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  1. Markit

    Bamboo is the Future of Easy Ownership in Bali

    When(not if) I build again here in Bali it will look like this: Exploring Bali's enchanting bamboo village - Images I will lease some land for 30 years, include the option and price of the re-lease for a further 30 years and the following 20 in with the contract. Have it notarized, translated...
  2. D

    Bridge collapsed

    Just heard that a bridge on the road from Denpasar to Gilimanuk collapsed partly. Don't know details but if you have to go to the harbor better get info first.
  3. L

    prefabricated structures prices?

    Hi anybody dealt with prefabricated structures here? I am searching for prices and options (materials). Thanks !
  4. balinews

    15 foreigners arrested for illegal photo shoot in Canggu villa

    The Ngurah Rai Immigration Office has arrested 15 foreigners for violating immigration regulations by conducting a photo shoot in a villa in Canggu, Badung, Bali. The 15 foreigners, consisting of 11 Americans and four Canadians, were arrested while doing the photo shoot. “They conducted a...
  5. S

    Bali to enforce new smoking law . . . after 6 months to a year

    Think Twice Before Lighting Up on Denpasar?s Smoke-Free Streets: Mayor - The Jakarta Globe Of course they will enforce the new law, as they enforce ALL laws. Sometime after "6 months or a year", perhaps after 2050. Article stated that the government is concerned about their children's health...
  6. Markit

    Bread Maker Advise Please

    Am thinking about importing one of those small bread making machines from Europe and I would appreciate any information as to how well or not they work here, access to good flour and grains, voltage problems, etc. Basically if you use one what is your experience with them. Cheers Markit
  7. Joe Writeson

    The Topic of Cancer - vaguely relevant to life on Bali

    The Topic of Cancer | Indonesia Expat Link to Indonesia Expat website and published magazine article.
  8. O

    Flooring for a mezzanine?

    Sorry, I wasn't sure where to post this. I have recently moved into a house in Seminyak. The previous owners were using the space under the roof as an office and had installed a floor and a ladder, as well as lighting etc. I can see the lights up there but the landlord tells us they took the...
  9. S

    Where to buy transformer for Canadian blender?

    We recently moved to Bali from Canada and my wife brought her Vitamix blender. It's 120 voltage, 50/60 hz, 11.5 amps. Can anyone suggest a shop that sells voltage transformers? I've done tons of Google searches, as well as searches on this forum, and have found nothing. Before anyone...
  10. B

    extremely high electricty bill 2.5 million for 2 weeks!

    We moved from Ubud to Canggu about 2 weeks ago and we just had the electricity man come around give us a bill for 2.5million for 2 weeks and then turned off our electricity when I said to wait for the manager to come down. By the time he did come down it was too late to call them so we had no...
  11. D

    hi from melbourne

    hi there my name is dave i am an annual traveller to the island and have been on and off since i was a kid. i discovered this forum via google after trying to find some answers. mostly old and outdated info. i am going to ubud, to get out of the more touristy spots. having been last year...
  12. L

    I'm guessing Nyepi is finished then...

    The ice cream man just went past. I hope bakso man is next!
  13. S

    Banjar. What needs to be paid to them and what amounts to pay?

    As all people living (or havong a property) in the area the Banjar supervises, their are things that need to be paid and also demands for donations for celebrations and stuff. Up till now, I never had to deal with this, as this was taken care of for me, but as from now, I have to take care...
  14. C

    5K Oceans

    Magic in Bali to me is finding a clean part of the Ocean, getting harder and harder these days, and pointing a camera lump at it. Hoping this will soon take a monumental leap in image quality soon with a RED Epic Camera that shoots at five times the current HD standard. Currently in the...
  15. S

    Searching for an electrical components shop?

    I'm looking for a shop selling electrical components (waterproof connection boxes). My garden lighting is done with electrical connections, sealed with tape. Most people will know that's not really watertight and of course when it rains, my electric fuses jump as it causes short circuits...
  16. davita

    Ceiling Fan

    Anybody know where to buy a typical Bali-look ceiling fan in Bali. I'm thinking of wooden blades maybe with rattan inserts. Any other ideas on a ceiling fan that could make my villa decor more Balinese would be welcome. I"ve tried all the usual outlets like Ace, Depok Bunganan, Micro etc. but...
  17. C

    Help wanted for outside lighting

    We are looking for some outside solar or rechargeable lighting that are shaped like rocks. We've seen some rock type ones in Santai, Sunset Road but they are mega bucks and we need a few. Does anyone know where we can buy any that are a reasonable price? Thanks!
  18. B

    Camera equipment / filming shorts in Bali

    Hello all... I have a question about filming a sequence of short videos while I am in Bali. The last time I was there I met a fellow who was filming a documentary. Anyway I am wondering about equipment. High quality video camera and wireless mic is as much as I need. Wonder if anyone has...
  19. M

    Garden lighting

    I've just moved into my villa in Petitenget .... the garden is beautiful but at night it would look even better if there was perimeter lighting. Does anyone have any recommendations as to who might do this? Based on an actual experience would be even better :icon_smile: Thanks Michael
  20. C

    Experience to share

    Just on the verge of completing our small resort and had lots of experiences on the way, some good and some not so good! Willing to share with anyone who is thinking of doing similar. Found some great genuine suppliers especially for lighting, terrazo, rattan, soft furnishings etc offering...