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  1. R

    Im looking to purchase a top end didgeridoo

    I am travelling to bali in march staying in seminyak. I am a didgeridoo enthusiast and keen on purcbasing a balinese made top end didgeridoo (not a cheap bamboo one) as the balinese are renowned for their woodwork and art i would love to add one to my collection. Any pointers on Where to look...
  2. A

    Brief intro and Beer question

    Hi New to the forum I’ve been living in Bali a while now currently in my second year in a rented cottage at Legian. I get back to Australia every 2-3 months for a couple of weeks working some of the festivals – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Canberra etc. Spend a bit of time in north Bali...
  3. spicyayam

    We are bored

    This reminded me of all the people who said they were going to leave America if Trump won the election but then they never do.
  4. S

    Why Aussies love to go to Bali

    My daughters birthday tomorrow and my wife has a day off so I thought I might book a room in Southport for one night and take the girls to Seaworld. If I want anything half decent, I'll have to pay at least $500, just for the room. $500 for a very ordinary room with a couple of beds and no...
  5. Fred2

    Motor Bikes

    I'm thinking of buying a new bike, looking at the Nmax or PCX. Markit has had a good run out of his Nmax, anyone had a good run with there PCX ?
  6. spicyayam

    Different reactions to terror threats

    It is interesting the reaction in the Australian media when a terror attack is found in Australia itself. In Melbourne a planned attack was found yesterday and the police have "urged" people to go about their business. Seven arrested as police foil planned Christmas Day terror attack in...
  7. begonia

    I went to Lottle Mart last week and it was not a very nice experience

    I use to buy things in Lotte Mart two or three times per a year and until now it has been good, but I haven't been there for almost six months and I went last week. My personal experience it was really bad and I got a little bit stress, many things didn't have price or the shelves were emthy, or...
  8. Y

    I Hear You Knocking but You Can't Come In

    Here’s a story fresh from last night - 03 SEP 2016. Givens: I am in a Hotel on Bali for a few nights. I was quite tired upon arrival. There are loads of Chinese in this Hotel at the moment. Event: OK – got here, got a Club sandwich, went through a process to get Outlook to work...
  9. Mark

    Outdoor bathrooms?

    Planning a villa now and interested to hear opinions on indoor vs. outdoor bathrooms in Bali - by outdoor I mean covered by a roof and with appropriate privacy measures but otherwise open to nature. Have stayed in places with both and can see the only advantage of an outdoor bathroom to be...
  10. Markit

    Bulk buying

    Just paid 2juta for 50 kilos of chlorine for the pool and was wondering if anyone knows where I can bulk buy it better? I'm not really after cheaper, that would of course be nice but I get these really sturdy and well made plastic buckets (see picture) every time that I'd like to stop getting...
  11. spicyayam

    A nice article for anyone in a mixed marriage with kids

    So what I've learnt from this is that, it's hard to feel like you belong, if you're constantly feeling like you're different. What I originally thought as feeling trapped, was in fact, the opposite. I was too free. I had separated my two worlds and when I tied them together, I finally understood...
  12. admin

    New newsletter

    The weekly newsletter has been relaunched - sign up here: It is being sent out by Mailchimp and gives a nice summary of the latest posts. Any feedback, post it here.
  13. spicyayam

    Video: Bali airport taxi drivers not happy with Uber drivers
  14. spicyayam

    France tragedy

    It' getting scary to turn on the news in the morning. Nice, France, truck attack kills 73, official tells French TV -
  15. spicyayam

    Your thoughts

    We had a pembantu for around four years. She just left us recently. She had been with us since our son was born and was a huge help when our second child came along. She was a great worker and a nice person to have around. Things changed when she started dating one of our staff. He is about 10...
  16. ronb

    Unlimite KITAP

    Just for your info, I have just achieved this milestone. It consists of a letter from Immigration with the heading Permanent Stay Permit Extension, and down in the letter it says "for an indefinite period". With it comes a KITAP card that says "Date to Report" is 5 years from now. Likewise...
  17. Markit

    Mud Crabs (Live) Anyone?

    I got a friend that's trying to flog live mud crabs including delivery in the south of this island. Sizes from 350grams to 2 kilos Prices 350grams to 700 grams is Rp. 150.000, 700grams to 1 kg is Rp. 200.000 and over 1 kg is Rp. 220.000 Prices include delivery and the promise that deaders...
  18. SHoggard

    More Bali Rubbish

    Ok the Huff Post is renowned for its lightweight reporting but..... need I say more "When most of us think of Bali, a sense of wanderlust immediately overtakes us, right? We imagine our toes sinking into soft, white sand and hair blowing in a warm breeze as we gaze out into the tropical...
  19. N

    Indonesian gratitude

    Had a new neighbour move in couple of weeks ago,he is renting,before actually moving in he had his ac guy come by and top up his units with freon,i was sitting outside when they arrived, Two guys on a motorcycle,a cylinder of freon and no ladder,i watched in amazement as one guy was trying to...
  20. Markit

    Rice, Anyone?

    Not my usual controversial, boring or cutting-edge commentary but nevertheless massively important to those that can't stand the stodgy, sticky glued together, tasteless mess that the Balinese/Indonesians call rice. Take a cup (any size container) of the local rice - don't do nuthing to it but...