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  1. W

    not sure what to do !!

    hi guys new guy here. just looking at my options. 43yrs old originally from birmingham uk.... have been living in australia WA for the last 5 years. but due to my 457 visa ive been struggling for work. (mechanic) and now ive got immigration on my ass. if they cancel my visa want to have a...
  2. J

    Bikini Party

    I know most of you, the majority probably, hate the Seminyak scene. However as a new single guy, I booked my ticket for the Ku De Ta bikini party on Saturday. 650k is so expensive. Just wondering if any of you are going? Please pm, would be good to meet and chat.
  3. balinews

    The Battle to Save Bali - SBS Documentary

    As we continue to shiver through winter, you can be excused for thinking a short holiday somewhere warmer would be a good idea. Well, why not Bali? As David O'Shea reports, that tropical island that so many Australians love is now so popular that, according to many of the locals, their very way...
  4. A

    First post

    Hi everyone, Hope to be on Bali later this year for a few months, I have found this forum invaluable and I've only been lurking for 2 days. Hopefully I will be able to contribute our experiences finding accommodation and getting to know the ropes later this his year.
  5. Markit

    Dead On Arrival - Bali/Indonesian Traffic

    A friend of mine, we'll call her Slicky, was involved in every drivers worst nightmare 2 weeks ago in Denpasar. I have her permission to report this. Slicky was just getting out of her nice white car parked on the left-hand side of the road. She says she only opened the driver's side door a...
  6. P

    Building requirements in Bali

    Hi all We have just purchased some land in Jimbaran and now wish to get some drawings done and then build. The problem that we have encountered at this stage is the cost of Architectural and drafting services, and the cost of the many different sub-disciplines under the umbrella of "building...
  7. balinews

    Bali expat family among Malaysian flight victims

    A husband and wife and their infant daughter were among the victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, which crashed in battle-torn east Ukraine Thursday. Yodricunda Theistiasih, a native of Ambon, left the Netherlands aboard the ill-fated plane with her Dutch husband Arnoud Huizen and their...
  8. S

    Payment for caretaker

    Would like opinions on the payment for a caretaker for my private villa. I am considering offering him and his family a house so he can reside on site and then look after the pool, garden and security.
  9. R

    IMB Rumah Tinggal versus Pondok Wisata

    Hi - I am new to this forum, but have lived in Karangasem district for nearly 10 years. I had lived in a rented home for 7 years, then decided to build a home in Kubu 3 years ago. We (wife and I, both expats retired) live in our home 6-7 months per year. We don't ever rent our home, nor do we...
  10. Markit

    Condominium just a Small Condom?

    As it's now beginning to look like Widodo may possibly have won the election you may have seen these articles printed elsewhere concerning his election promise to allow 100% foreign ownership of condominium apartments. I also believe that the intention was voiced about a year ago somewhere else...
  11. M

    Housesitting/Communal Living/work exchange

    I am ideally looking for a communal living situation for my son and I near Kerobokan. Does anyone know of such a situation? Or even an eco-stay place geared for tourists that might be open to longer term residents (for less money or some work exchange)? I'd also be interested in housesitting...
  12. S

    Seeking retirement advice

    Hi to all the expats in Bali. Have been sent to this site to find out from you all just what to expect from retiring in Bali. Am a 67yr young single male retired businessman who was about to retire in Thailand but was advised to check out the possibilities of doing so in Bali. Tired of the rat...
  13. O

    Spouse KITAS how to ...!!??

    Hi How complicated is to get KITAS since I am married to Indonesian over a year already .. and I am still on SOS budaya (social visa) .. I am living like that on Bali ... i found it more easier to fly out re-apply for sos budaya and then extend 4 more months ! I asked in Immigration .. and...
  14. Markit

    Geee Whiz!! That Can't be Right?!!?

    This should raise a smile - the new immigrations charges. Please, please tell me where I can get these? Has anyone heard of the Electronic Visa??? VISA Charges to Foreign Nationals Visitor Visa (VOA) for 30-days Issued on arrival $35. Visitor Visa (Visa Kunjungan) $50. Multiple Entry Visitor...
  15. C

    Good place to settle as an expat

    Moving to Bali in Sept with my young family & would like some tips about where would be a good area to start out? Canggu etc? Thank you
  16. M

    Owning a motor bike

    I have been living in Bali for 3 years and have a KITAS. In this time I have purchased 2 new motor bikes ............. No problem. Now I am told by the people at Astra that I can't buy a new bike with a KITAS. Apa ??????
  17. G

    Retirement KITAS and property purchase

    Greetings to all Forum fellow-members, I haven't logged in to this Forum since April. I tried to look for previous posts regarding the subject of my post this time. But I couldn't find any. So I need help from you folks if you can reply with links to such posts that I can visit. I've been...
  18. P

    Looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom close to Tuban for 3 months from Jan 2015

    Hi, I'm looking at staying in Bali for 3 months from January 2015. It will be my first attempt at living in Bali for an extended stay. I have a Balinese girlfriend that I am crazy about and I want to take the first steps to be by her side. I will be visiting Bali in September for 3 weeks so I...
  19. A

    50 and up crowd in Ubud

    Would love to connect with those living in Ubud in the general range of 50 and up.
  20. balinews

    Amazed by the Green School

    I was fortunate enough recently to visit Bali. I expected all the usual – sun, sand, sightseeing. What I didn't expect was an epiphany about how my daughters were being educated – or miseducated. An excursion to the Green School in Ubud amazed and inspired me – particularly as I watch my 12...