new airport. Airport Kinesis Financial and...
  5. D

    Lost IMB certficate

    During a recent move the file containing our IMB certificate was lost (dumb,yes). My question is,does anyone on this forum know the procedure or have a idea as to where to get to recover the record? The house is in Tabanan regency.
  6. M

    Land Prices in North Bali

    Hi all, Was hoping anyone who knows North Bali might have an opinion on land prices up there – perhaps there are members living in places about Lovina that could share about buying land and living up there. After looking through the forum didn’t find any recent posts on this. I’ve spent...
  7. P

    North Bali - NOTARIS

    This relates to business contracts, in the North Bali area. I have seen the topic of NOTARIS come up on a few times now. A NOTARIS is a Notary. Notaries can carry out Property Conveyancing and Contract work in the sense the contract becomes validated and 'registered' somehow...
  8. geedee

    Best place to stop and change money Airport - Candi Dasa

    Arriving next Friday at about 3.30pm so should be on the road by 4.30pm 1. Length of time to get To Candi Dasa . 2. Where to change money on the way or wait till Candi Dasa (need local currency before arriving at hotel) Thanks Happy new year
  9. P

    Agent required to assist with BPOM Certification

    Can anyone recommend a reputable Agent who can assist in securing BPOM Certification. It appears that its either too difficult or the Agents I have contacted are simply incompetent.
  10. P

    Earth Tremors

    Seeing as there isn't a forum for earth tremors, earthquakes, acts of nature, storms, etc, I am posting into here. I felt a very, very small tremor this morning at 8:47. Over the past few years I have felt them, mostly in the mornings before 10:00am. I wonder if the time of day (Earth...
  11. P

    Dog Behaviour

    Given there is no particular 'Animal Behaviour' forum, I will use this one. Maybe someone will know this. I certainly do not and I have researched but haven't yet found the answer. My female dog growls at me. Every morning. When I first took delivery of these 2 dogs (14 Feb 2013) the woman...
  12. P

    Weather today along North Bali coast

    There's no place to post about weather so I am using this one. We have had a reasonable ground-wetting rain for hours now here along the central North Coast of Bali. And it's a TS as well now. Maybe the Wet Season is finally here? About time, hey!
  13. G

    Bow Hunting

    At the risk of getting nasty comments from tree huggers, vegetarians etc. I would like to know if anyone else on this forum indulges in Bow Hunting (not on Bali)
  14. begonia

    did you feel a small earthquake tonight at 1:45 am?

    I woke up tonight at 1:45 am because I felt a small earthquake, did you feel it?
  15. balinews

    Minister's plans to develop Bali into a transit hotspot

    Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism is keen to develop Bali into a transit hotspot for other destinations throughout the archipelago as a way for the government to reach its goal of 10 million tourists by 2019. Minister Arief Yahya likened Bali to the Thai capital Bangkok as a point of transit...
  16. Steve Rossell

    Bali '82.

    My first trip to Bali was 1982 and it nearly knocked me out from the moment the aircraft door opened. The humidity and the smell is something I've come to love but back then it was like a physical and sensory wall. I was one of the thousands of surfers in the early 80's that made the trek...
  17. balinews

    Plans floated to build floating airport in north Bali

    In addition to Ngurah Rai International Aiport in Denpasar, Bali will be home to a floating international airport that will be constructed on a beach off Kubutambahan in Buleleng. reported on Thursday that a Canadian investor had presented the airport construction master plan...
  18. davita

    earthquake advisory 15 Nov

    Breaking News....big earthquake somewhere in Moluccas...possible tsunami! May be too far from Bali... but best to warn everyone on the north shoreline
  19. P

    Mainframe contacts in Jakarta/Bali, etc

    I am a retired Software Engineer with a lot of mainframe experience I'd like to do some more work but I can't find where to start 'looking' and making contact I live in North Bali and want to work from home - VPN provides that and I have used it a lot before If you can let me know how to...
  20. balinews

    Canadian company presents plan for north Bali airport

    The Canadian consultancy company, Airport Kinesis Canada has presented a plan to Bali’s Governor, I Made Mangku Pastika for the airport to be built near Singaraja in North Bali, suggesting that the most feasible option would be to build on reclaimed land in the sea. The Trade Commissioner of...