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  1. Z

    Pica Fest 2016 - Bali

    We went to Pica Fest 2016 last Sunday (April 03) in Denpasar, it was only 15,000 IDR per person (no Bule price :lemo:). It's a 3 days festival of hard rock music and selling t-shirts with a Food Court and Bintangs Dingin (cold local beers). The concept is amazing, don't miss out the next Pica...
  2. D

    Bridge collapsed

    Just heard that a bridge on the road from Denpasar to Gilimanuk collapsed partly. Don't know details but if you have to go to the harbor better get info first.
  3. balinews

    Australian man found dead floating in swimming pool

    An Australian man living in Bali was found dead on Friday morning at his residence on Jl. Tungak Bingin Blok H No. 2 in Sanur, Denpasar. The body of the 64-year-old man, identified as Alistair Robert Hugh Frowde, was found floating in his swimming pool. South Denpasar Police chief Comr. Nanang...
  4. Rangi

    Random Facts

    I like random facts that I come across. So I am going to start sharing some as I come across them. I will start with a few today and add more as I come across them. The fingerprints of koala bears are virtually indistinguishable from those of humans, so much so that they can be easily...
  5. Steve Rossell

    Best swell of the year in Bali.

    Just for those interested the best swell to hit Bali this year and maybe the last couple started pounding the Bukit this morning. I am still a few days away from leaving Oz and have been checking the live web cam, provided by Bali Belly, at Bingin periodically throughout today. It is a glorious...
  6. H

    looking for a trustworthy builder and architect in bali

    hi there - I am thinking about renting some land ( 25 yrs) about 500 sq metres in bingin/bukit area and was wondering if someone could please help me: 1) recommend a good architect 2) a builder that I can trust 3) any pitfalls or bali scams i should be aware of This is my first time...
  7. kiteman

    Help Me Please!

    I guess most foreigners living here have had sickness problems over the years. I am hoping someone can offer some advice. I have been bedridden sick for several days with no noticeable improvement. I can only presume some kind of virus. I’ll document by day. Day 1 Mon Had a walk, short dip in...
  8. C

    Seedling supplier/wholesaler wanted

    Does anyone have a contact number for anyone selling fruit/vegetable seedlings wholesale or does anyone know any addresses? Thanks guys.
  9. S

    Fat and Unhealthy bastards.

    I did not see a health forum here...if one exists and powers to be wish to move it, please do so. Just for informations sake and anyone else out there having some health is my last 6 months story. I never considered myself to be overweight, a little fat in the gut area...
  10. BKT

    Snake falls through roof & regurgitated cat

    Attached below is a photo for all those who have trouble sleeping at night, apparently its a Python regurgitating a cat after it fell through the ceiling. Another snake: This thing fell through my uncle's bathroom ceiling, regurgitated his cat, then escaped back up through the roof. He lives...
  11. A

    import and local alcohol

    Hi, can someone please tell me what kind and brends of import alcohol i can find in Bali. Best locals? I'm also interested in good cheap local wine and also imported..what's the best deal? Price list?! Thank you in advance!
  12. F

    Travel shots and other health issues

    1. What shots do you recommend for Bali? I already got my Hep A/Hep B. My reading tells me that I also need typhoid. 2. Re: mosquitos day and night Do I really need to cover up completely and put DEET on my hands and face whenever I go outside? 3. My research tells me that malaria pills...
  13. S

    no Bintang

    Here in Amed where life is slow but motorbikes drive very fast, I've noted a disturbing lack of the availability of Bir Bingtang. Some folks say 'factory broken' another man told me locals don't want to pay a price increase. An organized boycott maybe (chuckle)? Maybe it's being horded on...
  14. balinews

    Bali villa thief caught by police

    The Bali Police have arrested a man suspected of burglarizing in five villas in Kuta and the surrounding areas. Sarda Nugraha alias Candra, a native of Karawang, West Java, was apprehended on Sept. 1 at a villa on Jl. Nakula in Legian, allegedly after committing his fifth theft. He was...
  15. J

    Looking to Rent Automatic Vehicle

    "We would like to rent a vehicle with an automatic trans., and cold AC, possibly for several months or longer, older model is not a problem. Kami mau sewa mobil matic dgn AC yg dingin, bisa tahun apa pun selama jalan baik dan AC dinging. -Michael J. georgejaggy at yahoo dot com
  16. balinews

    Man who married 14 year old girl named as suspect by police

    Thirty-nine-year-old construction worker I Wayan Cidra, from Jehem village in Bangli regency, who impregnated and then married a 14-year-old girl, was named a suspect for statutory rape by the Bangli Police on Wednesday. “We have named Cidra a suspect in the hope that this kind of case is not...
  17. gilbert de jong

    fully licensed factory for sale in lovina-singaraja

    always wanted to own and operate a factory that produces alcoholic drinks like whiskey,rum,brandy,gin,vodka,etcetc... Now you can... fully licensed (golongan B and C) factory on 17 are of (commercial certificated) land in Lovina-Singaraja. produce capacity of 1million liters per year. price...
  18. mat

    Connecting to PLN.

    Hi I am building a farmhouse on some land I have bought, solved all water problems but now need to solve the power problem. I am about 300yrds from existing main power cables. I have been making prelimary enquiries on how to get power to the house. I have verbal agreement to put posts on a...
  19. B

    Belajar Bahasa : Indonesia - Belanda. Learning Indonesian - Nederlands

    Good morning, I am learning Dutch Language. I would love to meet Dutch speakers in Bali who like to learn indonesian. We can practice and teach each other systematically. Warm regards. Selamat Pagi, Saya sedang belajar Bahasa Belanda. Saya ingin bertemu penutur Bahasa...
  20. E

    Villa House for rent in Sanur Bali.

    Hello Everybody. If somebody look for a house to live or stay longer in Bali, I got a 2bedr/2bathr,kitchen ect for rent in a nice neighbourhood area part furnisch close to beach , restaurants an shopping. It,s for rent for a 2 yrs minimum rent for the prize of RP 70.000000 per yr. It is...