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  1. E

    PMA or Nominee

    Hi everyone, We are looking at buying land in Lombok. Has anyone recently set up Pt nominee company or a PMA company? Have you used nominees that you know? Or gone through a company that supplies a professional Director and Comissioner for a yearly fee? Otherwise for a PMA company has anyone...
  2. M

    Starting a 100% Foreign owned PMA

    Hello, we are looking to start up a 100% foreign owned PMA for a new business. This business will be a small scale guesthouse with 10 rooms. We would like to invest 100.000 US$ for this. We read it's getting more complicated to achieve this with only this small investment, that you...
  3. balinews

    Tax Amnesty Exceeds Expectations

    Taxpayers in Indonesia waited until the last minute - as taxpayers everywhere often do. But enough of them responded to a new tax amnesty over the last few days to help make it a relative success as the first phase of the scheme came to a close yesterday. As of 8pm in Jakarta, Indonesians...
  4. M

    Tax Amnesty For Trustees?

    By searching the archives I failed to come up with this specific topic. It seems that Indonesian citizens have been offered a tax amnesty on property acquired between 1985 and 2015 that they have not previously declared as taxable, and if they pay up by the end of September 2016 will only have...
  5. spicyayam

    Fictitious mortgage

    I wonder if they are talking about the usual fake mortgages people use for nominee agreements here:
  6. Markit

    Legal Nominee Agreements Anyone?

    Over the years I've had to listen time and again to some supercilious asshole know-it-alls (other than me) telling us all how generally stupid, illegal and unenforceable the favored "nominee" land purchase agreement is. I would love to hear their explanation of this case...
  7. J

    Land sale - Buyer and seller tax if nominee does NOT change

    Hi guys, Anyone know or have experience of transferring beneficial ownership of property (land or land + buildings) between Bule? My logic tells me that whilst the Nominee and Bule agreements have to be unwound, there is no transfer of true ownership (the Indonesian), no notification to...
  8. Markit

    This Get's Pinned to the Fridge

    This appeared in the latest Bali News Online Edition and I just needed to pinch myself for all the goodies it holds: Actor Handed Losing Script Australian...
  9. spicyayam

    K3NI nominee crisis seminar

    Did anyone go to this seminar yesterday? INDONESIAN NOMINEE CASES SEMINAR: Nominee Problems? Nominee Solutions! | K3NI – Bali
  10. K

    Pondok wisata thread #437

    So, here is the latest in the long line of pondok wisata threads... after 18 months of half heartedly trying to sort this out I am now getting serious. Our situation is that we have a 4 bdr lease in Sanur and are trying to regularise our affairs here to rent out our house when we are not...
  11. davita

    Clarity on owning property in Republic of Indonesia.

    There are many threads on the above subject but, imo, have been unclear and sometimes too complex for newcomers to the forum to absorb. I'll attempt a minimal explanation from my authority implied. 1. I believe it is well known that foreigners (WNA) cannot own land in...
  12. balinews

    Trouble in paradise

    The story sounds Kafkaesque. Susi Johnston has lost everything; her beloved husband, their $3 million Bali home, the peaceful retirement she had planned. Johnston, and her late husband, Bruno Piazza, had poured their dreams and life savings into a spectacular modernist villa near the coastal...
  13. G

    Any updates regarding Hal Milik to Hak Pakai conversion.

    Does anyone out there have knowledge of any recent transactions involving Notaries processing Hal Milik to Hak Pakai? I am currently in a Nominee fee simple land situation. My Nominee and I have a good relationship that has been going on for more than 6 years. Because of recent statements by...
  14. spicyayam

    Has the dust settled on foreign property owern

    It would be interesting to hear people's thoughts on this article: Source: Yes, the author is a property agent, but it is interesting there has been no further updates from the government about this issue, since it was first raised in March this year...
  15. spicyayam

    Nominee cases in the courts

    It seems like nominee and mixed marriage cases are going to the courts now and the judges are enforcing the laws. Can't say much about it now, but will hopefully be able to post more information soon.
  16. balinews

    Accused murderer to change religion to save inheritance

    An Indonesian woman accused of ordering the murder of her wealthy Australian husband is claiming to be of another religion so she won't lose her inheritance, a lawyer says. Noor Ellis is facing charges carrying the death penalty after allegedly paying her maid's boyfriend to kill Robert...
  17. Smoke

    Workshop/Forum - "The Nominee Crisis" and Land Law for Foreigners

    Thursday March 26th A half-day program led by conscientious and knowledgeable lawyers, notaries, academics and property advisors . Informative, interactive, and solution-oriented. Matters that until now have seemed murky and uncertain will be clarified, and options for a smooth...
  18. S

    Happy End?

    To all of you old-timer, newcomer, longterm-residents, always-came-back-tourists.... I'm keen to know : do you think that this country heading into the right direction? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Bureaucracy getting more efficient? (too many government staff pretending to work...
  19. Markit

    Leave Your HOPE at the Immi Desk

    BBC News - Indonesia approves corruption suspect as police chief Anyone really, really surprised?
  20. davita

    Nominees and taxes.

    Was having a beerx3 yesterday with some realtor buddies so the conversation got around to the nominee structure. I was surprised to learn that some realtor office (WNI) staff have 'numerous' nominee villas under their name. My pals tell me the nominee normally get 1% on both purchase and sale...