1. spicyayam

    UPS fail

    I ordered some books from Amazon from a 3rd party supplier and now Amazon says they have been "lost" after arriving in Jakarta. They took quite a journey to finally get lost in Indonesia. Amazon gave a full refund but it makes you wonder what happened. Jakarta...
  2. Braveheart_shaped_box

    A great big thanks from Uncle Joe

    Joe says thanks to everyone who put these books where they are this weekend. (Note to the scumbags, these are currently on free promo on Kindle and therefore the author is NOT making any money on the ebook downloads so that means he is not working without a KITAS, and besides he wrote the...
  3. Braveheart_shaped_box

    THREE freebies from Uncle Joe ... but hurry

    FREE - GRATIS – BUGGERALL- FOR THE NEXT FIVE DAYS Warning all contain profanity and content of an adult nature. From Jarrow to Jebel Ali (on a beer bus) From Jarrow to Jebel Ali (From Jarrow to ... Book 2) eBook: Joe Writeson: Kindle Store From Jarrow to Jurong (wearing...
  4. S

    What modem/router to get

    Hi folks, My wife and I are moving to Sanur for the year this week. Our rental place has a phone line and Telkom Speedy connected already. I am waiting for detail still on what specific package/speed goes to the property currently, so I can upgrade probably. I need to purchase a wireless...
  5. Braveheart_shaped_box

    From Uncle Joe - a wee freebie

    Massive Promo | Joe Writeson – From Jarrow to … The World Some linx kindle/ebooks either free or at reduced rates.
  6. Gozer

    I need help with kindle issues

    I searched the forum but didn't come up with any answers. Basically, my kindle died on me and I need a kindle. It isn't even a want sort of thing it is a need like food and water. Anyway, I manage a work around on the ip issues by just connecting to my brothers account and paying him to buy me...
  7. spicyayam

    Kindle tip

    It seems like Amazon "opened" a site for Australia and the first thing I realized is that many titles suddenly became unavailable for purchase. To workaround the problem, there is an address field in "manage your kindle" which it seems like you can enter any address and is separate from your...
  8. T

    Best Library in Denpassar

    Is there a big library in Denpasar perhaps at one of the universities? It doesn't need to have English titles since I'm looking for books on music composition which can generally be figured out just by the music notation.
  9. W

    Kindle wanted

    does anyone have a kindle for sale? just basic model is fine, e-ink would be a bonus. I have Kindle for PC on my laptops, but I would prefer something I can carry around with me.
  10. G

    E-Reader ????

    Does anyone know where I can get one in Bali ????
  11. C

    what do we bring to bali with us?

    We are moving to Bali shortly to open a new small 6 villa resort. We are coming from the u.k. and although we are bringing only a handful of personal items with us, we still need them shipped. As we are doing that, is there anything we should bring with us for ourselves or our resort ie. items...
  12. RhysG

    Its Saraswati today

    om swastiastu and selamat pagi every one (may god belss u and good morning) I would just like to share some information i know on Sarawati on of the important celebration to the Balinese hope you enjoy Take the day off from work or learning, no books must be opened! The Saraswati...
  13. R

    Second hand book shops

    I am an avid reader and find that if I frequent one shop, my choices are frequently consumed, way too fast. I am staying in Seminyak and prefer, currently, the outlet at Bintang super market mall.
  14. D

    Book junkie buying used books in good condition

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right thread or not. Furthermore I am new to the forum. I am a book junkie building a private library. My collection is currently meager and new books at periplus are very expensive. If you know where I can get good books at more reasonable prices, or for some...