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  1. hadodi

    Not happy with police help

    I reported few months ago a fraud and embezzlement. Just few days ago I received a litter from the officer who handled the case that there was no criminal case... He adviced that I could complain. With whom? Him! Does somebody similar experience? What tomdo?
  2. A

    Visa / what is considered working and so needs an special visa

    Hi everybody After visiting Bali 2 month a year for almost 20 years, I am finally trying to turn a page and move to Bali where I wanted to be for many years. I am very thankful for this blog as it has provided me with lots of info during the years. Thanks everybody for keeping it rolling. I...
  3. Markit

    Cured Bamboo Needed

    Does anyone have a Bali source for cured (treated with borax) bamboo. My usual source has dried up and I need about 10 stems each of blond and black.
  4. Markit

    IDR 14,600 today 15,000 When?

    About a year ago I said I'd eat my sandal if the Rupe didn't hit 15,000 by Xmas. Luckily I didn't say which Xmas. Any ideas when or if? How will that affect our lives here? Will the locals eat Bule when rice hits 20K/kilo? Is it even tied to the exchange rate? What's gonna fecking happen!?
  5. K

    Good ales in Bali?

    Just moved to Bali a week or two back and looking for bars that sell good ales (as opposed to lagers). So far I’ve come across Cat and Fiddle, and Wicked Parrot … both in Sanur, also Echo Beach Bar … all three (as well as I think, Plumbers Arms) have draught Kilkenny but that’s all. I’m...
  6. Rangi

    Australian man beaten in Ubud

    Australian man beaten in Ubud | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily Bloody hell this gave me a good laugh. The Hipsters of Canngu have a feud with the Hippies of Ubud. The witness Moon Shadow seems credible. The Hippies won on this day.
  7. balinews

    Australian loses $350K in Bali villa robbery

    The Birthday celebrations of Melbourne property developer David Deague have been soured by a gang of thieves who stole $350,000 worth of goods from an exclusive Balinese resort. The heist included jewellery, watches, cash, cameras and other electrical items that were taken on June 3 from the...
  8. BoogeyWoman

    Troubled ex employee trying to ransacking my business

    it started when we employed a young girl, she went missing with our store keys and a small amount of money, which we didnt really care to make a police report. Like many companies in Indonesia, we have agreement for all employees who take cash daily is to have their school certificate as...
  9. emilylipp

    House Cleaners

    Can anybody recommend any one or company that would clean my house (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom) in Canggu for a good price (one-off clean)? I've been told 100,000 is a good price. My house is not big. I live among locals in a small local style house and it's certainly no villa! I'd really...
  10. M

    business card printing and tshirt printing

    Hi could anyone recommend any places to have business cards printed tags for jewellery and basic tshirt printing?thanks in advance
  11. B

    Search information about gold businesses in Bali

    Hi i want open a gold businesses in Bali any information will help my new adventure.
  12. balinews

    Garbage scavenger returns gold jewelry to owner

    A young scavenger named Ahmad found three boxes of gold dumped in the back of a garbage truck in Denpasar, Bali, on Tuesday. Rather than selling the gold, he insisted on returning it to its owner. Ahmad reported his finding to his boss, Made Raka, and they decided to wait until the owner...
  13. S

    I really want to be legal to work but???

    Here's a little niche I've been thinking about. Wife and me want to export common art objects (jewelry, stone and wood carvings and similar to the U.S.). Big problem is I don't see any visa available that is a legal option for us. My wife would also like to open a shop to sell her craft...
  14. RhysG

    whats so taboo about tattoos ?

    whats so taboo about tattoos ? why do you like or dislike them ? if you have any what are they and do the have any meaning behind it?
  15. L


    A friend is looking for a silversmith within the Ubud region who works from home and does high quality individually designed cast silver jewellery. She is not interested in buying from a retail outlet as she would like to ensure the artist gets the maximum remuneration for his work. Can anyone...
  16. K

    Wh to find black and white Balinese photographic artworks

    Hi, I have googled this but haven't had any luck finding what I'm after. I've seen them hanging on walls in upmarket villas on the net. The photos are black & white, minimalist in style, usually close-ups of Balinese people. They're quite stark and plain but stunning. I guess the photos are...
  17. balinews

    Foreigners targeted in Bali crime spree

    Police in Bali have warned of a worrying spike in crimes targeting foreigners on the resort island, following the stabbing of a British tourist early on Wednesday. John Keith Winson, 59, was stabbed during a break-in at his rented villa in South Kuta. It was the fourth burglary in the area in...
  18. F

    Silver Smith needed

    Hello Everybody! I am looking for a silversmith in Bali. I have some designs I would like to produce there. Does anyone know a good one? By the way, how much does a silversmith receive per month? I know the salary is not good there. I lived in Bali in 1997 and I used to pay US$ 30/month to...
  19. triggywiggy

    Helping the poor?

    I Dont Know If this is the correct place to post this but it seems to happen to mostely tourists so i will post it here. When im in bali most of the time walking in the street in Kuta there are normally poor people with there hands out wanting money. Now i dont know what i should do...
  20. H


    I am wanting to buy gold jewelry when i get to bali next week,does anyone have any suggestions,as there seems to be a lot of silver.