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  1. OrangeDragon

    Former expat in Asia returning for a vacation... looking for tips/suggestions.

    Hey all, and thanks to the admins for approving me and managing this forum. As the title says, former expat. Lived in Cambodia for around 3 years, got married, got divorced, started one of these expat forums myself, sold my half to my partner, moved back home. It was a wonderful wild...
  2. C

    SosBud Visit Visa extensions

    Hello. Currently doing research about how to spend a year or two in Bali and have found that the SosBud visa would be an option. Don't understand why do people have to waste time every month to go to the office (or multiple times with a week between), but I guess that's how inefficient and...
  3. I

    Windsurfing in Bali

    Hi folks - newbie here. The other half and I hope to spend a year here, me on business, she a teacher. I'm a windsurfer back home (UK) but Bali does not have much of a reputation for windsurfing so was expecting to make do with surfing instead. however, whilst perusing the multiple (and very...
  4. B

    Newbie introduction

    Hi Guys, thank you for allowing me to join your forum, have had fun reading through a lot of the threads already even if the information is now a couple of years old lol. Hubby and I are planning (with good management and luck) to move over in about 18months time :), with our next visit next...
  5. D

    Building costs - access lane

    Hi - I'm building in Ubud and am a newbie to building and a definitely a newbie to building in Bali. I have an architect and a building contractor in mind, I'm still in the design stage but step one will be to build an access road. The access road is 40mx3m and I've been quoted 70M IDR, with...
  6. B

    Guesthouse for rent good opportunity for Bali newbie

    I intent to rent out one of my properties namely a 14 room property fully equipped and already trading, so for anyone looking to walk in and start trading from day one here is a low cost low risk chance. It is located right in the heart of Kuta and a 2 min walk to the beach and one min to the...
  7. S

    Expats living in Karangasem Region

    Markit, maybe you can answer my question of approx how many expats living in your region? And any details about them ie;rent, own a nominee etc? And also is the region SAFE,robberies of premises etc?
  8. L

    New member!!

    I'm a newbie too. I am sure we will be taken care of here. I am so glad to join this forum. I have a massive interest in getting information. The purpose of joining this forum is to learn more things from this community and share what I know. I hope you like to tell me about something in this forum.
  9. Q

    Beach volleyball practices

    hello, i will be staying in bali this fall and me and my friends are wanting to do as much beach-volleyball training as possible. with this i mean both doing drills and or playing games. competitive 2 vs 2 beach volleyball, no 8 vs 8 ball shuffling. however we are a little bit short of people...
  10. N

    Another question on schools for a newbie

    :adoration:Hi all, Ive been trying to read through others posts to try and get the info that i require but thought it easier if i post my own questions...Thanks in advance to those who take the time to reply :) My hubbys new business in Bali will see us relocating in the next 4 months, so...
  11. G

    Extended stay in bali.... Advice/info request

    Hi Newbie here... I seem to have an overwhelming desire to have a slightly extended stay in Bali, so that my husband, our 5 yo dtr and I can immerse ourselves in the language and culture as best we can. We would be looking only at one Australian school terms worth, so about 10-12 weeks-ish...
  12. L

    Hello from a newbie

    Hi everyone, Thank you for having me within your community. I went to Bali for the first time 2 months ago and went again there a month ago. It was a wonderful experience to me. Unfortunately, I did not have time to stay long (only for the week end), as I was working in another place in...
  13. V


    Hi folks, I'm a newbie like a baby in this forum, nice to meet you guys all. Just wondering if anyone knows and familiar with current land price on West Tabanan area (Kaba2/Buwit area in more specific)? especially those land with both river views and paddy rice field? I do have a...
  14. M

    Company formation, six questions.

    Hi, I need to create a wholesale company. What is the aprox formation cost? Who is going to do it, notaris, lawyer or accountant ? Goods will be imported, do i need need to apply for a separate import licence? (eg in some countries a wholesale co, in not allowed to import) I dont need a...
  15. J

    newbie from Perth

    Hi everyone What brings me to this forum. Well my wife and i currently have our business 's and property's for sale in Perth. We are planning once sold to relocate to Bail or Thailand. We travel several times a year to both country's with 3 trips this year to bail. So what we are looking...
  16. A

    Hiii guys! Newbie from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia checking in :)

    Hey guys! I recently travelled to Bali for the first time on a holiday and fell in love with the island. Found this forum while searching for rental properties as i intend on returning very soon for a much more extended holiday lol. Do have a couple of questions but they can wait for now...
  17. A

    Hi Everone, Moving to Bali...... and info???

    Hi, I'm a newbie to all of this, and this is my first post. my name is Adam, and I'm moving to Bali in about 2 months to work, I'll be moving to the Seminyak region. if anyone has any useful info or tips for Bali life i would be most appreciated. I'm looking at renting or buying a scooter...
  18. K

    Where to get cheap crockery and kitchen goods

    Hi everyone, newbie here...just in the process of moving to Bali part time. We have sourced most of our needs but can't seem to find crockery, utensils etc at reasonable prices (they are cheaper in Perth) can anyone help???
  19. C

    Newbie to Bali arriving soon to teach at English Town (online school) - reviews?

    Hello, I am shortly to arrive in Bali, and intending to go and teach for a while at English Town. I have done much reading up on how to survive on the low pay, (though further comments welcome), my question is really whether anyone has good or bad things to say about the School itself and...
  20. I

    New Visa Regulation????

    My visa agent has just informed me that it is no longer possible to do the one day Singapore run to process either a KITAS or SOSBUD. Indonesian immigration are now insisting on seeing an exit stamp showing you are no longer in Indonesia before they will process, meaning we now have to stay our...