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  1. P

    Yearly tax on land, lease and building

    Should one pay apart from tax when you buy land or lease it and pay tax on building permits also pay a yearly tax on those three. I get from some informative sources on the net the impression one should pay a yearly tax being assets, but when I ask around people deny it or say I should not...
  2. L

    change certificate name

    Hi all, I need to ask a question: the house I live in with my partner, in her name, now need to by transferred in my name. What is the procedure and how much will be the cost/s of all this. I know we need to go to the notary to do this and I know they also tax charges based on the sale's price...
  3. Markit

    Legal Nominee Agreements Anyone?

    Over the years I've had to listen time and again to some supercilious asshole know-it-alls (other than me) telling us all how generally stupid, illegal and unenforceable the favored "nominee" land purchase agreement is. I would love to hear their explanation of this case...
  4. balinews

    Update on foreign ownership of apartments in Indonesia

    Foreigners living in Indonesia will be able to secure the “Right to Use” property in the country for as long as they live under a newly planned state policy, according to a government official. Minister for Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning Ferry Mursyidan Baldan revealed that his office...
  5. T

    Do I have to pay full amount upfront for villa rental?

    Hello to you all! Can anyone give me their advice / personal experience on paying upfront for a 1 year villa rental. It isn't a new concept paying such a huge amount in one lump sum as it is done here in Dubai. However it is very easy to get burnt here too ! If it is the norm to do so...
  6. F

    Selling 42 are of land in Lodtunduh Ubud below market price

    Cheap land for sale in Lodtunduh Ubud Need to sale urgent, 42 are of land in Banjar Gelogor, Lodtunduh Ubud Quiet location because its separated from the local housings 3 meter access road Price is 180 million/are and the market price around that area is more than 200 million/are PM me if...
  7. L

    Income producing coffee and clove plantation - quick sale

    Quick sale .. Coffee and clove plantation with sea view in the north of Bali. The land is 3,18 hectares and asking price 15 million rupiah per are (freehold). The coffee and clove plantations has provided a good harvest every year. Send me a PM or email to: property at
  8. I

    4 Bedrooms with Pool in 5 Are Land for Quick Sale

    Quick Sale a 4 bedrooms (5 bathrooms) with 3x9m swimming pool, large storage room, kitchen, big garden enough to put more buildings and car port enough for 4 cars. Location near Balangan (new shortcut road connecting Balangan beach road to Ayana Resort, quiet, only 700m to Balangan beach...
  9. S

    Good ideas to put on Nominee agreement

    Hey everyone i have viewed every thread about this topic but was thinking what are real good secure ideas to put in agreements when made at notary! if someone could put in dot point that would be great. Thanks, Sean
  10. Smoke

    For Sale Beach Front Land - NE Bali

    Location : Beachfront | Tulamben Land Title : Freehold​ Land Area : 16200m2 (162are) ​PRICE: Rupiah 56.7 Billion ​ *** FREEHOLD TITLE *** Land information These four areas of land will be sold to the buyer as a whole (not sold one by...
  11. G

    Retirement KITAS and property purchase

    Greetings to all Forum fellow-members, I haven't logged in to this Forum since April. I tried to look for previous posts regarding the subject of my post this time. But I couldn't find any. So I need help from you folks if you can reply with links to such posts that I can visit. I've been...
  12. S

    Land for sale Culik / Amed vicinity.

    Land for sale in Tukad Liki. Culik /Amed vicinity. Quiet, 500 meters from main road. Good access road. 8 Are priced at 60 million per Are. Contact me if interested. Thanks, Sherm
  13. T

    Hi Everyone, new to forum. Need lots of advice about Moving to Bali Please.....

    I was referred to this forum from trip advisor. So here goes.... We, meaning my family of 2 adults and 2 kids ages 5 and 15, are very seriously wanting to purchase a Villa (hopefully in Sanur area), and move to Bali from Australia. Mother-in-law will probably join us too. I am after some...
  14. A

    180M2 land near Brawa beach for sale

    Hi, i own 180M2 land, near Berawa beach. Its for sale now. Price: 1,200,000,000. It's located at Jalan Raya Semat Gang Jatayu. Interested to check it out? feel free to contact me at alfonsusgollu(at) 0821 448 33668 Thanks BaliPod !
  15. S

    Price of land in Sideman

    Can anyone please advise me on the price of leasing land in Sideman for 25 years
  16. davita

    Bali eager to develop retirement tourism

    Today's (16 Jan) Bali Daily has an article headed 'Senior tourist residences to be designed'. The Governor and his team (BRTA) are extolling the idea of building special residences for senior tourists. They have seen this development in other countries, including the Philippines and Malaysia...
  17. F

    End of 80 Year Lease with HGB - What Happens?

    I have searched for a previous thread to help me with this query....but what happens at the end of the 80 year lease on an HGB land "ownership".....I cannot find the answer to any info is greatly appreciated. Also, I know there is talk about this being changed and if one day it...
  18. E

    REAL BARGAIN Freehold Land+Villa Under Construction for Sale 60,000 Euros BUKIT

    Hello, Due to financial difficulties, the owner wants to sell his villa under construction (it is not completed) and return to Europe. The freehold land is 3.5 are located in a very good and centre location in Bukit, surrounded by other Villas and Houses. There is electricity and water...
  19. Jack Rossi

    It is my pleasure to know you.

    Dear forum members, I am a small scale builder from dear old europe who lived in China for a number of years, has a good experience in the wine industry and soon will come again to Lombok and Bali for two reasons, first we found a wine importer that will collaborate with us distributing our...
  20. H

    Indonesian Citizen for Nominee

    Hello. If you are looking for an Indonesian nominee for your property purchase in Bali, I might be able to help. I'm an Indonesian citizen and would be pleased to offer my services as a third-party nominee. I'm non-Balinese and have no interests connected with local families or groups. As a...