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  1. A

    Brief intro and Beer question

    Hi New to the forum I’ve been living in Bali a while now currently in my second year in a rented cottage at Legian. I get back to Australia every 2-3 months for a couple of weeks working some of the festivals – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Canberra etc. Spend a bit of time in north Bali...
  2. T

    Would Like to Interview Some Expats

    Hi, I’m a writer for International Living Magazine and International Living Australia. I am coming to Bali next month to research and write a series of articles about living and retiring in Bali. I’m hoping to meet up with some expats from the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand who are...
  3. J

    Turkish bread baking here in Bali

    We are baking authentic turkish bread here in Bali +62 858 47137369 and delivering to Kuta, Seminyak, Changu, Legian, Denpasar and Sanur. Pitta bread and pizza base also available. We are on Facebook as Turkish Bread Factory Bali and based in Renon. Admin please delete if not allowed. Thank you...
  4. G

    How to become protestant before getting married ? Church needed in Legian ?

    Hi everyone, I have no religion that I practice but I am Muslim born I would say and want to marry my Protestant Indonesian girlfriend. I will be the one to convert to protestant, and need to find a church that would help me on the process of convertion get the paper to attest that I am...
  5. N

    Local Guides

    Hi All, I am coming to Bali with the other half for a week. We normally go to Thailand and have used the expat forum there for great advice. Figure the Bali one would be the same. My brother was in Bali about a year ago and hired a local he met outside his hotel to show him and his family...
  6. T

    Does this plan stand up to scrutiny

    Hi, Reformed lurker here and first posting to a very useful forum. I appreciate all the information shared publically by the members. It has been helpful in planning for my imminent retirement to Bali. By way of background I lived before in Bali in the early 90s (Legian area) and have returned...
  7. klaatu

    Public phones

    Does anyone know where there is a phone that I can use to make an international reverse charge call (bloody banks and their security codes) Denpasar/Kuta area hopefully? Post offices had them once or do they still? Thanks in advance
  8. M

    lawyer in ubud

    Has anyone had any successful experience with a lawyer in Ubud? Am seeking a lawyer, not a notaris, and can find nothing in or near Ubud in previous posts. Thanks
  9. balinews

    Bali's coldest beer

    The promise of the 'coldest Bintang in Bali' could be enough to fill Sheppy's on any given day, but it's the Collie couple's warm Aussie embrace of the Balinese culture in that busy Legian Street that keeps tourists flocking back. On a weekend in February, when the monsoon season sees...
  10. K

    125cc or 150cc?

    Looking to buy a new scooter, figured a Vario is probably the best choice, but now doubting between the 125cc and 150cc. What are your opinions is the 150cc worth the 3jt extra? Right now I have a very old vario 125cc rental bike without the idling stop system. I mostly use it for driving...
  11. Apocalypse69

    Tips for driving in Bali

    How do you guys (and girls) stop yourself from getting stressed while driving over here? I’m mostly referring to Monday night when the Balinese closed most of the streets with temples in, causing havoc around here. I guess a notice on the streets to be closed a few days before is a little too...
  12. davita

    Bali Map

    Matsaleh kindly PM'd me to locate a store using her Google street maps. I thought it useful to link here (I'm sure Mats wont mind) for those finding their way around Bali....and a lot of fun to use. https://www.instantstreetview.com/ I used it just now to (digitally) walk from Hard Rock to...
  13. I

    Windsurfing in Bali

    Hi folks - newbie here. The other half and I hope to spend a year here, me on business, she a teacher. I'm a windsurfer back home (UK) but Bali does not have much of a reputation for windsurfing so was expecting to make do with surfing instead. however, whilst perusing the multiple (and very...
  14. M

    New Taxi Service in Bali

    It is called "Grab Taxi" and can easily be ordered with a smartphone. Look in the playstore for "Grab Taxi Bali", download the app and register. I tried it today for the first time and was really impressed. The price was half of a metered taxi, the drivers have GPS so there is no trouble finding...
  15. B

    Area Classification

    In a previous post it was suggested that Sanur is for the more 'mature age' expats. I would imagine everyone has their own view on what area attracts what style of people. Soo, share with me your view on Sanur, Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua etc, I am interested in your take on it :) Please
  16. Steve Rossell

    Best swell of the year in Bali.

    Just for those interested the best swell to hit Bali this year and maybe the last couple started pounding the Bukit this morning. I am still a few days away from leaving Oz and have been checking the live web cam, provided by Bali Belly, at Bingin periodically throughout today. It is a glorious...
  17. S

    Moving to Bali for a year

    Hello all, First let me kick my first post of with a big thank you for answering many questions through various dates and posts. There is alot of misconception and direction.... its just great to hear from real stories. I suppose where i am at is I am looking to rent a villa for a year within...
  18. I

    what do you do when...

    The taxi driver taking you home falls asleep for a moment, the taxi swerves and nearly hits a motorbike, but he comes to just it time to prevent a disaster.? Report the driver? Get angry and make a fuss? Refuse to pay? Just pay and ignore it the most common Indonesian way?
  19. Rangi

    Family searching for their son in Gili Trawangan

    http://beatmag.com/daily/family-searching-for-their-son-in-gili-trawangan/ Sounds like the Kid took to much drugs.
  20. balinews

    Australian man falls into Bali sewer

    A MELBOURNE grandfather who fell neck-deep into a sewer in Bali is battling a serious infection after his holiday turned into a nightmare. Adrian Kellerman, 69, is on an antibiotic drip at Peninsula Private Hospital to heal a deep wound on his right leg, which he received when he fell into a...