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  1. S

    Why Aussies love to go to Bali

    My daughters birthday tomorrow and my wife has a day off so I thought I might book a room in Southport for one night and take the girls to Seaworld. If I want anything half decent, I'll have to pay at least $500, just for the room. $500 for a very ordinary room with a couple of beds and no...
  2. Billt4SF

    Travel domestically with only a COPY of passport?

    According to the rules that Yani stated, I am supposed to give her my passport a week or so before my Sosbud visa renewal is due, so they can process it, etc. That's fine except that I'll be in Raja Ampat diving until one day before the visa runs out. Does anyone KNOW if you can travel...
  3. spicyayam

    Living on Bali for $175 a week

    I am sure this doesn't includes things like flights, insurance, visa
  4. F

    Best time of the year to visit Bali?

    Hi everyone. Planning to go visit Bali this December with the whole family. We are going a Bali holiday and our main concern now is if December is best for us or too crowded or bad timing? It's for 2 weeks visit, and if you have suggestion for any family-friendly activity or place too, is...
  5. Billt4SF

    Got a Visa! Need another visa!!

    Hello Bali expats: We will be in North America during September, returning 23 Sept. Upon return, Generally we intend to stay in Bali up to next August but likely we'll go somewhere out of Indo during that time. I (Bill) will stay in Indonesia for at least 3 months, but much of this time...
  6. geedee

    Indonesian airlines cleared for US flights

    Lots more American tourists possibly. Indonesian carriers cleared for US flights after nine-year ban - BBC News
  7. balinews

    Bali flights resume after volcanic erruption

    FLIGHTS to and from Bali will resume this morning after planes were grounded due to volcanic ash. In a statement to Seven, Virgin Australia said the airline had determined that flying to and from Bali was now safe, with the first flight to Bali due to leave at 10.05am. Virgin said it would...
  8. geedee

    Air Asia stopping services

    Air Asia have just started sending out text and email messages about stopping direct flights from Sydney,Melbourne and Gold coast. This is effective from 1st September 16. This will affect a lot of people who have already booked especially for Australian school holidays at end of September...
  9. I

    Business Visa - out and back in a day?

    I've got a multi-entry business visa which is valid valid for a year. The restrictions are that I cant stay in Indonesia for longer than 60 days at a time. Previously when I've exited I've always been away for several days before returning. As I don't have any business trips in the short term...
  10. O

    Disabled mobility options

    Hi, coming to Sanur again in August. My Oz mate whom I'm meeting has a leg off. Can we get him a 3 or 4 wheel scooter? Any other options? Some places, no doubt will try to take advantage. Cheers
  11. balinews

    Plans for floating airport in north Bali

    While the central government has suspended a land reclamation project in the Jakarta Bay, another controversial project is underway in Bali. An artificial island measuring 1,400 hectares is to be created in waters off Bali’s northern coast for a new airport. Airport Kinesis Financial and...
  12. Markit

    Best Buy Computer Kit in Asia

    Where's the best place (cheapest) to buy top of the line computer kit in Asia other than Hong Kong?
  13. geedee

    volcanic ash

    Just read on TripAdvisor that Jetstar and Virgin flights Bali to Australia have been cancelled just now due to volcanic ash Can anyone verify this? I cant see any other news about it
  14. davita

    Paris massacre and border control

    The terrible murders in Paris last night is sickening and imo there will be consquences. The French have already closed their borders so I think there is a danger that the Shengen visa might be in jeopardy. If anyone is contemplating a visit to EU on a Shengen visa in the near future I suggest...
  15. balinews

    Volcanic erruption could last for 18 months

    If history's anything to go by, the smoking volcano that's stranding hundreds of Australians in Bali may be wreaking havoc for some time. The last time Mount Rinjani became active in 2009, it lasted 18 months. Moated by a lake in the highlands of Lombok, the volcano has been spewing ash...
  16. davita

    Bali flights cancelled

    For information....due to Mount Rinjani on Lombok spewing ash Virgin Australia and Jetstar have suspended flights in/out keep up with news if travelling....or expecting friends/family visits.
  17. R

    New 2016 strict immigration rules of indonesia?

    Hi guys, I've seen this posted a few times on Facebook in the past 24 hours - all posted by the same visa agency: NEW 2016 STRICT IMMIGRATION RULES OF INDONESIA | Visa For Bali Anyone know if it's true? Can't seem to find any official announcement.
  18. Markit

    Penang Medical Exam?

    Due to my recent search for medical examination information (general check-up) I'm reliably informed that there is a further good option that is both cheaper and more interesting than doing it in Singapore and that is namely Penang in Malasia. If anyone has some information about the...
  19. davita

    Airlines may lose permits to fly

    As it may affect some members who plan to buy tickets to fly Air Asia, or some other minor domestic airlines, in the coming is a link to a report in yesterday's Jakarta Post Business....No grace period for ailing airlines | The Jakarta Post To summarize....airlines with negative...
  20. spicyayam

    Australian airlines cancelled but others still flying

    Is this purely a safety issue? Just wondering why airlines like Garuda have started flights but Virgin and AirAsia have cancelled theirs.