jebel ali

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  1. Braveheart_shaped_box

    THREE freebies from Uncle Joe ... but hurry

    FREE - GRATIS – BUGGERALL- FOR THE NEXT FIVE DAYS Warning all contain profanity and content of an adult nature. From Jarrow to Jebel Ali (on a beer bus) From Jarrow to Jebel Ali (From Jarrow to ... Book 2) eBook: Joe Writeson: Kindle Store From Jarrow to Jurong (wearing...
  2. Joe Writeson

    Strauss related Stress - no Bali content but links there!

    G' Day taxdodgers Ex Offshore Construction Monkey, now legless, and I mean LEGLESS... but as myself and my ilk survived for years in this metaphorical condition, life goes on, albeit from a much reduced viewpoint...advice for the young and won't live for ever...advice for the older...