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  1. Braveheart_shaped_box

    THREE freebies from Uncle Joe ... but hurry

    FREE - GRATIS – BUGGERALL- FOR THE NEXT FIVE DAYS Warning all contain profanity and content of an adult nature. From Jarrow to Jebel Ali (on a beer bus) Amazon.com: From Jarrow to Jebel Ali (From Jarrow to ... Book 2) eBook: Joe Writeson: Kindle Store From Jarrow to Jurong (wearing...
  2. Braveheart_shaped_box

    A Message of Thanks ... and Giving

    I'm passing this one on with many, mnay Thanks for the kind messages and thought that folks sent to Uncle Joe when he was back on his back in hospital. As of this morning he was given a clean bill of health and apart from the leg situation, or rather lack of, he is pretty much back to normal...
  3. Joe Writeson

    Strauss related Stress - no Bali content but links have...so there!

    G' Day taxdodgers Ex Offshore Construction Monkey, now legless, and I mean LEGLESS... but as myself and my ilk survived for years in this metaphorical condition, life goes on, albeit from a much reduced viewpoint...advice for the young and fit...you won't live for ever...advice for the older...