import duty

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  1. katherine52

    Bali Import duty & taxes for Goods

    Hello I am new here and would like some advice. I would like to send some fabric (100% cotton) to Bali maximum about 20kg and the total value including shipping (Australia post is $2000 AUD). My manufacture informed me that i may be charged duty fee 50% of the the price of the goods and...
  2. Fred2

    Motor Bikes

    I'm thinking of buying a new bike, looking at the Nmax or PCX. Markit has had a good run out of his Nmax, anyone had a good run with there PCX ?
  3. joji gulapetis

    Import Duty raised on liqour wine CHEESE and condoms (amongst others)****ya
  4. balinews

    Government proposal to punish alcohol consumption similar to drug trafficking

    A priority bill initiated by the House of Representatives has proposed banning all consumption of alcoholic beverages, with imprisonment of between three months and two years for anyone caught consuming alcohol. The bill on the prohibition of alcoholic beverages, a copy of which has been...
  5. P

    Cost of importing books into Bali?

    Anybody have experience importing books, let's say 1,000 pieces, into Bali so sale here? Or maybe somebody knows a cluey customs agent? cheers, Phil
  6. marklindsay

    Bring or buy? Macintosh Imac . monitors and gear?

    Just tyre kicking this one around.. Does anyone have an informed opinion on the benefits or otherwise of schlepping the imac , scanner, additional cinema monitors , multi ink A3+ printer etc etc ( and all the other bits that tend to hang off a pro set up? Is it advisable to toss the...
  7. A

    import and local alcohol

    Hi, can someone please tell me what kind and brends of import alcohol i can find in Bali. Best locals? I'm also interested in good cheap local wine and also imported..what's the best deal? Price list?! Thank you in advance!
  8. Q

    where to buy a bbq grill

    Hi there, I'm wondering where I can buy a decent charcoal grill, would prefer one with a lid for smoking etc, where can I buy one? There are some at Carrefour for 200k but pretty bad quality and a bit small. Don't want to spend over a million either since I'll probably only use it for a...
  9. K

    Has anyone declare money before ?

    Hello there, I would to bring about 900 million IDR into Bali from Singapore I tried contacting western union and the amount is to large to send I do not have a bank account in bali . Hence I cant transfer to that account This money is going to be use for purchasing a leasehold on a property...
  10. C

    bringing in over 100 million in foreign currency

    any members brought in large amounts of foreign cash? ...... what is the procedure, just tick the box on the customs form or are there more forms to fill out?? ...... any hassles from customs on arrival?
  11. M

    import duty

    Ok Peoples... I want to bring in a kitchen applience ($270aud) from OZ for my indo fiance next days off - can some one tell me if im up for import tax when i arrive? and if so what sort of amout or does that just depend on how good at arguing I am!!!!!!!! Been living in Bali since Oct and got...
  12. joji gulapetis

    Good news for all you plonk drinkers

    Here we have an attack on AA in Bali. For all those looking for a drop of cheap plonk. But, not having tasted it, I will leave the reviews to those experts in bacchanalian persuits. Bali News: Plaga Wine. Play.
  13. C

    Evening wave at Serangan

    Unknown Surfer Chick riding one of the last waves of her session set against the setting sun at Serangan. Whilst we may moan the water quality at times the setting never ceases to inspire... Cheers, Mark.
  14. A

    New Member Lost in the Maze

    Hi everyone.. Just joined and looking forward to tapping into your vast knowledge and assistance.. I retire in Late 2013 and seriously considering spending that retirement living in Bali.. Have travelled to Bali twice before but doing the tourist thing.... This time I need to look harder at...
  15. SHoggard

    The Absolut Conundrum

    Here's a serious question:- Where do all the Absolut vodka bottles we see at roadside stalls - filled with petrol/diesel/kerosine - come from? I'm not asking about the contents - their source should be pretty obvious... but the bottles?? Clearly there is a thriving glass bottle recycling...
  16. A

    Including alcohol in shipping container?

    Hi, my wife and I, and 2 kids are moving from LA. I will have a KITAS visa, and I am wondering will there be any issues shipping some wine with our stuff if we declare it? We have stocked up on lots of non perishable foods that the kids like and I know we can't get there - but can anyone...
  17. J

    Alcohol Importation

    Hi, I've recently moved to Bali and am considering starting a business importing wine with a view to retail sales and maybe acting as a wholesaler. It's a germ of an idea at the moment and I'm just trying to work out the hoops that need to be jumped through prior to doing anything else...
  18. L

    Import Duty for foreign travellers

    I have heard that customs officials at Bali airport are charging people import duty for their personal electronic devices. I have been living in Bangkok for six months and have bought a few things such as a 42" lcd tv, dvd, laptop and gaming console. I am going to Bali for 2 months on a 60...
  19. J

    Import Duty at Airport

    I was wondering if anybody had, or heard of, any problems at the airport regarding the new import duty on personal belongings.