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  1. M

    lawyer in ubud

    Has anyone had any successful experience with a lawyer in Ubud? Am seeking a lawyer, not a notaris, and can find nothing in or near Ubud in previous posts. Thanks
  2. no.idea

    Things I know NOT to do in Bali.

    Now I am aware that running a bar in Bali is pretty well a way to lose money. However I have a rental house in a small road in Sanur. This road has 5 bars and the bars are popular for various different reasons. The house I have is on 7 are of land and is on the west side of the road. This is...
  3. T

    Do I have to pay full amount upfront for villa rental?

    Hello to you all! Can anyone give me their advice / personal experience on paying upfront for a 1 year villa rental. It isn't a new concept paying such a huge amount in one lump sum as it is done here in Dubai. However it is very easy to get burnt here too ! If it is the norm to do so...
  4. spicyayam

    Leasing a hotel in Bali

    Do you think it can be profitable leasing a hotel in Bali? What are the pros and cons?
  5. SusanSydney

    Hal milik to hak Pakai

    Hi all, Have seen somewhere on here some info about both cost and time taken to change milik to Pakai But now I can't find it. I won't be buying/leasing until four years hence but am champing at the bit so research has become a substitute for action. Asking because when I use Google...
  6. M

    The Old Balipod

    Today as usual doing some googling was referred to old Balipod posts, and was amazed at all the people that then familiar I no longer see. I for one am hoping for a return to the site that we once knew, happily contributed to, and gained from. Let's give it a renewed start!
  7. M

    non owning access?

    In complete realization that we as humble expats have no official knowledge (nor does anyone?) let me please postulate something for consideration. Let us assume we buy property from A that provides access across C's property to our Hak Pakai permitted property B. Although we have no Hak Pakai...
  8. L

    New to forum and looking for some advice please

    Hello, I am currently living in the UK, but my daughter has recently moved to Bali. We are hoping to relocate to South Lombok and also set up business there, have any of the Bali ex pats possibly moved to Lombok and be able to offer any advice on land agents covering Lombok, or even how to go...
  9. B

    Rental contract - leasing a house/villa

    Hi everyone, I'm planning a move to Bali soon and have a few questions regarding rental contracts/leases. I'd be grateful for your input. I'm presuming that after arriving in Bali, I'll look around for properties advertised online/in newspapers/posted in telegraph poles or in cafes etc, and...
  10. S


    Can anyone advise the pros and cons of a PMA, have been advised to apply for one because I am leasing my property . Also any advice on costs appreciated
  11. H

    looking for a trustworthy builder and architect in bali

    hi there - I am thinking about renting some land ( 25 yrs) about 500 sq metres in bingin/bukit area and was wondering if someone could please help me: 1) recommend a good architect 2) a builder that I can trust 3) any pitfalls or bali scams i should be aware of This is my first time...
  12. Smoke

    nominee questions

    in negotiations for a few ares of land and the structures. there is one certificate for the land. Is it possible to use 2 nomenies ? or am i causing more headaches and problems for my self ? thoughts and ideas even the reasons please no.idea yes very very near to you neighbor .(you can...
  13. T

    Hi Everyone, new to forum. Need lots of advice about Moving to Bali Please.....

    I was referred to this forum from trip advisor. So here goes.... We, meaning my family of 2 adults and 2 kids ages 5 and 15, are very seriously wanting to purchase a Villa (hopefully in Sanur area), and move to Bali from Australia. Mother-in-law will probably join us too. I am after some...
  14. S

    Building on leased land

    Two questions Firstly:when writing a leasing agreement, how do you phrase the option to extend the lease once the original term has expired? Secondly: If the lease has expired, who owns the buildings?
  15. S

    Price of land in Sideman

    Can anyone please advise me on the price of leasing land in Sideman for 25 years
  16. F

    Indonesian Property Loan (IPL)....Anyone Have Info?

    Hi in advance to all. I was wondering if anyone has heard of the Indonesian Property Loan (IPL)? A friend told me about this but I have not been able to find more information. Basically it was a loan for foreigners residing in Indonesia to help with buying a home/property. Any information...
  17. kiteman

    Cheap Airfares

    I wouldn't want to promote any airline over another but the one with the initials AA started a sale last night. Got myself a Perth to Bali ticket for Aus $120 ++. Hoping to book a return ticket when their calendar will allow me!! Two years ago I did Bali to Phuket and back at Aus$45 each way...
  18. L

    Arable land in North Bali

    Can anyone tell me the cost of arable land (suitable for growing watermelons) around Singaraja/Lovina? Also the cost of buying a young cow?
  19. A

    Leasing a villa in Bali

    Been going to Bali for years but recently am thinking about leasing a villa and renting it out as a holiday let when we are not there. If we leased a place how would that potentially work? OK I see people advertising them on Flipkey or whatever but can you technically do that legally if you...
  20. balinews

    JKT Post: Expats to get property ownership

    The government is currently revising a regulation that would enable foreigners to own property in Indonesia, says an official. The regulation, Government Regulation No. 41/1996 on residential property ownership by foreigners, as of now only enables a non-national to occupy a building or land...